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Manage Stress Through Mindfulness With Rich Fernandez, Ph.D.

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Your job doesn’t have to overwhelm you! Learn how to skillfully navigate daily challenges and invite more peace into your daily life in Manage Stress Through Mindfulness. In this class, you’ll learn science-based techniques designed to help busy professionals manage stress amidst the chaos of work. All professionals face deadlines, competing priorities, and challenging personalities at work. Manage Stress Through Mindfulness will help you develop the skills and resiliency to manage them.

  • Learn breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Explore mindful communication practices
  • Discover how to have difficult conversations
  • Understand strategies for labeling and reframing stress


Rich is co-founder of Wisdom Labs, a learning and development consultancy focused on activating the art and science of mindfulness, resilience and thriving in work and life.

Before launching Wisdom Labs, Rich was the director of executive education at Google, and he was also previously head of learning and organization development at eBay, and prior to that he was a learning and leadership development executive at Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase & Co. Rich was trained as a psychologist and received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and M.A. in Organizational Psychology both from Columbia University.

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