The ins and outs of proper nutrition for children

Are you one of those parents who are overprotective of their kids? Do you feel like you have to shield them from all the harm and dangers in life? Well, much as we want to be our kids’ superheroes, we can not be their beck-and-call 24 hours a day.

While superman can smell danger way before it happens, we are powerless to know when our children are in danger until something has already happened to them.

Smart parenting does not stop in preventing your kids from falling down on their knees when playing, or in warning the neighborhood bully to stay away from them. Introducing them to proper nutrition for children early on can be your biggest challenge as a parent.

The ins and outs of proper nutrition for children

Basically, all parents know, and probably the kids too, that veggies are very important in nutrition for children. However, veggies are not as tempting to the taste buds as pizza or hamburgers, so getting your children to eat their share would probably take longer than the time you prepared the meal.

Parents should start introducing veggies as early as possible. Letting your older infant or your toddler eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will help them eat more as they grow up. Also, serve veggies with those low-fat dressing or mix the vegetables with some other dishes that your children like to eat.

Aside from veggies, there are other issues on proper nutrition for children. One traditional belief that has earned scientific contradiction is that all children should have a vitamin-mineral supplement. Contrary to what is commonly believed, most children do not need this supplement. If your children are exposed to healthy eating habits, then they will get all the necessary nutrients from their food. Remember that a child’s health is not dependent on a single meal but his eating pattern in general.

Another myth that parents have always seriously considered is that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is allegedly a result of too much sugar intake. Misconception on the effects of sugar has been longstanding. Candies, gums, cake, ice cream, and other foods high in sugar content are said to have caused children to become hyper and irritable. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves this claim.

Parents always want the best for their kids. Proper nutrition for children has taken a backseat for some because parents give in to their kids’ whims rather than enforcing to them what really need to be done. Setting a good example especially during mealtime may get them to eat the kind of foods that they need. Make them learn from you. After all, shouldn’t you know best?

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