Buy Real Human Website Traffic

Buy Website Visitors & Get Real Human & Quality Website Traffic. Hire one of our freelance web traffic expert today and start generating traffic to your website within 24hr. 

  • Increase Targeted Visitors To Your Website
  • Buy U.S. State Targeted Website Visitors
  • Buy Trageted Analytics Visitors
  • Buy Social Traffic
  • Buy Mobil Traffic
  • Alexa Traffic Rank and Boost Alexa Website Ranking

100% Trackable Visitors Google AdSense Safe Website Traffic 

Our Guarantee and Policy:

Our traffic source and visitors come from:

  • 100% Human Visitors
  • Adsense Safe Traffic
  • 100% Google AdSense Safe Website Traffic
  • NO bot is used
  • NO software is used
  • NO proxy is used
  • NO porn site is accepted
  • NO promotion for illegal torrent software

Test Your Website

To keep the quality for our publishers and motivate them to advertise your websites, we are committed NOT to accept any website that uses “Popups On Exit” or any “Frame Breaker”.

If you are not sure, please use our free tools to test your website before you place your order:

  • Frame Breaker Test Tool
  • Exit Popups Test Tool

Buy Targeted Visitors

Buy Targeted Traffic is where it all began – it’s our flagship product.  Targeted Web Traffic to increase your visibility in the marketplace.  You can select from over 60 Countries/Regions. and 300 Categories (one Country/Region and one Category per standard campaign please).   Orders are normally started within 6 hours to 3 days. depending on the Category and Country/Region and you can select the speed of delivery in most cases.  These are real, human Website traffic and visitors. with a potential interest in your product, service or topic.

  • 100% Google AdSense Safe
  • 100% Real Human Visitors with Unique IP Addresses
  • Targeted Website Traffic is 100% trackable on Google Analytics. as is our Targeted Organic and Referral website Traffic.
Targeted Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Buy Social Media Traffic

Buy Social Media Traffic from top social networks. Drive social media visitors to your Online Store, website and blogs from USA or Worldwide using Facebook Traffic, Twitter Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, Reddit Traffic and StumbleUpon Traffic. Social media now drives 31% of all referred web traffic. These leading social media sites have the potential to bring large volumes of social media visitors to your websites and blogs. Increase the social media traffic to your website and grow your business today!

  • 100% Track on Google Analytics
  • You can Target for USA or Any Country as you want
  • 100% Google Adsense safe
  • Especial traffic for online Store or affiliate links
Social Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Us States Targeted Website Traffic

US State Targeted Website Traffic  –  We are a trusted wholesale provider of State Targeted USA Website Traffic. We offer our customers traffic from real people with a potential interest in your product, service or topic.  Improve your marketplace visibility today with State Targeted USA Website Traffic!  Select from your choice of States and Categories so you don’t waste money reaching outside of your desired demographic.  It’s safe, easy and surprisingly affordable! We cannot guarantee human reaction, but for the best results, we recommend fresh, relevant content and compelling offers or calls to action to engage your new visitors.

US-States Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Buy Mobile Targeted Traffic

Buy Mobile Traffic!   Our high quality Targeted Global Mobile Traffic and Targeted USA Mobile Traffic is a great way to find your target demographic right where they are at.  Our traffic comes from mobile devices, both iOS and Android.  Simply select the amount of Targeted Mobile Traffic you want, select one Category and one Country per standard order to further target your desired prospect demographic.  From there, let us know how you’d like us to pace the delivery and provide your target URL.  Note that while we deliver real, human visitors with a potential interest in your product, service or topic we cannot dictate or guarantee human response.  For the best results, we recommend fresh, relevant content and compelling offers or calls to action to engage your new visitors.

  • Targeted Mobile Traffic is now 100% trackable on Google Analytics
  • 100%  Google AdSense safe
  • Traget IOS and ANDROID device
Mobile Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Buy Analytics Targeted Traffic - USA only

Get results with our organic website traffic!  Buy Analytics Website Traffic that targets YOUR Audience! We will drive USA only traffic that comes from High Ranking Google  searches Website to increasing your website traffic quickly and safely.  Customers select website category that best represent their product/service/business for optimal targeting.  All traffic is 100% trackable on Google Analytics.

  • Targeted Analytics Traffic 100% trackable on Google Analytics
  • 100%  Google AdSense safe
  • Traget your Audience 
Analytics Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Buy Alexa Traffic Boost

Alexa traffic comes in different tiers such as the massive traffic needed for getting your campaigns ahead and also, the kind of audience you’d like to target. If you provide services for the adult audience, the traffic can be finely tuned to filter through the visiting traffic and lockout unqualified audiences. If you feel like your web application could do with more customers, this is just the service you require. You will be able to rank better when your website is easy to discover. Linked information on the internet tends to form varied patterns and only a good search rank provider will be able to place your business in the right spot.

  • Buy Alexa traffic and send visitors to your website who has installed Alexa toolbar. We suggest to install Alexa Tool Bar for your browsers as well.
Alexa Traffic Price
ADD- Url / Category / Delivery

Our Traffic System

US State traffic is traffic that is targeted to specific states in the US. For instance, if you want to reach 10,000 people in the state of California, you would purchase traffic exclusively for that state.

Social Traffic. For the past few years we have been managing thousands of social media accounts for companies and developing massive accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Stumbleupon and more!

Targeted inventory is the same as targeted traffic.  Targeted traffic covers all orders that do not have adult content.  They can be targeted to over 100 hundred niche markets as well as over 60 countries.

Alexa Traffic - This is traffic that is exposed only to surfers who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their computer. The traffic will help to increase a websites overall Alexa ranking.

Our mobile traffic network offers the same interest targeting as our regular network.  Any category that is available to our mainstream traffic network is available for mobile use as well.

Google provides a detailed list of instances that are not accepted by the AdSense program. According to Google's TOS our service is in 100% compliance with their TOS and therefor deemed to be AdSense safe.

How does the refund works?

The refund link will return your unused inventory on the account back into your reseller account. It will not process any type of monetary refund. Please note that once an order is refunded, you can not do anything further with that clients account.

Since we guarantee that your numbers will match those reported by our system, our system will not allow you to change the URL on an already active account if the new URL is a URL. Doing so would cause serious tracking issues on both sides. You will need to refund the remaining credits on the account you wish to change, and then set up a new account with the refunded credits and the new URL.

How to buy the traffic

Choose your traffic plan and add your paypal email in the first box and your url/category/time delivery/ ( Our team will review your website and set up your campaign within 24-hrs once your payment is confirm buy paypal, once your campaign start you will recieve your STATS account to traffic your traffic and you will also receive your website shorten url ( so you can also track your traffic. Remember you can message our support we always answer within 2hrs


Each and every day millions of users access our servers to watch music videos, get their local weather, play games, get sports headlines, movies reviews and more.  We target our traffic based on these channels that are currently being displayed on over 21,000 sites worldwide and growing daily.  Because of the popularity of our channels, we have been able to reach large audiences on multiple sites while keeping our overhead low.  


In addition we maintain over 12,000 expired domains which generate large amounts of traffic through our network each and everyday.  Our owned and operated domain registrar also offers free hosting to over 5,000 sites network wide. 


Combining these 2 types of advertising models, has allowed us to build a highly responsive network, while maintaining our low overhead costs.  You will find that our prices are extremely low especially when buying in large amounts.  Simply put, we have more inventory than we do ads to show and our network grows by at least 10,000 new users each day.


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