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The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle

Shipping time:10-20business days

Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


“Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter” isn’t so much a course as it is a learning system. Instead of simply teaching you a laundry list of ideas and strategies related to copywriting, this course uses visuals, simplicity, and a concept the instructor calls “expression,” in order to help you develop the mind of a copywriter. You’ll learn the elements of the art of copywriting, see how they work, understand how they all fit together, and drill them deep into your brain using some simple but powerful techniques.

  • Access 36 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Dig into 54 unique elements of copywriting
  • Explore a simple system for mastering the art of copywriting
  • Expand your knowledge w/ a professionally designed 100-page guide
  • Access a professionally designed course review tool


Derek Franklin is an instructor who’s obsessed with not only teaching others great ideas, but also showing them how to put those great ideas into action. He’s also focused on making the entire learning process visual, simple, and fun – something that will be clear to you as you progress through his courses.

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