The Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets and Jewelry

You may have heard about magnetic therapy before. It is used to speed healing and manage certain types of conditions in the body. The therapy is accomplished through jewelry that is specific for conducting magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Bracelets and Jewelry can be made from a variety of substances. Some bracelets are made of copper, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten or hematite. The jewelry is worn on the wrist, in the ears, around the ankles and around the neck. When you are wearing one, no one will be able to tell the difference between a magnetic therapy bracelet and an ordinary one.

The Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets and Jewelry

So, how does magnetic therapy work? Scientists believe that magnets can affect the amount of iron in the blood. Iron is carried by red blood cells as hemoglobin, giving them their red color. Using magnets, you can increase the blood flow to an area of the body and thereby speeding healing.

Magnetic therapy is said to help fully oxygenate the blood. When there is more oxygen for utilization by the muscles and your tissues on a cellular level, you feel more energetic. The magnets make it possible to increase white blood cell involvement to stop pain in your body, whether due to infection or some other cause. Toxins in the body are also moved about in an effort to flush them from your system.

A magnetic field is created wherever the bracelets and other jewelry are placed. Some who practice magnetic therapy believe that placing the jewelry over the site of pain gives you more of a benefit to your body. There is usually more than one set of magnets in the jewelry to provide a magnetic field all around the site of pain. For instance, a bracelet may have two sets of magnets to capture pain on all sides of the wrist.

Magnetic Bracelets and Jewelry

There are those who believe in putting magnetic jewelry on the site of pain and elsewhere. It is not uncommon for referred pain to occur. You are feeling pain in one part of your body as a result of something going wrong elsewhere. Depending on where the referred pain is being felt or might be felt, you may not be able to place your jewelry there.

Magnets need to be in contact with the site of pain as much as possible. Wearing them on your skin is the best method. The strength of the magnets grows when they are in close contact with the point of pain.

While there are no serious or long-term side effects, people who have pacemakers may be adversely affected by the presence of magnets. Keep bracelets away from anything containing a magnetic strip such as a credit card or video tape. Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy that you can discuss with your doctor.

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