Women Smoking Cigars – Concerns and Issues

While it is a fact that there are many men who love cigars, there are also a number of women smoking cigars. These women are in it for more or less the same reason as why men love to smoke. It can be as relaxing for women to smoke, as it is for men – and it can be considered as a form of pastime for her as well.

Women: To smoke or not to smoke?

A woman has the right to be happy as well – and if it should be her pleasure to smoke cigars, it is well within her rights.

Women Smoking Cigars – Concerns and Issues

What is important perhaps is that women smoking cigars know what they are getting into – aside of course, from the benefits they feel they are getting out of such an activity. Below are some of the health consequences for women smoking cigars.

Smoking and Health Consequences for Women

Infertility – If a woman plans to have a baby, she should be very careful on what she takes in, in her body. Women smoking cigars are at greater risk of infertility problems. There are medical studies that show the adverse effects of the chemicals in tobacco to the cervical fluid and the decreased ovulatory response for women smoking cigars.

Breast Cancer – This is a common one for women – but for women smoking cigars, the chances of getting one is increased. This becomes more dangerous for those who already have breast cancer, and such women continue to smoke.

Heart Problems – Heart attacks become more probable for women smoking cigars. The younger women are more vulnerable to smoking-related heart diseases.

Osteoporosis – Bone loss has been associated with smoking. Bone density decreases for women smoking cigars than women who do not smoke at all. It is a fact that as one ages, bone density decreases – thus with smoking, one hastens the bone degradation process.

Pregnancy Issues – Pregnant women who smoke cigars increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, placenta previa and even child death. If a mother continues to smoke cigars during her pregnancy, the chemicals in tobacco are transmitted to the fetus by way of the blood stream. Babies born with mothers who smoked during pregnancy is expected to have more health problems than the other babies.

Women and Responsible Cigar Smoking

‘Women smoking cigars’ is not bad per se – but such women should be responsible enough to consider the effects of cigar smoking to her body – and to her child if pregnant. While women have all the right to love cigars and smoke as they want to – accountability still falls on their shoulders to act responsibly – and weigh things out, making sure that the right priorities in their lives are given due value.

Cigar smoking may give one a temporary high and a degree of enjoyment at that – but these are all fleeting and temporary and of minor importance – as compared to a more enduring happiness brought about by a healthy life, a healthy baby and a happy family – all of which, are of greater importance in life. But then again, if one should smoke – one should do so responsibly.

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