Working from home in CORONAVIRUS times

Here I am since March 10, 2020 working at my house. The sun comes through my window. There’s a global emergency outside. The difficult situation. Coronavirus is believed to infect 70% of the population. In the meantime, we have to keep earning a salary.

In this post I want to share some real ideas to do teleworking and I think they can serve you. I will write a small paragraph and the link to the resource or article I wrote on the subject.

Working from home in CORONAVIRUS times


Fiverr is one of my favorite telework platforms. It is now available again in Spanish. All you have to do is publish the order you are willing to make for 5 dollars. It’s not much but you can do several of these jobs a day. They can be posts for blogs, videos for Youtube channel.


I love videos and I have several Youtube channels. This is a long-term way to make money. You need to upload several videos and have more than a thousand subscribers. But you can take advantage of this period at home to start creating your first videos for the channel.

Answer surveys

The problem I see with the polls is that it’s hard to be proactive. You have to wait for different survey companies to send you work. In my case I do not usually earn more than $500 per month thanks to these surveys. But I put them on this list because they can be an additional income.

Here are just a few ideas to work online from home in coronavirus times. The important thing is to listen to the recommendations and not to infect others with this disease.

My personal case working at home

10 days of confinement have passed by coronavirus and above all I have dedicated myself to optimizing this blog and writing content for my Youtube channels. I’ve been creating a lot of videos but with very short descriptions. That’s why I took the opportunity to optimize the descriptions. Longer descriptions get more traffic for my videos.

This way search engines have a better chance of finding my content.

I really love working from home. And these days I’m making a lot of use of it. I know not everyone has the same chance, but it’s a good time to start your project from home.

It doesn’t have to be something tremendous, you can start little by little. I’ll leave you some recommendations.

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