Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

With the rapid evolution of technology, several ways to make easy money through the internet becomes possible. The paid survey is part of its means. The concept is to register on a paid survey site, to give your opinion to receive in return for the money. That’s the trick.

Companies use this approach to update their databases, conduct a market study or do a test before launching a product.

This type of paid assignments comes in many forms such as surveys, contests, cashback, raffle and even paid-list polling sites.

How do I do paid surveys?

The paid survey is a way to make money by working on online sites. It is a simple job that is easy to do and easily organized. The paid survey is an online job that generates up to 200 euros per month depending on the objectives.

In fact, a paid survey consists of giving specific answers to questions and being paid in return. Compensation does not always come in the form of money. The site may offer gifts as payment. Moreover, many paid survey sites are available in France. Let’s be clear, this is not a home job, but this trick makes it possible to comfortably round off these months.

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

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Having said that, let’s focus in this article on what we’re interested in. We offer you the most complete list of the best survey sites. We tested them all personally. It is by combining these sites, with rigor and perseverance that some of our readers (testimonials in support) manage to make several hundred euros per month. It’s up to you!

Comparison of the best paid survey sites

SitePayment thresholdBonusSponsorTransferPayPalGift voucherKnow more
I-Say5th (5th)No$1 / godsonNoYes More
My Opinion Account$2.5$0.25NoYesYes More
Experience is yours5th (5th)$3.30NoYesNoYes More
Survey Pronto$300.125€$0.125/daughterYesYes More
Toluna35€0€$1/godson – % on certain tasksYesYes More
YsenseNoYes More
Global Test Market40€YesYesYes More
Green Panthera$305$10% of your godchildren’s earningsYesNo More
Nielsen Homescan5th (5th)Yes More
Nicequest10€5$10% of godchildren’s earningsYes More
Gaddin20€YesYes More
Swagbucks$0.10/daughter – 5% to 30% on certain tasksYes More
YouGov25€$1/daughter (for 5 investigations)Yes More

The best paid survey sites

Hundreds of survey sites are on the web, some differentiate themselves from each other by their means of payment, sponsorship systems,… The most common problem faced by Internet users who venture into this additional income is non-payment. Indeed, scams are everywhere and even more on the internet. However, there are those who are reliable and who honour the agreements and promises made with their members. The most frequently cited in testimonials and opinions are Yougov, Market Agent, Greenpanthera, Gaddin, Paid Polls, My Survey, Toluna, My Opinion Account, TNS Sofres, I-Say, Your Opinion, Global Test Market, Mobrog, Mingle, Panélia, Nicequest.

1- Swagbucks

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

This is themost popular international site on the web,available in several languages, it allows you to collect points on the net on the daily operations you do (Buying e, online, search…). This allows you to convert these points and redeem them for many items. Swagbucks offers free gift cards and cash for the daily activities you already do online.

You can earn points when you shop on your online shopping sites, when you view fun videos, search the net, answer surveys and find great deals. For example, you can redeem your collected points for gift cards that you can use at your preferred suppliers or for the money you will receive directly into your PayPal account.Subscribe to SwagBucks


There are many ways to earn rewards: playing games, answering surveys, downloading apps, earning cashback, searching the internet and more.


No payment per PayPal could be made without a required code. And we’ll have to wait for that code in the mail.

2- Mon Opinion Compte – French survey site

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

My Opinion Account is another paid polling site that is of excellent quality. It has been around since 2010, but does not bring anything really new compared to the competition. However, this is a site that stands out for its seriousness and therefore, its reliability is not to be questioned.

There are a number of surveys on this site and the remuneration is more or less attractive. The payment is made by PayPal and the payment threshold is 2.50 euros. A draw is made every three months and this maximizes the chances of winning money. However, this site also has drawbacks. Subscribe to My Opinion Account

Indeed, it is only accessible in France. In addition, by filling out the profile on My Opinion Account, you must make sure you provide as much information as possible otherwise there will be no questionnaires to complete, which will be a great waste of time. Note that the surveys are on electronic gadgets, sports or travel.

It should be noted that on My Opinion Account, it is likely to receive many surveys every day. It is also possible to apply for vouchers by going to Amazon. Otherwise, payments are made via PayPal within 24 hours.


A main asset that the site My Opinion Account has is the payment that is made instantly as soon as the request is made. In addition, the 2.5Euros are easy to reach in order to get paid.


