Shareasale – Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

Today we are going to analyze ShareASale, a great and veteran affiliation platform with which we can monetize our blog or website through multiple products and services. It is one of the leading companies in the sector togetherwith Comission Junction or the archifamous ClickBank (of which you have a complete analysis here).

That is what happens when on your own website you are talking about certain products,  tools , websites, etc., because you like them and know that they will be useful for your readers, but you do not realize that these programs could be generating income for something that You are already doing on your page.

In this article I will try to solve that since, if you are already talking about something that is contributing to your readers,  why not generate benefits with it?

I have been registered on this website for a long time, but it has not been until now when I started using it seriously. The amount of offers available is brutal, and it is almost impossible not to find something that suits the theme of our site and therefore, that we can promote and get a little money. .

If you have a blog or a website and want to monetize it, you should take a look at this article, I am sure you will like it. ?

What surprises me is to see that when they put the links to the tool, they do it as is to the home. Then I investigate a little and I see that this tool has an affiliate program by which, that webmaster, would be obtaining benefits for something that has already been done: an article talking about a tool and well positioned in Google, so it receives visits.

How does ShareASale work

That leads me to think that the use of affiliate programs in certain topics is not so widespread. Even in online Marketing, where people are supposed to have more knowledge about these techniques, you find many cases like the one mentioned above.

Therefore, what I intend in this article is to talk about the possibilities you have with your website that you are missing.

Specifically I will focus on the subject of online Marketing, blogging, websites, etc., and for this I will talk about a specific affiliation platform: Shareasale.

ᐅ What is an affiliate platform?

An affiliate platform allows us to recommend products and services from many advertisers.

When looking for products to promote on our websites, we can find two situations:

  • That the creator of the product, or of the tool / web in question, has its own affiliate system : In that case he himself, from his website, will give us access to the tools we need to promote his product and consult the results. An example could be Amazon, which directly manages its Amazon affiliate program.
  • That the creator of the product / tool / web decides to sign up for the best affiliation platform rank #1 so that others can manage the entire process. An example could be Studiopress, which manages the Genesis affiliate system through the Shareasale affiliate platform.

Therefore, as I commented in point two, there are many companies that want to get sales for their products and therefore register on an affiliate platform so that there are other people recommending them on their websites and obtaining a commission for it.

If you sign up for one of those affiliate platforms, because you have a website where you want to recommend products, you can have access to many advertisers who have decided to use that medium to promote themselves.

ᐅ Main features of ShareASale

•   Activity : Promotion and affiliation campaigns.

•   Site management : This platform belongs to INC, a private company based in Chicago (USA) and founded in 2000.

•   Payments : They are received monthly automatically upon reaching a minimum of $ 50 in approved campaigns.

•   Payment method: Bank transfer and check.

•   Proof of payment : Yes.

•   Referrals : $ 1 for each person who registers as an affiliate with your invitation link. Up to $ 150 on each sale made by your referrals who have registered as advertisers.

•   Accepted countries : All.

•   Language : English.

ᐅ What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an affiliate platform that helps merchants expose their brands to a wider audience through the blogs and websites of their affiliates. These merchants use the ShareASale interface to upload their banners and links in order to bring new customers to their websites.

On the other hand, we have affiliates (we), who promote these products in exchange for a commission . Therefore, these platforms fulfill the aspirations of each other equally. Merchants exponentially increase their target audience and affiliates earn money with it.

In ShareASale, the quantity of products and services to promote is immense. Whatever the theme of your website or blog, you will surely find some type of product that suits what your readers are looking for, which means a great opportunity to monetize your site. ?

THE FACT : ShareASale was founded by Brian Littleton, current CEO of the company. 
After 19 years, it has become one of the largest and most renowned affiliate platforms worldwide.

1. How to register with Shareasale?

First of all, you should know that the website is in English. Even so, with more or less average knowledge, you will have no problem using it. And if not, this is the tutorial you are reading and the comments, where you can ask me any questions you have.

Let’s go there…

Find a sponsor for your web site. Make money for your great content.

To register we have to know that we can do it in two ways:

Register as advertisers : In this case you would be the company that you want to promote your products or services and want to find people who talk about them on their websites.

The first, obviously, is to ==> Click the link below to get to the Shareasale website. Join, Earn Cash!

Register as affiliates : This way you will have a website where you will recommend third-party products or tools.

Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.

