Work As A Promoter

Description : this type of work is associated with promotions – handing out leaflets, consulting clients, conducting promotions with the presentation of goods or tasting.

Payment: from 10 dolars per hour and above.

Requirements: sociability, neat appearance.

What does a promoter do?

There are several varieties of “promoters”, and in each case, the work goes on differently.

1. Hand out flyers on the street or at the mall. One of the simplest variations, because you don’t need to memorize, tell, invoke people, but simply distribute leaflets to passers-by. All that is needed for successful work is to stand for the right amount of time (or until the leaflets end) and hand out flyers to people. Sometimes you need to say a short memorized phrase.

During work, it is not allowed to talk on the phone or listen to music (unless imperceptibly). If you want to get rid of the leaflets sooner, do not throw them in the nearest ballot box. The promoter coordinator can look into it and fine you. Sometimes they watch the work from the side, so do not take rash actions. Better hand out 2-3 sheets in hand to finish work faster.

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2. Holding stocks in the store. It is necessary to attract people to certain products and explain the conditions of the action. It is necessary to answer customer questions, give out gifts and write down participants’ data (or collect checks).

3. Work at the tasting. The work is similar to the previous one, but related to food. Such an activity requires a medical book, because you need to work with open food. During the tasting, you need to offer people to try the products, tell the advertising text and answer the questions of interested consumers. Before going to the point, you need to undergo training and learn information about the product in order to answer questions. Be sure to memorize the necessary information and practice the answers so as not to get in the way during work.

Promoter Jobs

Sometimes a company sends mystery shoppers to test promoters. They usually ask all about the product and you need to put all their skill in order to pass the test with dignity.

Is it worth it to work as a promoter

For sociable and active people, work is perfect, especially for students. But if you do not like and do not know how to communicate with people, it will be difficult for you to answer questions for several hours, smile tightly and invite people.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find a job: to call for announcements, arrange an interview, fill out a questionnaire, get training …. It’s a shame if, after all the efforts and time spent, they will take another person.

Therefore, it is good to work with organizations that constantly carry out something. But some perceive this as psychological training: getting out of your comfort zone. From this point of view, it’s even useful

Advantages of working as a promoter:

  • Simple part-time job for students
  • Can I learn to communicate with people
  • Can be combined with study or main job

Cons of the promoter:

  • It’s hard to stand on your feet for half a day
  • Unstable income
  • Unstable place of work
  • A lot of time is spent on preparation (search, interview, training …)
  • It is difficult to work with people (some people).
  • Work on the street in the winter.

How to find a job as a promoter The easiest and most affordable way is to look for ads in newspapers and on bulletin boards on the Internet. There will always be a couple of vacancies.

You can try to find advertising agencies directly, then you can immediately receive notifications about the start of new promotions.

In extreme cases, you can approach the promoters in the trading floor or on the street, and find out with whom they work.

Beware of scammers. Try to work with trusted companies. And do not go to the “trial work” in the trading room for free.

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