As a point of improvement, the site could offer a sponsorship system to its members in order to motivate them even more.

3- I-Say

This is another international site that offers gifts as compensation. It was launched in 1999 and is available in Both French and English. I-Say is also visible in other languages. I-Say has been recruiting Internet users for more than 10 years. They are in charge of answering questions on different topics, including leisure, products, advertisements and brands.Subscribe to I-Say

In return, the user receives a commission. The I-Say interface is just as attractive and it is subject to a lot of polls. Gift vouchers are available as a result of these surveys. The only drawback of this site is the lack of payment per species. Fortunately, this does not impact the image of I-Say and the site attracts almost 100% of users each time. I-Say has been asserting its position as a leader in the field of paid polling for years.

As far as the compensation system is concerned, the site offers gift vouchers that will be sent to members. To do so, they simply respond to paid surveys and the cumulative points can be exchanged for the gifts in question. However, you have to go beyond 10 euros before you can apply for the vouchers.


The I-Say site has a free app in the App Store and Google Play. In addition, the site is available in several languages. Another major advantage, the minimum amount to be collected, which is only 5 Euros.


On the other hand, the winnings cannot be converted into a sum of money but necessarily into cheques or gift cards or gifts.

4- ClixSense (ySense)

Se faire de l’argent avec ClixSense en toute facilité

This is probably one of the best sites in terms of paid survey. In fact, ySense (Clixsense anincation) joins the principle of PTC or Paid to Click, but it also concerns the polls and brings in about 60 euros per month. The advantage of Clixsense (which recently changed its name to ySense) is the number of surveys per day. Indeed, there may be 10 polls per day. In addition, the monthly remuneration is quite interesting since it can reach 150 if not more. In addition, there is a daily bonus that allows users to generate even more profit.Subscribe to I-Say

However, there are still some disadvantages. People who show up do not always have the right profile and cannot qualify. In addition, some users can go up to 200 euros in gain while most stagnate around 60 euros. On the other hand, it’s easy to register on ySense.

Indeed, you only have to go to the site and position the cursor on “your nickname”. Following this, you will have to click “Profile and Setting”.” Note that care must be taken to fill in the red box that represents the location. As for the green box, it allows the user to enter the place where he would like to be paid. By opting for PayPal as a payment method, you must use the email address registered on PayPal.


You can collect 16% of your bonus earners by completing 10 tasks or 2 bids or 2 surveys or 5 Figure Eight missions plus a survey or offer in 3 days.


The major drawback of this site is the language used. Indeed, it is a site in English, which will be a block for some.

5- Toluna

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

This is the site that is most famous in terms of paid survey. In addition, Toluna is a reliable site that was launched in 2000 and is located in many countries. It already has thousands of registrants. What’s more, the site is highly attractive. Sometimes the quota is reached before the survey is even completed. As a result, the time spent on the survey will have served no purpose.

In short, Toluna is a nice site to see and the fact of registering already allows you to benefit from a bonus. A shop offers various gifts to users. Points earned by Internet users will be converted to credit and can be turned into a gift at Leclerc or Ikea for example. It should be noted that the Toluna app is available on Android and iOS apps.

However, this site also has drawbacks. Apart from the exceeded quota, it is necessary to reach a total of 140,000 points before it can be collected a sum of money which amounts to 35 euros. People under the age of 16 cannot participate in activities on Toluna. It is important to note that the services offered by the site are free and that most activities on Toluna are paid for. Subscribe to Toluna


Apart from the various surveys and traditional questionnaires to be completed on the site, Toluna sends products to be tested directly to its “influencers” products that they can keep.


With 21 million members, quotas for surveys are quickly reached so members must be active on the site.

6- GreenPanthera


It is a pity that the interface of this site leaves something to be desired. However, this does not affect the reputation of GreenPanthera, which is world famous and has not yet disappointed any of its users.

Indeed, this site is so famous that it deserves even the first place. The site’s surveys are very well paid even if they are not really numerous. In addition, these surveys can be processed on the site or via email. Once the user is registered, GreenPanthera offers him 4 euros. Payments are made by PayPal or by bank transfer. In addition, the sponsorship system is both effective and simple. And for each godson, the sponsor will receive 10% of his lifetime earnings.