These two options will be available from the links ” MERCHANTS JOIN HERE “and” AFFILIATE SIGN UP“.

In our case, as it is the objective of this article to talk about the affiliate option, we will click on the second link.

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

Once inside we must fill in the typical username, password, and other information…

We will go through a series of menus. I’m going to stop only in some of them where I have something to comment, since the rest is simply normal data that we are used to filling in any website.

ShareASale: Do you want to monetize your blog or website?

This is step two of the registration process.

In it you will have to indicate a website . That does not mean that it is the only one in which you are going to promote the products, since later you will be able to register other websites from within the control panel, but they need a main one to relate it to your registration process. In my case, the main one is Monetized, although for other projects I have, I am registering them later.

As they indicate, even if you use pay-per-click systems, Google ads, or whatever, you will always have to have a website to reference.

Then we will go through a final step in which we will see these questions:

As indicated in the image, mark the ones I have left selected. Why?

  • Most affiliate programs that advertise on a platform like this are not interested in programs that encourage certain actions . Things of the type « register on this page and I give you 50% of what I get paid to my « … or not so clear « register here and I give you 10 euros » (which would be a percentage of what you will earn).
  • Many of the programs do not accept domains that are not their own type « «, « «, etc… Therefore you will have less problems to accept the different advertisers if you have your own domain over which you have access.

Once this has happened, we will fill in the final personal data and continue forward confirming our subscription.

To do this we will receive an email as soon as the last registration step is completed as the following:

Just click on the link you will see and you are ready to access your control panel. If you see that some time passes and it does not reach you, check your SPAM tray, because maybe it is there.

Perfect, we already have a Shareasale account created and now we are going to start working with it looking for programs to advertise.

2. How to look for programs to promote in my blog?

Once we are inside, the goal will be to find programs that I can promote in my own blog.

For this we will continue this process step by step and I will choose as an example in the StudioPress affiliation program of the Genesis framework, which many people are already talking about in their blogs, but not many use their affiliate program to obtain benefits for something they are already doing.

The first thing we have to do is go to the screen to search for programs. This you will find through the shaded option in the following image:

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

Once inside we will have the screen where we can search our programs. As in our case we are going to go to a specific program, we directly write the name «Studiopress» in the search box and we see that some options are already available beforehand:

Apart from searching by direct program, you will have plenty of other options to find programs that you did not know that had affiliate systems, or even some tools that you do not know and that you can find by searching by category.

In this case we are going to select the full Studiopress program, since, although I will give the example of promoting Genesis, this company also has many more things that we can talk about and get some benefits from it such as WordPress themes, plugins , etc…

Click on « SEARCH « …

Among the different results that will come out, we will see the following, which is what we really want:

Get A Free Genesis Framework & StudioPress Themes

There we have several options to see all the details about what this program offers. For example, if you click on the link « StudioPress by Copyblogger Media » you will go to a screen where they explain everything.

What interests us are the following details:

  • We will be paid 35% for every purchase made of something within StudioPress. For example, if we promote the Genesis framework, which costs $ 59.95, and someone buys it through our link, we will be earning $ 17,985.
  • It has a 60 day cookie . That means that if someone sees an article on Genesis on your website and enters the link that you have placed on it to go to the StudioPress website, the information they have accessed through you will last 60 days. Therefore, if the purchase is made at that time, the commission is credited to you.

You can gossip more about the program, as more information about it comes as creatives that you can use to promote it, etc.

ᐅ How do we join that program?

As I am already united, the option does not appear to me, but where it puts in the image “[ENROLLED IN PROGRAM]“, you will get “JOIN PROGRAM “.

Click on that button and you will get a new screen with the conditions of this collaboration. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Join this program” by checking the box above:

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

Once this is done it will tell you that your application is under consideration. That means that the advertiser, in this case StudioPress, will review your website and see if you meet the conditions to participate in its affiliate program.

When they have approved you will receive an email notifying you.

3. How to insert links or ads in my blog?

Once you have been approved for participation in the Studiopress affiliate system (or any other where you have applied), it is time to start promoting it on our page. It is possible at this point that you already have articles written about StudioPress, or Genesis directly, or where you are naming it. In that case, the following will also help you to add links in that mention.

For this we will look for links to place in our blog. We select the following option:

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

nd it will take us to the prison to find the links.

On that screen we will see all the advertisers for whom we have been approved. In this case we are interested in the StudioPress program, so click on “Get links” within it:

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

There we will see a list of all the links they propose. These will lead to the different sections of the web within StudioPress.

