Ownr your business starts here – Canadian register your business

Thinking about starting a small business or side hustle? Ownr is where you can get started for any canadian that need to register their small or large business. I think it’s great! I’m a little biased to be fair. I started playing sports as soon as I graduated from University, and I am so indebted to this side.

Learn how to register a business in minutes online with Ownr

This is what helped me save more than my full-time job would allow, which in turn helped me afford things that would otherwise be unavailable. I’m talking about trips to Mexico, Thailand, and my possible move from Vancouver to Toronto . I also talk about going back to school (several times) to change my profession and raise my salary.

Ownr your business starts here – Canadian register your business

Eventually, I was able to turn my side hustle into my full-time career, but I wasn’t going to do it. To be honest, I really wanted to climb this corporate ladder, but if there’s one thing I learned as I got older, you can never predict where life (and your career) will take you.

Why I’m talking about this is because when I started my side hustle, it was very simple. I was the only owner operating under my legal name, and until I left full-time, I never had to worry about collecting sales tax. Similarly, I’ve never had to register my business, choose a company name, or think about things like registering or getting an HSA (health care expense account).

A lot has changed since then, as I made my way to fuss. I now run two different businesses: my sole proprietor under my maiden name, Jessica Moorhouse, and my partnership with Jacqueline Phillips under Rich and Fit

But since I’m basically just an art school graduate with experience in marketing, I had no idea about things like registering a business or searching for a company name. I never went to business school! I went to super art film school, where we learned how to edit a 16mm film on Steenbecks! I made a whole short film about dirt, people! And Yes, I’m sure I called it ” Dirty.”

In any case, when I started taking my role as an entrepreneur more seriously, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. Marking all the boxes I should have. I may not have an MBA, but how hard can it be?

Well, it’s not rocket science, but what I found is not very clear or intuitive. Now I understand how everything works, but it took me a while to figure it out and understand all the jargon.

That’s why when I found out about Ownr, my first thoughts were “the Time has come!”and” How has no one thought about it yet?”Oh, did you first hear about Onra? Then please let me share…

What is Ownr?

Simply put, this is a completely online way to register and register your business in Ontario. Right now Ownr can help you:

Search by name: it will launch a search for a unique company name and check the availability of the name (up to 30 different company names), and you can get the NUANS®report if you enable it. Sign up and register. This will help make your business official by getting you a basic Ontario business license or Charter. Get your money back.

This is probably the coolest part. You can get a refund of your Ownr payments if you open a business account with RBC. This is a great discount if you sign up or sign up, which is very important when you are just starting out.

Do you need a business Bank account?

Also, if you’re wondering: “Do I need to open a business Bank account first?”this is my point of view. If you have a company where you receive or send checks, and your company operates under a different name than your official name, you need to open it.

For example, I run my main business under the management of Jessica Moorhouse. This is my maiden name, but my official name (and married name) is actually Jessica Bowman. Since customers mostly get paid through checks, I needed to open a business account so I could cash checks labeled ” Jessica Moorhouse.”

It’s also RELIABLE to deal with when time tax roles are around, and if you include, you actually have to have a business Bank account, so I say, why not get one that returns you money?

Where did Ownr come from?

Let’s make everything transparent. Ownr is the brainchild of Shadi Makisaak and Jacqueline De Souza, two RBC employees who had the great idea to create a single process for small businesses to officially own their business. Ownr is owned by RBC Ventures Inc.

This is just the beginnin

It will be interesting to see how Ownr will grow in the coming months and years, but right now I would like It to be so when I was trying to find a way to register my own business.

If you are just starting a business, save even more money with the promo code JESS-REG30 for $ 30 from the registration fee or JESS-INC60 for $ 60 from the registration fee. Take advantage of this while you can before they expire on July 1.

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