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Use StoryChief for collaboration on SEO blogposts, social posts and one-click multichannel distribution. Content marketing involves multiple disparate parts to pull it off properly. Luckily for you, StoryChief combines all these factors into one tool to help you organize, launch, and monitor your campaigns without breaking a sweat!

StoryChief is a reliable tool that lets you co-create, plan, optimize, and distribute articles to different publishing channels from one place. It serves as an all in one content distribution and collaboration tool for social media managers and content editors.

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With StoryChief, it helps your business to become a though leader in your niche by centralizing your content creation and distribution processes. Nonetheless, you get more leads by covering your multi-channel approach more efficiently, more engagement and internal motivation for creating quality content, and save time spent on collaboration, approvals, and distribution of your content.

StoryChief Review Automate Your Content Marketing

The features provided by StoryChief include approval flow and collaboration, multichannel publishing, SEO assistant, analytics, content calendar, ambassadors. For you to collaborate better, StoryChief provides you with a streamlined copywriter to editor-in-chief process. With this, you can review co-workers and guest writers.

On top of that, StroyChief provides you with tips from their powerful SEO tool, which allows you to get approvals from clients and managers. Nevertheless, manage your content calendar for planning and scheduling. StoryChief allows you to to publish faster thanks to the one-click publishing feature on your website, social media accounts, newsletters, external hubs, and AMP channels.

The tool also enables you to measure quality by allowing you to track how well your content is doing. That is tracking the reads, views, and time spent in stories – all these help you to analyze your performance. Nevertheless, you can collaborate better with your team as well as optimize your stories for search engines.

There are things in your business or blog you don’t automate. However, by determining the tasks you must set to autopilot, you can focus on the bigger picture and not get caught up in the small details.

This issue is true with content marketing. As a crucial and effective part of your overall strategy, you can’t skimp on developing your content and promoting it to your audience. At the same time, it’s a huge time-waster especially for bloggers, content creators, and even entrepreneurs who’d rather focus on making more blog posts and manage their business instead of doing the nitty-gritty of content marketing.

To help cook your content marketing to al dente, Story Chief* is the tool for you. It promotes itself as a content marketing automation so you can put your campaign to autopilot with just a few clicks of a button. But does it do the things as advertised?

Here’s how StoryChief works…

Whether you’re a blogger, writer, editor, or a manager of a content team, there’s a lot to love about StoryChief. Below are some of its cool features:

Storychief better collaboration

I don’t manage a content team but I can imagine how useful and valuable Storychief is to them.

Name your campaign and describe it in this section. Indicate the start and deadline of the campaign to help you and your collaborators organize your campaigns accordingly. At the bottom of the screen, you can add people whom you want to participate in this campaign.

You can create a campaign for your content and invite collaborators or your team members help whip out the content with you. You can work with them together on the same campaign or assign them to the appropriate campaign.

After creating your campaign, you now have an overview page where you can see the progress and performance of your posts over time. It helps you track the views and reads for each of your posts and their accumulative views. You can also create a schedule for your upcoming posts using the Calendar view.

Preparing your campaigns in advance using StoryChief helps you develop a consistent publishing schedule with your team so you can keep churning out high-quality content on a consistent basis. You can use this feature even if you’re just a blogger to help you plan your blog posts the right way before writing them.

Storychief clean text editor

Once you’re ready to write posts, you can do so by creating a new story. Once you’re there, you can simply type out the words to your heart’s content. StoryChief’s text editor is very similar to Medium. You write on a clean interface that’s predominantly white and you can also add images, videos, and other text formats to diversify your content. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Storychief built-in SEO and readability scores

As a writer, there’s no denying the value that SEO provides to your content. By observing the best on-page optimization practices, you can increase the chances of your post to rank high on search results even without building links to it!

StoryChief is aware of its power, which is why you have a bird’s eye view of your post’s SEO and readability score as you write it in real time.

StoryChief Review: The Content Marketing Automation Tool You Need 6

Its SEO and readability scores are similar to Webtexttool and Yoast SEO to an extent. It provides you with all the information you need to write an SEO-friendly post to help it rank for your target keyword. You can also edit the post’s meta title and description to further hike up your SEO score.

Storychief a diverse collection of distribution channels

This is where things get really good. Once you’re done writing your post, you can share it across multiple online channels from a single page. No longer will you have to jump from site to site to post updates about your latest content and share them with your audience.

StoryChief Review: The Content Marketing Automation Tool You Need 7

StoryChief will simplify your life by giving you full control over how and where to promote the post so you can be done and over with it!

You can share your post on your website (it supports multiple platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Sitecore, Craft, and others). You can also publish it on your own StoryChief blog that you can activate and create alongside sites like Blogger, Medium, and to further diversify your reach!

Regarding republishing your content, you can publish it at the same time with your blog without any issues. You’re probably thinking of duplicate content and how it could penalize your site since you published the same content on different platforms at once. However, StoryChief lets you determine the canonical link from the list of sites where you will publish the content. This way, the search spiders will only consider the canonical link and index it over the others. Click here for a better explanation from StoryChief themselves.

The point of republishing is to simply spread the post all over the web in the hopes of getting your target audience to read your post.

If you look at the left side of the screenshot, you will see the different channels where you can promote your post on StoryChief. Below is the complete list of sites so far where you can do so divided into channels:

Personal websites – StoryChief Blog, WordPress, Drupal, custom website, Hubspot, Magento, Sitecore, Episerver, Adobe Experience Manager, SiteManager, Shopify, Craft CMS, Fork CMS

  • Content hubs – Medium, Blogger, RSS.
  • Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Referral marketing – Ambassador, Press.
  • Email marketing – Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor.
  • Mobile platforms -Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP.
  • We’ve broached upon personal websites and content hubs.
StoryChief Review: The Content Marketing Automation Tool You Need 8

Storychief social network uses

Under Social Networks, you need to indicate the post (text for the social media update) once you’ve set up which social channels where the update with be published. You can also set the schedule when it will go live. You can schedule the update the same time the article goes live or you want to delay the updates for a couple of hours, if not days or weeks.

Storychief email marketing uses

For Email Marketing, you must connect the platform you’re using so you can compose your message and schedule it for sending to your subscribers. On the screenshot above, I haven’t set up this channel because it doesn’t integrate with ConvertKit (my email marketing tool of choice) yet. Here’s hoping that the integration is down the pipeline…

StoryChief Review: The Content Marketing Automation Tool You Need 9

If you want to provide mobile users a more seamless experience when viewing your blog posts, then you must connect StoryChief to Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Setting up Google AMP is easy because it’s already ingrained in StoryChief assuming that you’ll publish the post on your StoryChief blog. For activating the Facebook Instant Articles feature, you must set it up in conjunction with the Facebook fan page where you plan to share your post.

The Referral Marketing is StoryChief’s version of a lead capture form. The feature is divided into two sections: Ambassadors and Press. The former is similar to email marketing – you get readers to sign up to your form so you can send them an email about your latest post from StoryChief. If you use this feature, there shouldn’t be any need for an email platform especially if your purpose for an email tool is to promote your blog posts.

On the downside, and if you can see the opt-in form for StoryChief’s Ambassadors feature, it’s not very appealing. You can embed it within the post but you can turn it into a triggered pop-up form to help you generate more signups.

The Press is similar to Ambassadors but the list you should build here is different. Instead of building a readership from this list, you should get people from the sign to sign up to your form. From here, you can notify them of your latest post and get them to share it with their network.

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