It is therefore possible to talk to friends about the site and sponsor them. To do this, the godchildren must use the sponsor’s link. Note that there is a sponsorship link in the “INVITE YOUR AMIS” section. The latter is visible on the user’s account. However, it is clear that the interface does not attract potential panelists. This is a flaw that creators should review. Subscribe to Green Panthea


Greenpanthera is one of the most famous when talking about paid surveys. Payment is made via PayPal a few days after the member’s request, the sum goes directly into your account.


The major drawback of this site is the $30 payment threshold which is very high. You have to be patient.

7- Global Test Market

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

It is possible to earn large sums of money with Global Market Test. This is a site that was founded in 1999. In terms of paid survey, this site is definitely one of the best. It sends 4 to 5 surveys a day that will be processed. These surveys will be sent to the user’s inbox.

As far as Global Test Market is concerned, it is an international polling site that is present in 200 countries of the world if not more. In addition, he collaborates with major brands including Apple and Coca-Cola. It has millions of users who log in daily to round up their month-end.

Despite this, the user may be overwhelmed due to the saturation of the mailbox. Therefore, you have to be very organized by being on Global Test Market. Moreover, the interface of this site is quite outdated.

In addition, the payment threshold is 40 euros, which is not really obvious, because a user often earns between 20 and 30 euros per month. Users will also be able to receive gift vouchers and gifts to order from Global Test Market. It is important to fill out the profile so that you do not be excluded afterwards.


Global Test Market is the only paid survey site where even minors over the age of 14 can participate. But of course, parental permission is required.


A little patience is required when working on this site since it is necessary to combine some effort before reaching the payment threshold of $50.

8- YouGov

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

YouGov is a feature site of simplified surveys,which is moreover, these are quick to perform and do not take more than 5 minutes in general. As far as the site is concerned, it is a market research company that was founded in the UNITED Kingdom in 2000. To be honest, YouGov is one of the sponsorship systems that are worth it.

The site has been around for fifteen years. Aside from the paid survey,YouGov also offers users the right to get paid to sponsor new arrivals. Indeed, 1 goddaughter is equivalent to 1 euro if he answers 5 questionnaires in a row. YouGov also collects consumer reviews and collaborates with major brands.

YouGov is not just the cash payment and users can also receive Kadeos tickets worth between 25 and 50 euros. However, despite all these attractive points, YouGov is not without its drawbacks.

Indeed, there is very little survey per week and it is necessary to reach 25 euros before being paid. There are not many polls in a month. At most, a user could receive 15 with a lot of luck. An investigation may take 20 minutes in some cases.


A real asset for the Yougov site, there is no validation of surveys to expect because they are always approved and paid no matter how you formulate.


The payment threshold of 25Euros is rather high as much as the frequency of surveys is juggled by the site


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

Recently put on the net, the Nicequest site is an interesting paid polling site. It has nearly one million members satisfied with its reliability. Especially since its use is easy thanks to the smartphone application it has. However, the cumulative winnings are not given in cash but in kind, i.e. by gifts and gift certificates. On the other hand, the online sales sites available for vouchers are numerous and very diverse such as Amazon, FNAC, Zalando, iTunes,… Apart from these rewards, the site sends gifts directly to the member who has achieved a certain goal. Subscribe to Nice Quest


The Nicequest site is the one that represents the best hourly rate of polling sites in France. With an amount of 7.50 Euros an hour, it is easy to make a quick profit.


Membership in Nicequest requires an invitation from an active member of the site and there is no sponsorship system.

10-Pronto Survey

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

Unlike other polling sites such as I-say or Toluna, the recent survey pronto site does not belong to any market research company but works with survey providers. A basic site and very simple to use since the features are reduced to the bare necessities. Since the rewards are in dollars, it is easy to calculate the winnings unlike those sites that set up points systems. Payment is only made in currency via PayPal. On the other hand, the gains are too little compared to the time spent on each survey. The threshold is also excessive.


The payment is made by PayPal for Survey Pronto, a few days after your request, the minimum amount of 26 Euros is available directly on your account. The sponsorship system is also interesting.


Users sometimes have difficulty accessing surveys because access to a page requires many redirects that are sometimes a blank page at the end.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

Gaddin has been an active paid polling site for 5 years now. It is among the most recommended in the lot because of its reliability and seriousness. Also, this site offers a large number of surveys with an interesting reward. Whether by bank transfer, PayPal or gift vouchers, the site guarantees you a payment within a few days as soon as you have 20 Euros in account. In addition, draws are organized for those who have completed certain tasks. Through these, it is possible to add up to 20 euros extra to your account. Subscribe to Gaddin


The means of receiving payment are multiple. Ranging from gift vouchers to major retailers, it is possible to receive payment by bank transfer or PayPal, for a minimum amount of 20 Euros.


