The Best Natural Cures for Depression

A lot of people, who suffer from short period depressions, anxiety, and general mood disorders that significantly affect their quality of life, may not know that there are non-prescription options or natural cures for depression that can treat the disorder effectively. The initial reaction in most people is either “bite the bullet” through hard times, or take on a prescription antidepressant.

Natural Cures for Depression

However, the reports on some of the very famous prescribed medications for clinical depression are disturbing, as side effects vary from nausea to nervousness and sexual dysfunction or low libido are just a few of the many by-products. This fact has showed the way for many people who suffer from depression to seek alternative natural cures for depression. This is of course not saying that natural remedies to symptoms of depression are for all. There are still those who can benefit from prescription medicines and never have any problems, as well as the therapy that goes with it.

On the other hand, there are a numerous out there who can also benefit from natural cures for depression. Those who usually benefit the most are not the ones who may normally be diagnosed with having continual clinical depression, but those who have occasional short time “blues”, and feelings of helplessness joined with anxiety. For people who suffer these types of depression, then natural remedies is an excellent treatment.

One natural mood enhancer that offers natural cures for depression and anxiety is Relagen. Relagen has a key ingredient called Relora which is a compound that binds several essential targets linked with anxiety that are sited in the central nervous system, and does not bind to the benzodiazepine receptors that would cause sedation, the way other antidepressants do, but has the same relaxing and antidepressant qualities. This natural remedy is especially effective for calming anxiety and depression, especially seasonal (temporary) depression.

The Best Natural Cures For Depression

There are also other natural cures for depression which involve the lifestyle to fight depression, which can alleviate and enhance mood, anxiety, and stress. Meditative exercises such as yoga, tai chi, forms of slow dance, and other meditation-type exercise which is an excellent way to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, and promote healthy bodily functions, mental focus, and healthy state of mind, are key aspects in supporting a healthy sense of peace and well being.

Physical activity such as making it a point to get up and walk around once every hour if you have a desk job, as inactivity is one of the major perpetuators of anxiety and depression. Walking some stairs, getting a drink of water, taking a little stroll outside, are modest physical activities but will do amazing things for ones mental health.

Finally, taking a little more time out for oneself, such as reading a book, watching a movie, taking a walk outdoors, or doing anything one enjoys, and getting a small dose of real peace and joy in a day is a key to being a happy, well-balanced person.

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