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Swagbucks is a multitasking platform that allows us to make money with different options and has been paying since 2007 and what is the best of all? that serves all countries! including Canada, France, Ireland, United States of America (US, UK, AUS, CAN, IRL, FR).

In this platform you earn SB points by doing various tasks such as searching, playing, doing surveys and other ways that we will unravel below. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or for real Money.

Behind Swagbucks is the company PRODEGE LLC that also runs other websites as powerful as ySense, so we are faced with an excellent option to generate revenue. But how can I make the most of it?

This website is currently paying on time. Among the most famous methods to collect are Paypal and Amazon, as well as other options available depending on the country.

Anyone who is reading to me can open a free account on this page as it supports users from all over the world.


All you need is an email and a secure password. Then you’ll have to open your inbox and confirm your account. You can now start making money with Swagbucks 😀 click the link below to create a new accout with bonus point👇👇

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Just log in to your account you have the MENU on your left, in fact you will find so many categories that you will not know where to start. The first thing I recommend is to go to the list of pending section and do the Daily poll and search. With the first they give you an SB point every day and with the search they can give you up to 1000 points, it does not take anything.

Then check all options to earn money on Swagbucks. The main ones are:

Answer: take short surveys to earn SB points. Inside this section you also find well-known external walls such as Peanut Lab and Appen. You also find the Gold surveys that are the best paid at the time.

Buy: this website also has a cashback system, by which you get money back on online purchases. I recommend installing the extension in your browser to receive alerts in case you visit stores with a refund.

Discover: you can get bored to explore this whole category. It shows you all the news from any section so you can take a quick look, from cashback stores, to games and offer panels. I recommend you visit her every day.

Search: This Is The Daily Search in Swagbucks own browser with which we can get more SB points. It can be done from here or from the list of earrings. Some quests have prizes of many points and others give nothing.

Play: have a fun time and earn money playing for free. Read the conditions carefully so that you are correctly assigned points. You must have Adobe Flash installed and allow the use of pop-ups.

These are the main ways to earn income on Swagbucks, now let’s analyze how we can make the most of this website.


Being a multitasking platform we find several ways to earn SB points that will then be redeemable for gift cards or cash. We must investigate each section thoroughly so as not to miss a chance. This is what you can do every day to work it out:

Max Out Your Swagbucks Account - How to Earn Even More!


It’s about answering a question and earning an SB point that easy! 1 SB insured for answering a short survey. Then go to the answer section and review all available surveys, but before that review the next section.


In the answer section you will find all the paid surveys of the moment. Next to you will see a box with important details of your profile that will need to be updated frequently. For every 10 Questions Answered you get 2 SB points.

Within this section, review the gold surveys, they are the best paid at the same time. You will also find external panels that will give you more benefits, in addition to the famous APPEN website, which allows us to do paid tasks.

How much do you make in the polls?

There is no particular value but they are usually short surveys paid from 5 to 1500 points, a good amount compared to other companies.

✔️ TRY

What do we have to try? By simply opening a survey and not being qualified, we will also receive points. It’s a way to reward lost user time and not all websites do, so let’s try!


Swagbucks has its own search engine that also benefits us. You just have to click on daily Search or search with the magnifying glass symbol, and type anything you can think of, as if you were doing a real search. We do not always receive prize, the average is a Bonus per week that can range from 1 SB point up to 100. Just now I just earned 5 points.


Get 50 points at the moment for installing SwagButton in Google Chrome. you can uninstall it but I do not recommend it because every time you visit an online store, it will notify you in case you have a discount or cashback. In this sense it works very similar to other reimbursement extensions such as Consupermiso and Aklamio.


Swagbucks has a few games to collect more SB points. In the Play section you will find all that there is and the conditions that you must meet in each one to get the reward. Sometimes it involves downloading and testing applications that you can then uninstall. The minimum you earn in this section is 10 SB points.


You can find them in different sections of the web. First go to the main menu on the left and in the pending list section review the offer of the day. Then click on Discover daily and you will see all the walls of offers with which to earn points.


You can also earn money by buying. On this website we use several cashback websites which we always check before buying. The best thing you can do is choose the store where you want to buy and compare among all the platforms to know which one gives you the most profit. it can be in percentage % or direct money.


From their official Twitter account occasionally post redeemable codes for money. You will have to be careful if you do not want to lose them as they usually expire soon or have a limited number of participants.


From the Swagbucks app we can also make money in a way that the web does not allow and is watching videos. This way you can accumulate more SB points from anywhere and take advantage of the other options available. You can find it on iOS and Android from Google Play and the App Store.


On the SWAGTAKES tab you can buy stakes to earn many points. Note that it is a kind of draw, so the winnings are not insured.


Yes, this website rewards us for many things, among them, for completing the daily checklist of activities. In the list of pending you can check all the ones you have to complete, usually there are 7 and do not take away much time daily. We don’t know


No, we are not repeating the previous point, is that if we log into our account every day we will also be rewarded.

  • For every 30 Points Earned you get 3 SB.
  • For every 100 points you get another 10 SB.


Other interesting aspect of this platform is the invitation system, we can earn points by inviting other people in several ways:

🏅 We receive 10% of all our referrals earn in the following sections:

  • – Buy
  • – Survey

Tasks (discover)

  • – Look
  • – Play

🏅 We will earn $3 when our referral earns 300 SB points before Day 1 of each month.

Best of all, you can invite people you want as they can make money from anywhere in the world.

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Another positive aspect of this platform is that prizes can be redeemed from an affordable amount. We can request payments from 5€ through Paypal and Amazon, although we also find other options such as Steam Cards, Zalando, Mango, iTunes and Facebook.

How to Earn the Most Swagbucks! - I Don't Have Time For That!

899 SB points are€ 5 ($6) via Paypal

Note that many times there are discounts on prizes, if as you read, the normal conversion of points by Paypal is the above 899 = 5€ however sometimes they make a discount and you can request a prize spending less SB. At this time for example we can order 5€ Paypal with only 555 Swagpoints.

Depending on the country you live in, some options will appear, although we have confirmed that Paypal is located in almost all locations.


This is the typical page where you register and leave it a little apart, it is what happened to me at the beginning however I started to log in every day to do the survey and daily Search and with the nonsense accumulates money. If you add to that the offers and tasks available (they have a lot) you can take advantage of Swagbucks.

As you can see, I’ve only broken down the most important parts of the platform, but if we keep researching, I’m sure we’ll find more ways to make money in Swagbucks.

If you like pages to make money doing tasks, in the blog we work with a few that work well, you know that the more you work the more chances of cash you have. Register and view for free in all, you do not miss anything to know if you can take advantage.

So that said, If you liked the platform and want to register do not hesitate! I’ll be happy to help you make the most of it.

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SwagBucks Review * *【【tricks to earn more SB MONEY】

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