The sponsorship system that the site offers is too weak. With 1 Euro per godson, it is difficult to boost your earnings.

12-Your opinion

Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

3 million people worldwide, including 400,000 in France, are part of the Your Opinion website. They chose it because the surveys are tailor-made and the site is reliable. The site offers rewards of up to 2 Euros per survey, which is not common in the system. But the site does not offer a sponsorship solution so it will be necessary to combine exclusively by responding to the polls in order to obtain high gains. Sometimes members are asked to test products and give their opinion in relation to this product. Sign up for Your Opinion


The site is very active and invitations can go up to 15 per month. The frequency of invitations depends on the member’s attendance and the relevance of the responses provided.


Cumulative earnings are paid in kind only, either you receive them as vouchers or as a donation to charities.



Tns Sofres of Kantar TNS Group slightly broke the concept of the paid polling site seen previously. Unlike its peers, on this site it is not a question of registering online and earning a few cents for each response sent. It’s about finding a real job, going door-to-door to do surveys. Contracts awarded are Fixed-term contracts of a few hours or several days depending on the needs of the company. Apart from contracts for face-to-face investigation, you have the option of entering into a contract for work over the phone. Subscribe to TNS Sofres


The remuneration is interesting because not only are the investigators paid at 9 Euros 92 per hour, they are entitled to paid leave, a precarious bonus and a transport allowance.


The work proposed on the TNS Sofres website remains ephemeral given the purpose of the contract. Also, investigators are paid to the mission.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

The Mobrog site is a German site in 60 countries around the world. The system consists of responding to surveys and surveys sent and receiving a reward in return. Apart from that, the site offers the sponsorship solution. Each sponsor member earns 1 Euro per godson. The surveys sent depend on your profile and are very diverse. The catch, your answer may not be accepted and validated by the advertiser company. Payment is made exclusively through PayPal, provided the email address used is the same for Mobrog and PayPal.


From a financial point of view, Mobrog’s offers are interesting since the site rewards between 0.5 Euros and 3 Euros the survey and only 4 Euros of payment threshold.


The frequency of invitations for surveys varies from country to country. For some, there are few advertisers so little income for members.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

Another paid polling site, Panelia, is part of arcane Research. Once registered on the site, the member receives invitations and as a result, he acquires a number of points convertible as a gift. A welcome bonus of 30 points awaits you as soon as you sign up. And there will be another 12 additional points for each registered godson. But again, if your profile doesn’t match the one you’re looking for, you’ll get an extra point. Each year, a lottery is held to reward active members. The subjects of the surveys are very varied, depending on your profile you will receive them.


Points accumulated in exchange for members’ responses are not time-limited, i.e. they are available even after several months of inactivity. Especially since the corresponding gifts are very diverse.


On Panelia, there is no way to collect your winnings in cash, your points numbers will be exchanged for gifts.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

In the market of paid survey sites since 2005, this site of the company Respondi has carried out more than 2,435,000 surveys in 2018, millions of Euros paid to members and tens of thousands of Euros of donations also. A draw is dedicated to new members, long before they have started answering the questionnaire. There will be no money to be earned but new registrants can pocket gifts. The gain is redeemable for gift certificates from Zalando, Amazon or Sporeka, a bank transfer or a donation. The age limit for joining Mingle is 16.


An active account receives 1 to 2 surveys every 2 days as a rule. A considerable frequency compared to other sites. And even inactive members receive 10 points a month.


The 2000 points to be reached in order to reach the 20 Euros threshold are enormous since the remuneration is between 25 and 150 points per poll.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

The multi-reward site Loonea offers a multitude of missions to its members, ranging from questionnaires, to registration on sites, or through the reading of emails. The payment threshold is 15 Euros, an amount that is easily reached for active members. Note that the missions are paid on average between 0.1 and 0.3 Euros. The sponsorship system offered by the site is interesting since not only will you get 6 Euros in extra money for 5 active godchildren, but also a sponsorship contest is organized each month where the sum of 530 Euros is to be distributed among the top 15. Subscribe to Loonea


A product test is offered to the active panels on Loonea. The tests are of course better paid than the other missions and in addition, the products and samples are delivered to you for free.