In the following example I have leaked the word «Genesis» to go more direct to the one we want, but you will see that many more options appear to promote you as the link to each of the child themes within Genesis that you can install in your blog:

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store

As you can see, we have found a direct link to the URL where you can find the information and buy Genesis on the StudioPress website. Later we will see that we not only have to comply with the links proposed by the Shareasale platform but we can generate the affiliate link to any page ourselves.

At this point we will click on “Get HTML Code” to see the code that we have to insert in our website.
It is not necessary that you stay with the text they propose but that you can change it for the one you want.
Once the code was obtained, we would place it in our article in which we talked about the Genesis framework or simply named it.

Apart from putting it as a link, you can also extract only the URL and so you can add it to any banner, image, or wherever you want as the link address.

Later we will see that more options we have besides inserting a Link.

4. What data will I have available about the results of the products I promote?

Great, we already have our articles talking about a certain method, in this case of StudioPress and Genesis, and we are receiving visits on them with readers by clicking on our links that we have placed as affiliation.

Now is the time to  see how  the thing is working and for this Shareasale puts at our disposal a series of reports on the development of our promotions.

You will find these in the following option of the main menu:


In this case I do not mark any specific option since you can browse all of them to see the different types of reports that we can consult.

In summary, some of the data we will see will be:

  • The traffic that our links have generated : seeing the clicks they have received and the conversions they have generated. In the case of promoting Genesis, the conversion would be for the reader to buy it on the Studiopress page.
  • Statistics on our conversions : When they were made, the amount of sales and the status of the transaction.
  • Statistics of payments you have already received .
  • Etc…

You will have the option to download all these reports in a CSV if you require it too.

5. Advanced tools that are available for us to promote products.

At this point we would already have our complete system running:

  • We have registered in Shareasale.
  • We have registered in the different affiliate programs that interest us.
  • We have started posting links on our blog.
  • We are tracking their results.

It is then the perfect time to see what other advanced options we have to promote the different programs on our blog.

To do this, the easiest way to access them could be through the following options in the main menu:


But I prefer to do it in another way with which we will save some extra step.

For this we are going to select one of our advertisers where we have already been approved, and we go to the ” Get Links ” section that we have seen before.

There, apart from being able to obtain the links to directly announce the program in question, we will have more options that we can visualize with the following menu:


Even if it looks small, don’t worry because I will explain it one by one below:

ᐅ Banner of the registered programs:

His own name indicates it, there is not much left to explain. Here we can  find banners about the  specific program we are promoting.

We will see the different creatives that are already defined and we can obtain the code to insert in our website with « Get HTML Code » as we have seen before.

An example of a banner that we can find for the Genesis program in this case would be:

Download the guide for Genesis beginners

That links to a Genesis guide for beginners. Of course, in English.

ᐅ Widgets with program information:

Unless you have a website in English, this part is not going to help you much, I still comment on it.

Here we can find what they call “Widgets.” Depending on the program, we can find a type of widgets or others. In the case of the Genesis program, what we will find will be a kind of boxes with information about Genesis.

An example would be the following (here I put it in the form of an image, not with the widget code they offer):


As you can see, it is an explanation of what it consists of with a link that would lead to the purchase page. By inserting the code they give you, this link would already be yours as an affiliate to be credited for the sale of Genesis and receive your commission.

ᐅ DataFeeds of products to promote.

For those who do not know what a DataFeed is, I will say that it is a document where we can obtain the entire catalog of products offered by that advertiser.

Normally it can be an Excel document where you will see a row for each product and a column with information about it.

Or they can also enable a system so that, through programming code, you can access this catalog directly by connecting to the advertiser and downloading or consulting it.

In this case, we are going to go to the option of “Links” and “View Merchants with data feeds”, since there we can directly download the CSV file with the information of all the products of an advertiser.

I do not want to expand on this topic since I would give it a lot, and I will surely dedicate a full article to it, but if you want to take a look at the topic of DataFeeds and have doubts, leave me a comment .

ᐅ Create a page about the products you are advertising:

This is a curious option. It allows you to create a “page” or a part of it in an easy way with products of the program you are promoting.

Imagine you are talking about Genesis. One of the things that you can promote will be the hundreds of topics that are there for that framework. That means that you can talk, for example, about the Prose theme for Genesis, and if someone buys it, you will be getting a commission.

