PayHip – Free selling ebooks digital downloads & memberships without intermediaries

It seems that technology is here to solve some questions and make our lives easier. This is valid for everyone, even for authors . A new platform allows us to publish our own electronic books or ebooks without the need for intermediaries. We can use PayHip to upload our ebook and sell it , without having to be associated with an editorial or having to go through Amazon filters.

When the internet allows us to get closer to the culture of DIY ( do it yourself ), books cannot be left apart either. An interesting initial investment is necessary to edit a publication, which can usually only be done when we partner with an editorial. 

Some authors manage to raise money independently, but these are exceptional cases, and they are not the norm. Internet helps us reach more readers, that’s why PayHip is a very interesting tool.

PayHip – Sing up for free

We will review the features of PayHip so we can see how it works and, if we are interested, sign up for a free account. This is very easy, and it only takes a few minutes. Basically, PayHip is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell ebooks directly to the consumer, using a link, and PayPal . 

The author only has to upload the document to start selling through the most important social networks , without worrying about anything else: the service is responsible for storage, payment processing – PayPal is used – and the digital delivery of the product to the buyers.

One of the “wonders” of PayHip is that it is completely free . We are accustomed to the fact that sales platforms take a small commission for their work as intermediaries, but in this case, all transactions are free and the author will receive 100 percent of what users have paid for the book. In the future, some Premium features may be introduced, but still the basic service issues would still cost nothing.

Another of the benefits of the service is that it has no limitations on the format in which ebooks have to be: we can upload to a compressed file with different versions, which does not matter. PayHip will store it anyway. Finally, another thing that has interested us most is the possibility of making a preview of the book before buying it, in the same way as Amazon.

From what we have been seeing, PayHip is a very simple platform that does not require much knowledge – for the writers of the old school. In order to upload a book, we just have to complete the file fields, name, price, book cover, and a description. Super simple:

PayHip - Free selling ebooks digital downloads & memberships without intermediaries

PayHip is not only useful for books: it can also be used to sell publications such as digital magazines and fanzines . All this, to be paid with PayPal, without storing credit card data, and allowing security so that the authors can rest assured that no one will download their book without paying before. It is an interesting alternative for applicants who do not yet have too many resources to make an edition, or perhaps as a way to raise funds to make a physical edition.

PayHip – Sing up for free

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