The first payment is made by cheque or wire transfer. From the second, per PayPal, but deducted from 1 Euro per operation.


Best Paid Survey Sites For Making Money

Since the beginning of this year, the two sites MySurvey and Global Test Market have come together and formed LifePoints. To start at Lifepoints, you have to wait 1 day after creating your account. What if you already had an account on the old MySurvey or Global Test Market? Well, just enter the logins used previously and all your winnings, your profile resurface. On the remuneration side, a 10-euro questionnaire yields an average of 0.5 Euros. From 5 Euros, you can request a payment via PayPal or gift certificate or by financing a charity. Subscribe to LifePoints


The amount of 5 Euros as the minimum amount for payment is interesting for members. Having completed a small dozen missions you can enjoy your reward.


The surveys put on the LifePoints site have a limited duration so you have to be reactive in order to win the reward.

How much can we make?

The amounts to be won for a paid survey vary from site to site but on average it is worth 0.80 Euros per questionnaire. And again, the frequency of invitations for a mission varies greatly depending on your profile and platform. On average, a site could earn you 20 Euros a month for a working time of 3 to 4 hours. In order to carry out this additional income, it is suggested to register on a dozen sites to have more chance of being eligible for a survey and therefore to pocket in the 200 or 300 Euros monthly.

Tips and tricks to succeed in the paid survey

To maximize the chances in the adventure that is the paid survey. Some tips are helpful. Already, it’s better to have several sites attached to his mailbox. But not just any platform either, at the risk of wasting your time, do not venture into these new sites and especially not these paid sites. It is important to check your email often. As soon as you get a survey, be sure to answer it as soon as possible. The more responsive you are, the more questionnaires you get, so you’ll get more money. Above all, don’t try to have two different accounts on the same platform.

Survey Sites for Africans: the three accessible sites

Although several remunerative sites are offered to European citizens, Africa unfortunately remains in the balance compared to Europe. Some sites still offer solutions to Africans. Feel free to read our article on how to make money in Africa on the internet.

Today, it is possible to make money through the internet in Africa as well as in Europe, even if reliability and means of payment are sometimes complicated in Africa. There are three main polling sites operating in the African continent, including ySense,Toluna and I-Say. Each one has its own peculiarity. For this first site, for example, it offers Paid to Click or PTC, that is to say that it is possible to be paid by number of clicks.

  • YSense

The ySense site is available in some African countries. The concept is the same as with European sites. The aim is to answer the questionnaire for a certain amount of money, the maximum being 45 Euros per month. The minimum amount to make the payment is 8 Euros. But also, there is the classic and premium sponsorship system.

  • Toluna

As for the Toluna site, the concept is the same as with these French similar, paid by survey. Rewards are earned by PayPal or gift certificates from 100 to 145,000 points. But still, the Toluna site organizes a lottery every day for its members, where you can earn 1,000,000 points.

  • I-Say

Although most paid polling sites don’t work in Africa, some like I-Say are functional. Especially since the remuneration in the euro is interesting given the price of the euro which is considerably important. The trick on this way of working, the unavoidable system of sponsorship, it is then necessary to popularize its link in order to convince the most godchildren and to cash in income, without effort.

The pitfalls to avoid

The ultimate pitfall to avoid in paid polling sites is to pay for registration. No reliable site asks its members for money. This is the main method used by scammers. Beware of ads and promises too good to be true. On average, a dozen sites of these “easy moneys” allow you to have around 200 Euros, if you are active. So beyond that amount, we have to ask ourselves the question. It is also possible that some sites do not simply pay, which is why it is important to see testimonials on the sites before launching.

User reviews of paid surveys

In this age of technology, it is easier to collect information, testimonials and opinions without making any effort, so you might as well enjoy it before investing. Since the time you spend answering surveys and surveys is valuable and worth the money, testimonials are needed. People have surely come before you on the site and have left comments, both negative and positive. It’s up to you, if most testimonials are good, it’s because the way is secure. On the other hand, if the opinions of Internet users are pejorative, ask yourself about the reliability and relevance of the site.

To conclude…

Today’s life is getting rougher and rougher. A single income can no longer meet needs and save. We are all looking for evolution in order to have a better life in better conditions. Paid survey sites can be an income supplement for everyone. Of course, they won’t make you rich but they can support some of your needs. And then, it’s by moving forward step by step that you become great. This type of remuneration requires patience and perseverance given the modest amount earned. In conclusion, any penalty deserves pay.

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