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Sales Skills Mastery Course: Close More Sales


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Closing is the key skill any salesperson or entrepreneur needs to know in order to be successful in the world of sales and persuasion. Without this skill, you will barely close anyone and your finances will be dire as a result. If you have this skill, and you get really good at it, you will start closing more and making more money as a result than you have ever made before. In this course, you are going to learn how to close any sale. It contains proven techniques from the world’s biggest names in sales on how to create both emotional and logical certainty and using the right closing techniques to close anyone who is closable.

  • Access 34 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Recognize how cognitive biases influence your pitch
  • Learn how to successfully pitch any product or service
  • Understand how to easily overcome objections
  • Triple your closing rate within one week


Stefan Devito is a sales trainer on Udemy. He has spent over 4.000 hours drilling, rehearsing and teaching sales techniques from various schools of selling, including Jordan Belfort, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Jeb Blount, and Mike Brooks. He has a passion for making things easy and simple, saving you time and money and allowing your brain to absorb the material in the most effective way. Stefan has worked both as an entrepreneur, consultant, and employee in various positions and different countries so that he only teaches what is universally applicable in different countries, cultures and for different positions.

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