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MONEY GENERATOR 2.0 – earn money online


Shipping time:10-20business days


Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement



I can’t show you how to get rich in one week, drink champagne in your private jet and fly around the world. If you expect that then you better go playing lottery and wait for the big win. What I can show you, is a method which I’m currently earning around 300€ daily with only 60 minutes work. I earned these profits without spending huge money on advertising, fully automated and without high start-up capital.

TYPE: Download Product / Coaching Video
SALES PRICE: *$78.64 (payable in $ & € | *VAT included)

are there any running costs?

NO – The methods allow you to advertise products for FREE via Social Media, so there are NO running costs.

Info to the results of the 7 Day Challenge

Another Affiliate challenged me to test who had the better methods. We applied our methods to various products as often as possible during a 7 day challenge. That was an extreme challenge and we invested a lot of time. So please do not expect the results of the challenge if you only invest one hour a day.

I recommend that you implement the methods only one or two hours a day and comfortably build up your income over a longer period of time.

what do I get?

You will receive a video coaching in which all my professional advertising methods and tricks get explained step by step.

what exactly I have to do?

You sell third-party products with professional advertising strategies via Social Media and
get commissions for every sale.

it’s all about reselling this product?

NO – You learn all professional advertising strategies, tips & tricks that I have acquired over the years as professional Affiliate Marketer and you can use it to advertise any product.

how do you earn your money?

I earn my money as professional Affiliate Marketer by promoting/selling digital products.

is there is a guarantee that it will work?

If you use the strategies then you can achieve the same results. But I cannot give you any guarantee because it depends on the fact that you also implement what you have learned in the coaching.

do your strategies include paid advertising?

NO – This coaching only teaches free advertising strategies so you can implement all strategies completely FREE of charge. There are NO running costs!

are there also people who didn’t make money with your system?
Sure, because you also have to implement the techniques that you learn in this coaching. It’s not much work compared to a regular 9to5 job but If you are too lazy to implement the techniques then it cannot work.

do I learn how to create my own product?

NO – You will learn how to sell products like a professional Affiliate Marketer. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and money to create own products.

can I do it anonymously?

YES – You can also use most of the strategies to advertise products anonymously.

is this coaching for PC or Mobile?

You can use what you prefer. PC or Mobile…it will work on both. But I  recommend to download the coaching NOT via your mobile data because the coaching video file is over 800 MB big – so make sure you have WiFi.

how high can you scale the earnings?

Theoretically infinite, the more you use the strategies the more you can earn.

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