Saw Palmetto and Kidney Health

A fan-like palm native to US’s southeastern part, Saw Palmetto, particularly its berries, have increasingly grown popularity in Europe’s herbal supplement market. It has become a huge industry that at present the plant is being grown commercially, with almost two-thousand tons of these berries is being shipped to Europe.

The amplified reputation of Saw Palmetto may have been due to its use by health practitioners as treatment for various ailments in men, such as respiratory congestion, testicular inflammation, coughs, and urinary tract infection.

Saw Palmetto and Kidney Health

Other uses have been to balance metabolism, aid digestion, stimulate appetite, and reinforce thyroid glands. The majority of proof that supports these Saw Palmetto uses is subjective and hasn’t been confirmed through controlled clinical studies.

On the other hand, there is a great deal of scientific documentation that outlines the effectiveness of this herb for treating irritated bladder, as well as urinary conditions in men that have benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Saw Palmetto and kidney health relationship has been established in the herbs use for BPH treatment.

BPH is a prostate gland swelling that result to the urethra being obstructed, causing painful urination, and lessened urine flow, trouble in starting or stopping urine flow, frequent urination during the night, and dripping after urination.

On top of BPH causing embarrassment and pain, it can also result to serious kidney troubles if untreated or undiagnosed. The correlation of Saw Palmetto and kidney health has been deemed essential for treating one of the possible risks for kidney problems, BPH.

The problem is common in men over forty-years old; an estimate of fifty to sixty percent of all men has a risk in developing BPH. An estimated 6 million men with the age range of fifty to seventy-nine have BPH that is severe enough to necessitate therapy; yet only half seek treatment.

Lately, some clinical trials have proved Saw Palmetto’s effectiveness in the treatment of BPH; a lot of these studies have revealed Saw Palmetto working better than the majority of common prescription drugs used for the condition. Consequently, establishing a strong relationship between Saw Palmetto and kidney health, that has made it popular among BPH sufferers.

Saw Palmetto and kidney health nowadays have rather gone hand in hand, with the increasing complaints of BPH and kidney problems, Saw Palmetto has had a say in the betterment of these ailments which has made a big impact on the BPH patient populace.

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