The 5 tips to win online contests

There is no miracle method to win gifts (or money) for sure at free online contests… but you can still use certain schemes to give yourself more chances to win the best prizes.

In this article, we gather for you the 5 best tricks to become an effective player in online advertising contests: the important thing is not always to just participate, but to know how to be a little more cunning than the others.

win online contests

Daily monitor his mailbox reserved for contests

With most contests on the web, winners are notified of their victory by email: if they do not send a message to confirm their details or report that they have been informed of their win, they simply risk losing the gift they would be entitled to.
Indeed, several organizers want to ensure that they have a real profile behind each name drawn. They therefore ask the winning registrant to submit a response, or to re-specify their contact details in order to receive their prize.

In order to never miss such an opportunity, open an email box specifically created for your participation in the contests. Then, remember to check it regularly enough (at least twice a week if you play often) to sort ads and not miss out on good news.

Play all the free contests on the web, including the most modest

Obviously, the contests that we find on the internet, and which allow to win free trips to the other end of the planet, high-tech devices or sometimes a car that are worth several hundred or thousands of euros, receive so many applications that the chances of winning them remain slim.

However, if everyone thought this way, there would never be winners… that’s why you have every interest in playing as much as possible, as soon as you see an opportunity come your way.

Don’t be afraid to try your luck when the prizes are particularly enticing (but keep in mind that you are still at risk of losing). Also take the time to look for the smallest contests. If they value gifts that are often less attractive, they are less known and less prized… you are mathematically more likely to win.

Solicit friends (or trash mailboxes) to benefit from referral bonuses

As part of many online contests, you increase your chances of being drawn if you send the link to participate in other friends. If you know that yours also enjoy doing these kinds of practices, do not hesitate to transmit their address, in order to put all the chances of winning on your side.

And if you prefer to avoid annoying your loved ones with these solicitations, you can create “trash” mailboxes that you do not consult, which allow you to add contacts and give you more chances of winning. This is not a very “politically correct” trick, but it remains possible and it does not penalize anyone.

Take time to think and participate for free in the most complicated contests

In order to increase your chances of winning the free contests on the Net, you probably cultivate the logic of the never full participant : your goal remains to play as often as possible, and for this you prefer contests in which you can participate quickly(because it saves you time and play more).

Still, some more complicated games at first glance deserve your full attention. Indeed, since they require a minimum of reflection or investment, they receive fewer participations … so if you try the trick, you are more likely to leave with an endowment.

If you think you have the skills to solve a quiz with multiple items or unravel the secrets of a puzzle, get started, this kind of contest can allow you to win the jackpot.

Automate information retrieval and form filling

Want to play to the maximum every day ? Note the few sites that list the various contests on the web, in order to visit them often and to access without wasting time the new operations that could win you a prize. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletters and follow the accounts in the topic on social networks, so that the information comes to you without you having to go for it.

Finally, on your web browser, remember to pre-register all your details (email address, first and last name, physical address, phone number). This will save you from having to fill out the form every time, you will lose less time and you will have more to try your luck everywhere on the web.

To conclude, do not forget that in addition to the marketing operations organized on the internet, hypermarkets and local shops also organize free contests from time to time. If you really have a gambling soul, take part in these promotional operations by sliding your ballot into the ballot box as often as possible. Thus, you maximize your chances of winning a prize… and once you return home, put into practice the 5 tricks described above to continue playing on the web.

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