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Smart Manifacturing Software – Katana MRP


Shipping time:10-20business days

Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


THE SMART MANUFACTURING SOFTWARE THAT HELPS YOU Get in the driver’s seat of your product-making business.

Raw Material Tracking & Bill of Materials
Katana will automatically tell you if you have enough raw materials in stock to start production, when to order more, what and how much you’re missing. Use the right stock at the right time with built-in end-to-end batch traceability and expiry date tracking.

Smart Priority-Based Production Planning
Get real-time updates on inventory movement. Set reorder points, to ensure stock for high demand periods. Drag and drop to prioritize orders and let Katana reallocate materials and finished goods accordingly.

Make to Order & Make to Stock Support
Save your BOMs and let Katana make automatic inventory adjustments, calculate operations costs, and assign raw inventory, subassemblies, and finished goods to orders as soon as they’re generated.

Multi-Channel & Multi-Location
Centralize all your sales orders into one visual dashboard and gain multi-channel inventory visibility. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.

Manufacturing Floor-Level Control
Get a simplified but complete overview of the status of your manufacturing operations so you can easily manage your resources, set tasks for team members, and monitor the progress of projects. Track time spent on tasks with built-in manufacturing time tracking.

Outsource Manufacturing
Don’t produce in-house? Not a problem. Katana helps you stay in control of your outsourced manufacturing processes. Easily manage your orders, raw materials, and manufacturing operations at multiple locations.

The future is direct-to-consumer (D2C) manufacturing
48% of manufacturers are building direct-to-consumer channels, because more and more shoppers prefer to buy directly from brand manufacturers over retailers. As a result, direct-to-consumer manufacturers are expected to grow 18% per year, for the next 5 years.

Katana is the must-have tool for scaling direct-to-consumer brands and we’ve built the ideal integrations with popular e-commerce sales channels and accounting tools to support smooth and automated workflows.


Smart Manifacturing Software - Katana MRP Smart Manifacturing Software - Katana MRP

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