Making money with YouTube: creating a channel, get paid, etc.

In recent years, with the development of the Internet and new technologies, many new professions have emerged. Among them is that of the Youtuber, a profession that seems to earn significant income. If you like videos and think you have things to say to people, you may have imagined creating a YouTube channel and trying your luck on this platform.

We’ll give you lots of leads to create your own channel and you’ll know how to make as much money as you can with your little vifrod.

Making money with YouTube

In summary:

  • How do I create a profitable YouTube channel?
  • Imagine original content
  • Manipulating professional equipment… and learn how to use it
  • Creating an attractive video
  • Making money with a video
  • How much is you paid on YouTube?
  • Add only copyright-free music
  • Know your audience for better pay
  • Increase the number of views and boost engagements
  • Choosing the right format
  • Understand and optimize the referencing of your videos
  • Advertising and product placement: how does it work?
  • Mastering the business model of YouTube videos
  • Varying your sources of remuneration with product placement
  • Testing crowdfunding to get started more easily

How do I create a profitable YouTube channel?

Writing, filming, editing, post-production: a full-time job…

Imagine original content

Are you hoping that YouTube will become a real source of revenue? If so, be prepared to spend a lot of time fine-tuning your content. Indeed, given the incredible amount of online videos on the platform, it will be necessary to redouble your imagination to arouse the interest of the community. Find original ideas,have enough creativity to write interesting scripts, in order to interpret them in the best possible way at the time of shooting.

When you watch videos of Youtubers, you can get the impression that they speak spontaneously, without even thinking. That is not the case! These stagings were in fact meticulously premeditated.

Before you put down your camera and start talking, you must logically have determined the theme of the video. And to make your speech as powerful as possible, you even have an interest in writing the whole script before. Topics to evoke, important phrases and keywords to integrate, duration, addition of plans, décor, every detail deserves a thorough reflection, we must not leave anything to chance.

Manipulating professional equipment… and learn how to use it

With the development of cameras for the general public and even smartphones that have increasingly sharp devices, anyone can improvise videographer… However, in order to establish yourself as a true professional in a particularly competitive world, you cannot settle for amateur equipment.

To have a nice visual, the camera used deserves to be a model at least from the mid-range, with if possible a tripod or stabilizer to avoid tremors. In order to obtain an even more aesthetic result, an artificial light can be useful,just like an independent microphone to achieve better sound quality.

Putting together an attractive video

After preparing and recording the video, you will also have to take the time to do the editing,knowing that this work is quite time consuming. In practical terms, if you create a 5-minute video, it will take little time to watch it… But you’ll have to spend several hours designing it!

In addition, in order to pass the final assembly, you will need professional software,or at least a program sufficiently developed so that this task is not too complex. With a good application, some steps are automated without concession on the result: it allows to work quickly and well.

Over time, with the habit, the assembly can become something almost automatic and less time consuming. Nevertheless, in order for the work to be always successful, rigour remains unavoidable. To help you get started and then progress, the Club Create YouTube provides you with useful information and support programs.

Making money with a video

Making money with a video

Not all videos posted on YouTube are compatible with generating additional revenue. In order to hope for remuneration, no matter how small, it is essential to monetize the video. To do this, you naturally have to have your own account and your personal channel on YouTube. At the same time, it is necessary to be able to use an Adsense account.

How much is you paid on YouTube?

Youtubers are generally discreet when it comes to talking about their income. But by creating a successful channel, it seems possible to earn about 1 euro per 1000 views. So you have to generate 1 million views to get 1000 euros. This amount may seem small, but the number of members/visitors on the platform is such that it is possible to get rich. Norman, Cyprien and many other Youtubers are good examples.

This is simply an estimate, as several characteristics are used in the calculation of final remuneration: viewing time, theme, etc.

Let’s move on to the conditions and solutions to monetize his videos.

Add only copyright-free music

The most common problem is the copyrightrule. In practical terms, in order for video content to earn you money, whether it is a few euros or several thousand, you must be in possession of all the rights. For example, you can’t use music because you likeit, even if it’s just a background sound.

So, if you want to add a little music to your content, you’ll have to compose it yourself (it’s possible with different software specially designed for). Alternatively, you can also choose from a wide range of possibilities, by visiting sites that make sounds free of rights.

Know your audience for better pay

After you create your YouTube channel and launch it, you have the opportunity to view your statistics and more specifically the “Demographics”part. This is a great way for you to get to know your audience. And once you’ve fully understood who’s watching your videos, you’ll have all the keys to tailor your content to your community.

