Seven ways to make money with Karatbars Affiliate Program … . Five are FREE!

Karatbars Affiliate Program leaders have developed a revenue strategy that works when you follow it.

Learn why thousands of people around the world are taking advantage of this amazing program. When it comes to a free Karatbars Affiliate account, it’s best to “have and don’t need” that you”need and don’t have” is.

Karatbars Affiliate Program International – the Society that – SAVINGS AWARD

Seven ways to make money with Karatbars Affiliate Program … . Five are FREE!

Learn why thousands of people around the world are creating their FREE Karatbars Affiliate account(s)

Get the facts, and the truth, about our money. When people do, this information becomes valuable.

It’s not an MLM – the affiliate rewards program doesn’t recognize “levels”

Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate program

At MLM, you are required to purchase the product(s) each month to qualify for commissions. Karatbars doesn’t. Karatbars Affiliate Program International offers its products, services and opportunities to all people, worldwide using the Internet. Business(s), Nonprofits, individuals and families can have a free account and enjoy the benefits.

Accounts are free and everything else is optional

All components, account features, direct access to products and services

T is a affiliate R Ewards P rogram – 7 revenue streams

You see it; There are seven ways to make money with Karatbars Affiliate Program International. Five of them are really free and available to any registered user without having to spend a penny! The other two, which are optional and require a one-time purchase of a package (Info to follow.)

The free forms in the affiliate program are:

  • Direct commissions
  • Uni-level of experience
  • generational Bono
  • Karatbars pool
  • Gold Fund Karatbars


And the optional forms are:

  • Packaging Bonus and Dual Equipment Bonus

Basically, with the free methods that are available to you, Direct Commissions are paid based on which Sociedad.Se Ranking gets 0.5% – 6.0% form your total sales and sales of your organization as well, throughout the month and commissions will be paid to you on the 1st of each month. This graph shows the ranges, the points needed to achieve it and the percentage you are qualified for.

You start as a reseller and receive points for each sale, from your own sales or sales from your entire organization. For every 2 euros of sales you get 1 point, therefore, for 100 euros in sales you get 50 points.

You are entitled to a rank in the Unilevel plan based on the points you achieve in a given period. The total points that you and your product organization determines your rank.

Example: You reach the rank of Bronze Supervisor (1% direct commission) by earning 500 points. That is 1000 euros in the total sales of the group. For this range there is no time limit. For the Supervisor Silver rank if 1,250 points in a one-month cycle. This can be achieved by personal or volume sales volume in your organization. All points in your entire organizational count.

From the Rank of Gold Supervisor to Gold Manager, the ranks must be achieved 3 times the 12-month deadline to retain this for life. Each time the affiliate reaches the respective ranks, the revenue counts rating range for that cycle.

From bronze rank director, outlets and are reached monthly to get the commission. Once you get to retain the title, however, the gold manager rank is guaranteed, even if this has not been confirmed 3 times.

In addition to direct commissions, you will receive differential commissions from your affiliates’ sales, if your rank is higher than any of your direct affiliate referrals.

To qualify for the directors of the positions you need at least 2 or 3 hotlines (direct affiliates) and a certain number of sales per month.

Example: As a bronze director you need at least 2 lines in which you generate a line 4000 points (8000 euros of turnover) and the other line, or more of the rest of your organization 2000 points (4000 euros of billing).

Qualifying for the Gold Elite Director requires at least 3 lines, where one line generates at least 9000 points, another line of at least 4000 points, and the third, or rather the rest at least 3000 points in a month, and at least 200 additional sales and a gold director qualified in your organization.

If you have a single-line Elite Gold Director in your organization you receive a level of 5.75% for that line. That means a 0.25% differential commission on all sales of this Elite Gold director’s organization.

If a second of the same line achieves, the level of 5.90% is obtained. That means that 0.15% of your total sales and if a third party is achieved from the same line, you get the level of 6.0% and therefore 0.1% of your total sales.

Too many confusing details right! After all, you only need to refer to as many people as possible inspired! Already on the optional side (this is where the fun is and where more money can be made!) You see the idea of packages are the simplest but very powerful in combination with Direct Commissions.

There are 4 standard packs and 1 limited edition standard pack are: Bronze Pack, Silver Pack, Gold Pack and VIP Pack and the limited is exclusive VIP Package.

packages contain the following:

1) Bronze: (priced at $99) $125 from the United States

• 1 x 100 bonus cards
• 1 x 3% discount card

  • The importance of gold
  • Karatbars International
  • K’s exchange program
  • Branding Cards Program
  • DVD image

This package will automatically enter the dual system and increase its position in the Uni-level system to the level of Bronze Supervisor.

