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Buying on cashback saved my family thousands of dollars. When I came across Rebaid and its promise to pay a 100% discount, I was skeptical that they could justify cheating. The Rebaid overview details everything you need to know about their discounts and how they work.

How does Rebaid work?

On most discount sites, you click on their link, make a purchase, and get a small percentage, usually from 1% to 5%. These sites work by giving you some of the money they make as a marketing partner.

review the reviewrebaid is a completely different approach to offering discounts.

Rebaid is designed so that you get significant discounts on certain items that you can buy in the Amazon store. Items are specific because individuals and businesses that sell items pay Rebaid to present them to Rebaid users.


Thus, instead of getting a cashback of less than 10%, you can earn from 25% to 100% cashback on your purchase.

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Why do sellers pay them?

This leads to the question: “Why do sellers pay Rebaid?”The lie is that Amazon has a way to rank products when people search.

The more times an item is purchased, the more times it is clicked on, and the number of reviews affects how high the item appears in search results.

So these sellers pay you a big discount to boost your product in the search ranking, and thus earn a lot more money for all the people who search on Amazon.

This boils down to being another form of advertising with the advantage of creating potential repeat customers and new customers from the Amazon market.

What Is Rebaid Legit?

Yes, Rebaid is a legitimate money-back site. Although they operate on a completely different model than sites like TopCashBack or Rakuten, they keep their promise to pay.

rebaid discount review there Are not a ton of reviews, the ones I could find, and thanks to personal experience they really pay out. This way you can be happy with what the site pays you, even if it takes you some time to get a check.

Company history

There is not much information about the history of Rebaid, but this may be due to the fact that they are a relatively new company. Their applications for registration in LLC show that they were registered in may 2019.

The company is based in Albuquerque, new Mexico, and claims to have experience as an Amazon seller. This means that they have direct sales experience on Amazon Marketplace, not just General SEO or Internet marketing experience.

As the company grows, I expect we will get more information about their operations, but this is a significant amount for a young company like Rebaid.


I haven’t seen any other discount programs yet that use the same approach as Rebaid. Some of the most popular money back sites include:

Get Upside is probably the best place to get discounts on your gas purchases, GetUpside is the best option throughout the United States.
Mr Rebates is one of the best cashback return sites, MrRebates is known for good cashback awards and one of the best referral programs on any of the return sites.

Receipt Pal-receipt PAL , best known for getting discounts on products, allows you to get discounts on any receipts that you can scan in your app.


  • High amounts of discounts.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Interesting product.
  • Generous referral program.


  • Limited number of products.
  • Limited number of discounts for each product.
  • The discount takes time to process.
  • Review review Final thoughts.
  • I must admit that Rebaid is one of the most interesting cashback return sites I have had the opportunity to view.

With discounts of up to 100%, it’s hard to argue that they don’t offer fantastic deals. Although the number of products offered on the Amazon market is relatively small, they offer some variety.

For me, Rebaid is a way to get a few things that I would normally buy anyway at a very low price, or as a way to get gifts for people that are much more expensive than I could afford.

If I were an Amazon seller, Rebaid would look like a great way to help increase Amazon sales so that I get a more visible position when people search for a product.

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