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Make Your First $100 Online In 60 Days Or Your Money Back!


Shipping time:10-20business days


Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


Ready to start afresh?

Ready to put everything else behind you and focus on ONE THING that will guarantee you long-term success without any risk?

If you thought or (even screamed out loud) YES, then this challenge is for you.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Could..


☑️ …Share your knowledge, passion, talents and skills with others?

☑️ …Change their lives and get paid in the process?

☑️ …Own a genuine brand that you’re proud of? (not clickbait hype affiliate marketing BS)

☑️ …Not have to do Facebook live, YouTube Videos or any other cheesy “look at me” marketing?

☑️ …Invest only $28 and make your first $100 online within 60 days? (With plenty of profit to come after that)


If you answered YES to any of those questions then I pretty much created this course with you in mind.

Here’s What I’ll Teach You In The 28 Day Crash Course..


🤸 WEEK 1: How to pick your hot niche – within a niche! This can be your talent, skills, knowledge or hobby. My simple strategy shows how you can do this in any niche that you’re remotely interested in.

📹 WEEK 2: How to quickly create and “flashbuild” content around your chosen niche, you can create digital downloads, an online course or information product.

🏗️ WEEK 3: How to build a well oiled money making marketing machine around your niche including your website, sales funnels, email marketing sequences and lead magnets.

🏆 WEEK 4: How to get plenty of free traffic into your funnel and make your first $100 online!

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