Several parameters deserve to be analysed: gender (is your audience mostly made up of men or women, or is it rather mixed?),age (are you followed by young people, individuals of all ages, adults or even seniors?), and even localization.

In order to get a more accurate idea of how users behave based on their profile,you can combine this information with other criteria such as the average time you watch videos. You will then know which people are the most likely to stand in front of your content.

Brands likely to contact you for paid partnerships will want to know how your audience is composed,to be sure to bet on a Youtuber whose target matches theirs. Thus, the more accurate and consistent your audience is with the desires of advertisers (those who will pay you to add advertising to your content), the better your compensation will be.

Increase the number of views and boost engagements

On YouTube, if you see your view counter go crazy, this is obviously a good sign. However, note that the number of views is not everything. To attract the attention of advertisers, it is especially necessary that your videos be watched for as long as possible. For example, if you post 20-minute mini-movies but your viewers only stay a minute or two on this medium, you won’t be effective.

Choosing the right format

Ideally, start with short videos, about 5 minutes long,to keep visitors’ attention from start to finish. You also need to elicit feedback from your community: “thumbs up,” materializing the fact that they enjoyed the video, and comments. The more your video is shared on social networks, the better the chances of making money with it.

Understand and optimize the referencing of your videos

Unlike making a blog, creating a YouTube channel is possible even if you are not an ace of spelling. Be careful, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to the way you write, quite the contrary.

Because under each video, you’ll have to prepare a description that will help you be valued by search engines. So take the time to look at how professionals do it, to get inspired by their methodology. It is ideally necessary to insert keywords in this description,but also optimize its shape so that it is understandable and even enjoyable to read. For example, some add emojis to structure the text: use them correctly to take advantage of them.

This description, sometimes also called the “news bar”, represents a kind of mini article that allows you to refine your communication. Don’t underestimate it, because if you can confirm yourself as a Youtuber, it will also be used to add affiliate links that can earn you money…

For your presence on this platform to be as profitable as possible, each of your videos must have meaning. Create your own style, try to stand out from the many other Youtubers on the web and always make sure to design interesting content that really brings something to the user (whether it’s advice, humor or information about a particular universe), not to mention the stakes of SEO.

Advertising and product placement: how does it work?

Advertising and product placement: how does it work?

Mastering the business model of YouTube videos

If you want to make money with YouTube, you naturally have to go through the ad stage. These must be activated before each video. You can’t tell yourself how much you’re going to win for 1,000 or 2,000 views, because the amounts awarded depend not just on the number of views, but rather on the power of the creator on YouTube. So if you’re considered a very influential person, with equal numbers of views, you’ll earn more money than someone new to the community.

Some ads are only paid if the user has spent a minimum amount of time on the video. Again, you have to do what is necessary to make sure that every visitor is motivated to watch the entire video, because the departures that are too premature are negative for you.

Variing its sources of remuneration with product placement

In parallel to ads that snap at the beginning of the video or even during viewing, you can also start product placement. To achieve this, you must already have some notoriety, because brands are only interested in personalities who have a good community behind them.

Also note that fans don’t always appreciate this initiative: when you do this type of work, be transparent and announce from the start that you will receive compensation. Of course, you have to alternate between videos with and without product placement: if you create every video content for a brand, your community will quickly turn to other Youtubers — and you risk losing your credibility with brands.

Testing crowdfunding to get started more easily

Between buying a camera, the need for a relatively powerful computer, spending on props to film or set up a set, becoming a professional Youtuber is expensive before it even starts to make money.

To give you every chance of success on YouTube, you can simply make a small teaser (a video to announce your project) or even create an Instagram account to introduce yourself, talk about your project and unite a community around you.

Once you’ve gained a few followers without starting your YouTube channel,you can create an online prize pool to explain that you need money in order to get started. Be as transparent as possible: your subscribers will only help you if they know what you’re going to do next. Many Youtubers started with this kind of “help” from the community. It is not always easy to obtain as it still requires communication, but it can really help to start more serenely.

Making money on YouTube is therefore a real job. Many people dedicate their lives to it, because it usually takes a very thorough organization to run such a business. If you dream of monetizing your presence on the platform, you already have the information to begin with. At first, you probably won’t earn enough money to live on it, but you’ll have the opportunity to earn additional income (which is always nice). And if you manage to climb the ladder, you may become an “influential person” who can earn hundreds or thousands of euros each month from your videos.

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