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The Modern Tech Skills Bundle

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Bring your tech skills up to 21st-century snuff with this massive, all-encompassing bundle. This 2,000+ class series combines subject areas that every aspiring tech pro needs to know to get ahead and stay ahead. Broken out into cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, and information technology and cloud computing, you’ll be able to zero in on specific courses for your current field and branch out into new ones.

  • Access 2077 lectures & 347 hours of content 24/7
  • Get on certification track for a variety of cybersecurity exams
  • Explore machine learning & AI topics like artificial neural networks, natural language processing, and much more
  • Delve into data security, cloud operations, & much more
  • Verify your learning w/ 148 practice quiz questions


CyberTraining 365 is the best training destination for you and your team. Master cyber security techniques such as analyzing malware, penetration testing, advanced persistent threats, threat intelligence research, reverse engineering, and much more. For more information on this course and instructor, click here.

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