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The Complete Instagram Marketing Course & E-Book


Shipping time:10-20business days

Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


Ready to start using Instagram marketing to grow your business or brand? Learn Instagram marketing step-by-step from digital marketers Shubhi Saxena​ & Vishal ingh Jadon to harness the power of this incredible social media platform. Serving over 870 students worldwide, these social media-savvy business partners will take you through an in-depth, 11-hour training packed with worksheets, templates, checklists, hacks, and tips that will help you master Instagram marketing.


  • Access 17 lessons & 11 hours of training 24/7
  • Receive an exclusive hashtag eBook w/ over 1,000 hashtags that you can use to grow your Instagram account
  • Engage w/ video lectures that walk you through step-by-step tutorials
  • Download 17 different templates, checklists, and worksheets for each lesson
  • Learn the best times to post to boost your follower count, how to promote & sell your own products to increase sales, how to take advantage of affiliate marketing, and more


Shortly after beginning her career as a content writer in 2016, Shubhi Saxena​ started a freelance writing business with her partner, Vishal Singh Jadon and have worked for several clients across the globe. Together, they have written content for 50+ websites, and are committed to helping others find financial freedom and work in their dream jobs by sharing their knowledge with students around the world.

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