2) Silver: (priced at $234.83) $300

1 gram of gold
3 Card Bonus 100
3 Experience cards 3%

  • The importance of gold
  • Karatbars International
  • K’s exchange program
  • The Branding Card Program

3) Gold: (priced at $581.66) $725 from the United States

2 grams gold
7 Bonus Cards 100
5 Experience cards 3%

  • The importance of gold
  • Karatbars International
  • K’s exchange program
  • The Branding Card Program

4) VIP: (priced at $1,561.49) $1950 from the United States

3 grams gold
20 bonus cards 100
10 Experience Cards 3%

  • The importance of gold
  • Karatbars International
  • K’s exchange program
  • The Branding Card Program

The Exclusive VIP Package (priced at $7,464.15) $9325 from the United States is designed for the entrepreneur who is trying to go beyond just working for themselves, and instead of actually creating their own extra secure and consistent source of income. With this package, you can not only create an independent and reliable source of revenue, through earning direct commission and participating in the dual system, but you may also be able to encourage others to do the same.

El exclusivo paquete VIP incluye lo siguiente:

• 5 gramos de oro
• 20 x 100 € tarjetas de bonificación
• 40 x 100 € códigos de bono digitales
• 10 x 3% tarjetas de bonificación
• 15 x 3% Códigos de bonificación digitales
• códigos 300 x € 5 bonificación que se puede utilizar para los siguientes productos:

  • oro Tarjetas Especialidad
  • Embalaje
  • productos de merchandising
  • Goldcard Bundles
  • Tarjetas de experiencia 3%
  • Bono de tarjetas 100 Euro
  • todos los Paquetes
  • todas las mejoras del paquete

“All digital bonus codes will be available on an additional USB memory device.”

(It will generate 300 units and has the same dual system status as the VIP: 80 euros per cycle and 20% direct commission).

As you can see, the package content value clearly exceeds the cost of the purchase price.

Increase your revenue by attracting new customers through the use of the system of bonus codes and unique discount.

In addition, with the purchase of the Exclusive VIP Package we will now offer an additional current incentive with a “pool profit fee” in the newly created World International Karatbars pool, where you will be able to participate in global billing Karatbars International. This now also creates the opportunity for additional residual income in the future. Global Incentive Reserve will be for a limited base only.

The actions of the pool are determined as follows …

There will only be 10,000 World Reserve shares …

Each gram of gold sold throughout the company will result in .20 euros (cents) added to the World Reserve

Pool Position will also win the Unilevel commission every month on all gold purchases
Pool position will win dual system units based on total sales of North American and European lines lines. Each disbursement cycle will be placed in the pool in general to be shared with the World Reserve stock perceptions.

In January of each year, the total commissions will be calculated and divided by the 10,000 pool shares available. For every stock you have, you will receive the World Reserve Bonus that you will pay out in the first quarter of each year.

Now, as you may have noticed, there is a new commission rate and a “cycle”

The Commission here is for packages that sell directly, unlike the uni-level, which are paid a percentage of the joint sale produced by their organization

Please note that you will not lose free plans! You see Unilevel plans are paid monthly; but the double-team advantage is paid weekly on your Karatbars prepaid MasterCard.

A few details and comparison at the same time:

  • in the uni-level system your organization is formed by the directly formed you on a line so they are only dealing with the sales made but in the Dual team system your entire organization will be divided into left right equipment and equipment.
  • in the uni-level to be paid based on your sales being measured in points but the dual equipment uses units. The following will show you all the products and the number of units worthwhile (add to mind worth the 5 units Bronze package)…

Sales create units that are never “downloaded”.

Units always “take more” to the next payment cycle if they don’t trigger a cycle.
Once Left or Right team accumulates 50 units and the other leg accumulates 25 units, which cycle.

The package you purchased determines the amount you get from each cycle.

Cycle The Commission’s direct sales power gain

  • bronze is 10 euros for 12 USD $5%
  • silver is 40 euros $50 USD 10%
  • gold is €60$75 USD 15%
  • VIP is €80 USD 100 20%

This is the beauty of it. At the end of the week (since they are paid weekly in the dual system), the units remain there until enough units accumulate in your other leg to the cycle and you are paid to infinity. So if someone 1000 levels below you buy a package, they will still receive the units on that leg.

The best news of all, is that, this Team System Dual is 1 of 7 ways that they are compensated.


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