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My Brand New Logo: Automatic Logo Generator


Shipping time:10-20business days

Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


Creating an original and unique logo can be expensive and tedious work. Luckily, My Brand New Logo solves that by automating the design process of professional design studios. It’s an online logo maker that automatically generates professional logo designs. It uses advanced algorithms based on years of graphic design knowledge to make sure your logos always look good. You just simply need to type your company name plus a slogan (if you like), review automatically created logos, and customize them with Smart Shapes until you’re satisfied. Once you’re done, you’ll receive print-ready, scalable logos with full copyright.

#5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt!

  • Unique logos every time, no two logos are ever the same
  • Algorithms follow design principles from professional branding firms
  • Smart Shapes give you total control to adjust any shape while the algorithms make sure the logos look good
  • Logos w/ full copyright which you can use for commercial & non-commercial purposes
  • Print-ready, scalable logos in SVG format

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