PMS Natural Treatment / Herbal Remedies

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is basically a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal adjustments that greatly trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women, for about 40 million, just for up to weeks before the menstruation period. Greatly, there are over 150 symptoms that have been ascribed to PMS, and such include both physical and emotional.

Due to such great number of PMS sufferers, the herbal industry developed some PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies to provide relief to those who suffer from such illness. And one of those is the Femalite of the

PMS Natural Treatment / Herbal Remedies

Now, what is Femalite? Essentially, the Femalite of the is a form of PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies that is designed especially for women. It contains three potent ingredients such as fennel, pulsatilla, and Melissa to treat the most upsetting symptoms of PMS.

The use of Femalite, as one of the best PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies, usually starts for about five days prior to the onset of menstruation. Aside from that, is must also be applied when the first symptom of PMS are recognized.

In general, this form of PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies can be used before the menstruation begins and for the first day or two of bleeding for the purpose of preventing menstrual cramps as well as irritability.

Aside from such mentioned form of PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies, it is also noted by many experts that the evening primrose oil is one of the approved PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies, particularly in Great Britain.

The Native Americans, for instance, were advanced on this and they even chewed the seeds of the primrose in order to lessen the symptoms of PMS and some other menstrual stress.

These days, many experts have recommended taking a capsule of primrose oil a day as a form of PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies. Once it is taken, the dosage can be increased to three capsules once symptoms of PMS occur and continuing until the end of the period.

Chinese angelica is also considered as one of the great PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies since it greatly works as a preventative measure. However, pregnant women are not applicable for this form of PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies.

Aside from that fact, the angelica may also alleviate heavier blood flow, so this is not suggested for women who experienced a heavy flow during the menstruation period.

Along with that PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies, one should consider that one of the best relief for PMS, aside from PMS natural treatment/herbal remedies, is increased exercise. It is for the fact, that exercise will increase the production of endorphins to brighten the mood. And a bright mood is greatly considered to alleviate the PMS related depression.

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