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If in previous articles I told you how Sistrix worked , today I will talk about how a new SEO tool works: Semrush and I will also explain in broad strokes what data it provides to analyze a positioning strategy .

To develop a search engine optimization strategy, it is essential to have at least one tool that allows you to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Semrush will provide you with a lot of information so, if you are a beginner in this SEO, you should not go crazy or feel overwhelmed by so much information.

Next, we will see how all this information is structured in a very visual dashboard.


SEMrush is an indispensable keyword monitoring tool for any marketing department.

This online tool, in addition to providing information on organic searches, also informs you about paid searches, so it is very useful for SEM strategies.



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SEMrush provides you with a lot of information in a very intuitive panel that we will see next, you analyze semrush traffic, semrush content, and also semrush affiliate competitors blog.

The most relevant information you can see in the initial Semrush panel is mainly:

  • Organic search traffic (SEO) and paid (SEM) ?
  • The backlinks inbound your page ?
  • The published display advertising ?
  • The best organic keywords and their distribution by positions ?
  • The main organic competitors ?

In this case, we will see how the dashboard of the domain of El Corte Inglés would be.

Panel Semrush

You may be overwhelmed with so much information, but depending on what interests you you should prioritize and analyze only the information you need for your web positioning strategy.

Semrush is a very powerful tool that you can squeeze out all its juice.

Today we are going to squeeze it into 3 fundamental aspects:

  • Keyword Research ?
  • Competitor Analysis ?
  • Backlinks Audit ?


Currently, the main utility of this tool, by professionals, is based on the analysis of keywords or keywords to analyze the positioning or evolution over a period of time. This information will allow us to see in which words we are gaining positions or in which words we are losing positions.

If we see the full report of the organic search positions, we access more detailed information:

  • ⭐ The position of said keywords,
  • ⭐ The volume of searches,
  • ⭐ The difficulty of positioning for the indicated keyword,
  • ⭐ The CPC (cost per click),
  • ⭐ The url that appears in the search,
  • ⭐ Organic traffic
  • ⭐ The trend of one word searches
  • ⭐ The SERP or search engine result

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Panel Keywords Semrush


It is essential to analyze the organic searches of your competitors , see in which keywords you compete in common and what is the level of difficulty of competition, since it will be with them that you will have to fight for the best positions of a search.

semrush competitors

www semrush provides you with the following information about your direct competitors:

  • ••ᐅ Level of competition
  • ••ᐅ Keywords in common
  • ••ᐅ The keywords that a competitor has in the search engine
  • ••ᐅ The organic traffic of a competitor
  • ••ᐅ Payment keywords and traffic price


If you want to carry out a linkbuilding strategy, the  www semrush backlink module will be essential.

In the overview, you can see new or lost backlinks, or incoming links to your website from other pages.

Linkbuilding is nothing other than building links that direct your website . This will help you to SEO positioning for several reasons:

  • ••ᐅ Bring traffic to the website
  • ••ᐅ Increase the authority of your website
  • ••ᐅ Help to rise in the rankings of positioning
backlinks the english cut

The backlinks that you have in your domain, allow Google to give you points in your favor for the positioning of your website.

With SEMRush you can take control of the most important backlinks that direct your page and various aspects such as:

  • ✦ Backlinks Follow y Nofollow
  • ✦ Anchors, that is, from what keyword is linked to our site
  • ✦ The types of domain, if it is .es .com .edu…
  • ✦ The reference IPs
  • ✦ Indexed pages, that is, what are the urls of our website that are published in third parties

lll➤ Why not doing semrush investment

SEMrush is a very complete SEO and SEM tool that will help you get in position in your strategy.

••ᐅ The main advantages of semrush investment are:

  • ? You can carry out a thorough keyword research to improve your positioning in organic searches as paid.
  • ? You can analyze your competitors and see in which keywords you have an advantage over them
  • ? If you are making a linkbuilding strategy, you can keep track of your links and the sources that link you.
  • ? It will provide you with valuable information for decision making in your SEO strategy
  • ? Semrush works with a large database: 106,600,000 keywords, its more than 46,000,000 domains and 29 databases in 16 languages

✅ Is semrush legit

Yes,SEMrush is reliable in traffic analysis. 1. The main goal of SEMrush is to help you with keyword research and competitive analysis. … Actually SEMrush does not reflect direct traffic, referral traffic, traffic from other search engines, traffic from beyond the first two pages of Google,…

Semrush investment will be your ally in your web positioning strategy , so if you have any questions, I recommend you search for information in the  semrush com blog where you will find a lot of material that will help you understand the tool in more detail.

What are you waiting for to start using semrush com?


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