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Smelly Club Scented Candle


Shipping time:10-20business days

Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


Smelly Club Candles were created to get people excited. Each candle is hand-poured with 100% organic soy wax and premium essential oils. All things you probably know nothing about, but smell fu*king great. Smelly Club Candles are conversation starters. They can be used to get the party started or provide a little light at the end of a long night. These candles give off the “guy scent” with zero judgment and without smelling like Febreze.

Fresh Lines Eucalyptus Candle

The nice refreshing smell that wakes you up and gets you ready for the day…or night.

  • 100% organic soy wax candle
  • Hand-poured essential oils
  • Can be used to get the party started or provide a light at the end of a long night
  • Recyclable packaging to help save the planet


  • Scent: Eucalyptus
  • Ingredients: 100% organic soy wax, hand-poured essential oils
  • Height: 4.13″ (10.5cm)
  • Burn time: 40+ hours
  • 100% organic
  • Exciting scent
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Smelly Club Candle (Fresh Lines/Eucalyptus)


  • Ships To US
  • Expected Delivery: Dec 12 – Dec 16


  • Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.
  • Ships from vendor within 2 days

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