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The Valuation Master Class Module 1: Valuation Novice


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This class contains everything you need to know to succeed as an equity analyst, learn how to forecast and value companies using our financial model developed over two decades, and present and debate stock research. It is a step-by-step program that takes you from a beginner or intermediate skill level to complete mastery of stock valuation. As a Valuation Novice, you will become familiar with the ValueModel and learn to recognize common mistakes in valuation. You will gain a strong understanding of financial statements, forecasting, and valuation.

  • Access 66 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn practical experience for equity valuation
  • Gain confidence & advance your career
  • Increase your efficiency & get ahead
  • Become an expert & make an impact
​Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, co-founded CoffeeWORKS, Thailand’s leading B2B specialty coffee roaster, and served as president of CFA Society Thailand. Andrew now runs A. Stotz Investment Research, which provides research and research tools for institutions and high-net-worth investors; as well, they help CEOs make their companies financially world-class.Andrew created the Valuation Master Class, the world’s #1 online practical valuation course. He is the host of My Worst Investment Ever podcast, the #1 risk-management podcast that helps future generations reduce their investment risks by learning through the stories of others.

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