You could do that through text links as we have seen before, putting a direct link to the Prosa theme from among those offered.

Another more original way could be this option to create a page.

I will put directly the “page” that I created on topics for Genesis. I put it in quotes because it is not a page itself, but a fragment of it:


This would be what our page fragment would look like where we wanted to put it. In this case I have put an image instead of the code that Shareasale offers us for the page.

If I had put the code, each of those boxes would be fully functional and would take us to the purchase page of that item.

It may be a good option to insert a list of Genesis topics in this case, or a list of products from any other advertiser we were promoting.

ᐅ Discount coupons for each program.

This is usually a common option for affiliate platforms. They offer you discount coupons for some of the programs you can promote.

These work very well and are a  good claim to offer on your website and get a commission  with the sales they generate.

In the case of Shareasale, we will access through the option: «Links» -> «View Coupons and deals database» and we will have a list of them available.

To give an example of some of the programs in which I am registered, I would comment on the following offers that you can offer on your website:

  • 20% discount when buying a hosting in  NameCheap.
  • Hire a hosting plan «fast en secure» in  LiquidWeb.

And so many more discounts and coupons you can find.

ᐅ Generate your own link to the page you want:

This is a very interesting and very useful option, since it will allow you to take the visitor of your website, to any page within which you are advertising.

For example, imagine instead of wanting to take your reader to the page in StudioPress to buy Genesis, you want to take it to the page where you see a demo of what it looks like.

In that case, instead of taking it to the page offered in the “Get Links” section we will take you to the new one, which in our case would be to that:

Open Source Genesis Framework

For this we have the option to create a custom link:


We will see the following screen and fill it as indicated in the image:

That will return the code that we will have to insert in our website so that the reader arrives right at the website that we want within that of the advertiser.

If in the end that reader ends up buying the Genesis framework (in this case), we will be credited with the commission.

 ᐅ Bonus on Shareasale!

At this point … The first thing is to congratulate you !! Have you really managed to read everything? Woohoo!!

I can only tell you something that maybe also motivates you to use Shareasale and talk about it on your blog.

But for that, I want to make sure that the one who sees it is someone really interested, and that’s why I’m just going to ask for a small favor, and that is that you share this article on social networks, and you’ll see the missing content with the final Bonus.

It is not much to ask not after the more than 4000 words that this article has so that everything is clear, isn’t it? .

Great!! First of all, thank you very much for sharing it.

We continue with the content that I have reserved.

What not many people know when it comes to promoting a program through Shareasale, is that you can not only talk about other advertisers and their products, but you  can talk about Shareasale itself and get some benefits for it.

That’s right, it is also profitable because you will not need anyone to spend money or buy any product, as could be the case with the Genesis affiliate program, but you will  be making money simply by having someone sign up for Shareasale  through you. I explain it to you in more detail.

When promoting Shareasale you have two options:

  • Promote it for advertisers to register: In this case you will earn $ 150 if a company registers with Shareasale to promote its producers.
  • Promote it to enroll affiliates like you: In this case you will earn $ 1 per lead. That means you will earn $ 1 for each person who signs up for Shareasale and is active. Being active means that you sign up for one of the programs and get at least 1 click.

ᐅ How to sign up for the Shareasale affiliate program?

As we have indicated at the top of the article for StudioPress, but in this case we would search the search box «Shareasale».As you can guess, the Shareasale links that I put in the article are affiliates. So if you register, I would appreciate it if you did it through them, or from  here , so the effort I have made in creating this extensive tutorial will be rewarded a little. I thank you in advance!

Join, Earn Cash!

This is all in the hidden part … We continue in the rest!

Well that’s it. I think I’ve touched a little everything you need to make your recommendations of the advertisers you’ll find in Shareasale work.

Surely you find some of the programs that you are already talking about in your blog and that you could be making money from it.

Now it is the part that I like the most and it is in which you tell me that you think all this in the comments of the blog. I would love to know if you already knew this affiliate platform and if you are using it. If so, I would greatly appreciate your opinion on it.

If you are not using it, I would also like to know what impression it gives you and if you would consider using it. I hope this post has been useful and you have discovered that you can earn money with your blog by doing what you were already doing before, talking about certain products and useful tools for your readers. If you think this detailed article may be interesting for more people, do not hesitate and share it.

Shareasale - Discover all its secrets to generate income with your website or your store or click the link below Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

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