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Teachable is a white label application hosted in the cloud that allows you to create and sell web courses. Online courses created in Teachable can include videos and questionnaires for students. Users can access these courses free of charge or through a payment, at the choice of the publisher. Each publisher will initially create an online school with its own domain.

Teachable is an interesting all-in-one solution and offers plans that range from the free account to $ 349 per month. The free accounts work perfectly well to sell courses, but with the paid accounts you can manage the access of the trainees in a manual way course by course. 

The author of each course can interact with each of his students, whose name and email are available to the owner of the course and not Teachable (otherwise happens in Udemy, for example). 

How to Start an Online Course + Teachable Review

Is Teachable an LMS platform? 

That is not so easy to answer. Teachable is offered as a tool for web course creators who want to sell their courses on video, which they do very well: most of their campaigns focus on the entire process to create a course from scratch and sell it.

In our case, it also works for the management of private courses, hidden or not visible . This is not immediately perceived but is shown in the tutorials. An organization can publish its training contents without making them visible to the public, as well as publish an entire channel or online content school if there is a publicly accessible domain for that site.

Can Articulate 360 ​​courses be embedded in Teachable?

It is possible, although it is not something specially facilitated by the platform and (this is important) there is no integration of SCORM packages. That is, the courses can be embedded in Teachable, but they will not deliver any type of report . That is one of the reasons why I would not fully qualify as LMS in some cases, although that does not mean that exams or questionnaires cannot be created within Teachable.

The questionnaires that are created directly  within Teachable obviously do deliver reports.

The price per user stinks

This was one of the Teagans selling slogans. As we mentioned in another article, there are too many LMS in the market and everyone should do their research to decide which one suits them. From our point of view, Teachable is eligible for the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has free plans that serve to prove it.
  • It integrates with other frequently used applications, such as MailChimp and Zapier to name a few.
  • Includes Wistia video hosting at no additional cost.

For an organization to use it as an LMS, the entire school must be configured inaccessible to the public. Even so, the students will be able to reach their courses if they are previously registered by an administrator .

To mention another thing that does not appear on the Teachable site: a course can be purchased through MercadoPago . Enrollment in a course paid by MercadoPago can be done manually (if sales are not many is the simplest) or automatically, using the integration tools.


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Main features of Teachable

The company is based in New York and the developments are mounted on AWS, Amazon’s server technology This makes user access from Latin America quite fast due to the data centers that AWS has in São Paulo.

It has more than 20,000 schools or course channels developed by different users, including some very popular ones that in turn have their own thousands of users.

The videos run from Wistia that serves its contents on multiple Level 1 CDNs, with more than 230,000 servers located in more than 130 countries including several in Latin America. This may seem half nerd but it is important, especially if the platform is going to have many videos and many recurring users.

Course Promotion

The promotion page of each course or Sales Pages can be created with a drag-and-drop interface, adding and moving different “blocks” that combine with each other.

Here are some examples of course pages that were created with the default Teachable templates:

In Teachable they invest many resources in facilitating and improving the design of these pages, because a sales page with high conversion results in benefits for both parties, for publishers and for Teachable. This is because they charge a variable commission for each sale.

The idea is that you don’t have to write code, but whoever wants to do it and know how, you can put your pages together as you want:

Teachable Reports

Teachable offers reports per student, per course and per video . The set gives us a fairly detailed picture of the performance of each student and the course in general. In particular, the video report is far superior to what competitors offer.

Reports per student

The reports are generated by each student who entered a course and it should be remembered at this point that there are no user limits in any plan. The first thing you see are the units that the student accessed and in what percentage they were completed:

The results that this student achieved in each questionnaire inserted in the course and their performance in each question are also shown :

Reports per course

Course reports include a bar chart that shows overall progress for all students in a course. It is a report that is also called Breakdown on other platforms:

It also shows  a table of positions that allows school owners to see the performance of their students:

And a graphic that shows the participation in videos for the full course syllabus . In Spanish Video Engagement can be translated as the percentage of retention in each video and 100% would imply that all users watch the full video every time they play.

Video reports

While the above is a summary for the entire course, the following is video by video. Teachable offers a heat map for each video that details how interested the students were in each of the videos of each unit. Heat maps show which segments are passed by and which segments are seen again more than once:

The interest curve below shows how the set of users is holding attention throughout the video . The summary shows the engagement figures for each video, the frequency of playback of each video for each time it is loaded, the number of visitors, etc.

All this is part of the integration with Wistia that we mentioned above, which in addition to the streaming service includes this type of analysis tools. Techable includes in all its plans this exceptional service and those who have to hire it for other cases know that it has a minimum cost of USD 100 / month.

Complete creation of a website

Is it possible to completely replace your website with Teachable? In many cases yes  and this is because they offer the following possibilities:

  1. Set up an existing domain (www.workfromhomelegitjob.com) to point to your online school. Best Hosting ••ᐅ Liquid Web click here
  2. Create static pages that are not part of your courses. This may include pages with testimonials, case studies, contact information, additional information about your brand etc.
  3. Customize the home page to be: a) a specific course, b) a selection of courses, c) another personalized page.
  4. Add a blog that allows trainers to interact with their students in another way.

These features are all native and do not require HTML coding experience. All users can access these contents without problems from mobile devices, even through the native iOS application.

Integrated payment methods

Teachable offers a powerful e-commerce engine designed specifically for digital products, with some very advantageous features for the sale of products that have co-authorship, that is, they distribute their earnings between at least two parties, such as an author and an affiliate, by example. These characteristics are:

  • Automatic payments to affiliates and authors. Using Teachable’s own checkout , payment to affiliates and authors is automatic. Affiliates are the “sales partners” that carry traffic from other sites and authors are obviously the people who create the courses, who are not always the owners of the account. In both cases you can set the percentage of compensation on sales that will go to each.
  • Accept payments in more than 130 currencies. This allows not only the owners of schools around the world to create their courses within Teachable but also sell them globally without worrying about the local currency issue of each country. For a more in-depth view of compatible payment methods, we recommend looking at this section .

School owners, authors and affiliates can access a transaction history of all course sales, broken down by day and month.

To receive payment for the courses, administrators, authors and affiliates must have a Paypal account and (at least in Argentina) an additional account with Tunubi, Payoneer, Macro Online or another entity that allows the transfer of those funds to an account local bank


  • WebHooks . There is the possibility of receiving important events by mail, such as enrollment in a course, completion of units or completion of a course. With this tool specialized users can create their own integrations, as well as use Zapier to connect with other applications. 
  • Contained by dripping . The contents can be enabled as each student advances in a previous content ( Drip Feed ). You can also cancel the drip for any student, so you can give specific access to the content you want.
  • Comments on each unit. If comments are enabled, users can comment with the same student profile and these comments may or may not be moderated by the course author.
  • Private access courses or hidden courses. If an online school is completely configured but not published, its courses will not appear in any search engine . However, we can enroll the enabled users to each of the courses, and those users will receive the link with their access credentials. They will see the course.

Teachable focuses on entrepreneurs and businesses that live from the sale of their courses or make this task part of their own brand building and not just part of their business. They are growing at a fairly intense pace, adding 200 online-school accounts and 15,000 new students per day.

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