Test websites to be paid at home

There are many ways to get money without leaving home, using your computer (just visit Work From Home Legit Job a few minutes to find out). If you are fairly familiar with computers, chances are you will come up with ideas that work for you. Among them, that of becoming a website tester for a fee might interest you. How does it materialize? What skills are required? How much does it earn? This article answers all of these questions.

How does the paid test website work?

There is no need to have specific knowledge in web development to improvise a site tester, since companies requesting these services most often seek to collect the opinions of ordinary users. It is possible to earn money quickly, much like with product testing which allows you to enjoy rewards, but mainly in the form of free gifts.

Test websites to be paid at home

In fact, all you have to do is connect to the site (s) to be tested, and browse the pages, taking an interest in your experience. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the features easy to find?
  • Is the interface pleasant to use?
  • Can you easily understand the objectives of the website and carry out the main actions?

These are very simple questions, with this in mind, which will be communicated to you for this paid job.

Very often, you are asked questions directly, and you do not have to imagine a framework yourself to define the elements to be evaluated: you are asked if the home page seems coherent, if you have any suggestions for making the more pleasant site or if you have detected some more or less disturbing anomalies.

Please note: most often, the companies you work with for these missions sometimes require you to download software that records all your browsing on the website. They will know everything you are looking at on the screen, and can also use (with your permission) your computer’s microphone to hear any thoughts you may have. To protect your privacy, you must therefore make sure you reserve time for this activity, during which you do not have other tasks in progress on your computer. Also watch out for your children and other family members, who should ideally not come and disturb you during this time.

Rest assured, there are also fully written tests, which are by definition less restrictive. Others, on the other hand, require traveling to the premises of the sponsoring company. It’s up to you to position yourself on the work that best matches your availability and what you can do correctly.

How much do you earn with paid site tests?

There are different platforms to get you started in site testing in order to make ends meet: the Google search engine has its own interface (in English), but you can also register on websites like TestapicFerpectionUserlynx or Altics, among others.

Obviously, the remuneration varies from one site to another, and can even sometimes be different depending on the nature of the mission, knowing that some will be more time-consuming than others.

On Userlynx, for example, you are promised 8€ – $10 per test minimum. When we look at the conditions in more detail, we actually observe that a 5 minute test will be paid 5€ – $7, and that the 8€ – $10 corresponds to a work of 15 to 20 minutes. In this way, you can expect to earn at least €24 $26 per hour, provided of course that you find enough missions to occupy your free time.

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Make a living by testing websites, is it possible?

In theory, with a profitability of more than 20€ – $22 per hour of work, if you exercise at a classic rate of 35 hours per week, you will quickly calculate that testing sites while being paid can bring you significantly more than many salaried jobs. in company.

The only downside: there are generally not enough missions available on each platform to ensure full-time activity. It therefore seems difficult in these conditions to earn a living by investing in this activity. However, in order to increase your income, do not hesitate to register on as many websites as possible of the same kind, to be exposed to more proposals.

At the same time, we must not forget that this mission remains an order carried out by a company in need. If you do it scrupulously and your results are relevant to them, you are more likely to build a good reputation and land similar jobs easily afterwards. Do not forget, therefore, to be rigorous in all stages of the work, as simple as it may seem.

A salary supplement that can be combined with other ancillary activities

If you want to earn money on the internet, other similar ideas exist: some, such as responses to paid surveys, earn you less, but may seem more fun and more accessible to some people.

Conversely, the most discerning connoisseurs are able to take on ambitious technical challenges and find bugs on certain sites. This practice known as Bug Bounty, which relies on both the “luck factor” and the ability to research and test the technical reliability of websites, can make a lot of money.

Final Words

Finally, being a website tester remains an activity within everyone’s reach, although it can rarely become the main source of household income. On the other hand, for the most passionate, nothing prevents you from devoting a maximum of time or associating with it greater ambitions, to earn more euros or dollars – in particular by finding unsuspected bugs!

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