How do I make money with Pinterest?

For several years now, Pinterest has become very popular. This platform has a great reputation, especially among women. Like other social networks, this support offers the opportunity to generate revenue. How can I take advantage of this site?

What is Pinterest’s reach?

This platform is to be taken seriously. You’ll be aware of this with the following statistics:

  • Between 2012 and 2013,Pinterest attracted the interest of more than 20% of adult Americans. That’s a pretty higher rate because it has acquired more users than Twitter and Instagram.
  • In 2019 in the United States, this platform has had more than 88 million monthly active users.
  • More than 80% of Pinterest’s audience is female.
  • Compared to other social networks, Pinterest manages to influence more users. A simple suggestion from this platform may be enough to close a sale with some customers.
  • A Pinterest suggestion generates an order for an average amount of $80.54. On Facebook, this amount is $76.26, which puts it in second place.
  • 70% of the suggestions on Pinterest come from users.
  • Pinterest is a great way to generate a viral phenomenon. In fact, more than 80% of the images posted there are shared.
  • In 2019, Pinterest has managed to become the third largest social network in the United States.
How do I make money with Pinterest

Making money with Pinterest: start with the registration phase

· Use your Facebook account

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, then you’ll have to sign up first. When you sign up, you can use your Facebook account. You also have the ability to generate an interaction between your two accounts on social networks. With this system, it will be easier to follow Facebook friends on Pinterest.

·   Don’t go through Facebook

In this case, there will have to be many steps, including:

  • Connect to the platform
  • Insert your email address and choose your password;
  • Fill in your profile information (age, gender, etc.);
  • Choose the language to use on the platform
  • Allow the platform to access its location.

After this step, it will be necessary to choose at least 5 themes that you find interesting. These are elements that will make up your pinboard. The images displayed are determined by the themes you have chosen. Your homepage will be filled with images, photos and infographics. This is quite rare, because on other social networks you will be greeted by messages.

Once registered, you will have at your disposal the necessary tools to allow you to develop your notoriety. You will then have in your possession the essentials to start generating revenue with Pinterest.

What do users behave on Pinterest?

On this platform, Internet users adopt different kinds of mentalities. They are categorized into four classes:

  • People who simply look;
  • People open to purchase suggestions;
  • People who refine their choice;
  • People who know exactly what they want.

A Pinterest user’s behavior evolves into four key steps:

  • He looks and searches.
  • He manages to draw inspiration;
  • He becomes aware of what he is looking for and gradually refines his choice;
  • He decides and proceeds with the purchase.

When sharing content, the user has the choice between two types of reasoning. He can choose between either adopting an emotional behavior or a logical behavior. According to Nir Eyal of Psychology Today magazine, people on Pinterest only refer to how they feel when they share or post. In this context, thought has no determining place.

You should know that Pinterest is very popular with moms. 8 out of 10 American moms have a Pinterest account. They’re pinners.

What can I do to generate commitments on Pinterest?

Every month, Pinterest has more than 2 billion searches. Of this research, 600 million of them are visual. Over time, Pinterest has not only remained a social network, it has also become a search engine. It’s crucial to refine your Pinterest strategy and optimize it for search engines.

Here are some tips to help you generate more commitments on your account:

  • Use several dominant colors. Images with multiple dominant colors are shared three times more than those with a single dominant color.
  • Avoid faces as much as possible. According to statistics, faceless brands get 23% more sharing than those with a face.
  • Bet on a light background. It turns out that images with a background of less than 30% are more shared.
  • Choose red, orange and brown over blue.
  • Keep a grip on light, color and saturation. Images with a saturation of 50% are more shared on those with 100% saturation.
  • Post videos to your account. In 2018 and 2019, the number of videos viewed on Pinterest increased by 6 times. Video integration is a real advantage.

According to Dan Zarella’s studies of more than 11,000 images posted on Pinterest, the most shared images are those of up to 1200 pixels. Internet users have a small weakness for larger images that are oriented towards the vertical direction.

Making money on Pinterest through a niche

Before you can monetize your Pinterest account, find a niche that will allow you to showcase specific products. The best alternative is to move towards a competitive niche (a safe bet) than a deserted niche. If you enter a competitive niche, you will need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you are looking for popular niche on this platform, here are some interesting tracks. With women,3/4 of the audience on Pinterest, they are mainly interested in:

  • DIY;
  • To decoration;
  • Fashionable;
  • Make-up;
  • Everything about the kids.

In the case of men,they are more inclined to the field:

  • Travel;
  • Art;
  • Photography;
  • Personal development.

The themes that agree these two genres are food and cooking.

Making money with Pinterest: some interesting ways to help

Can you get good traffic with Pinterest? This is an opportunity to monetize it. To succeed, you have access to different alternatives.

· Taking advantage of product pins

Whether or not you have a blog, there are many ways to monetize your presence on Pinterest. The most common method that is currently used is to use either:

  • Notoriety pins;
  • Product pins;
  • Sponsored pins (advertisements).

If you want to launch your products on your website, this platform will be of great help. To do this, you can take advantage of the power of the pins. It will be necessary to publish a great image of your product or service. The image should be as attractive as possible.

This is a very advantageous process, as it can arouse the curiosity of the pinners. If they are interested in the offer, they will click on the pin. Those who clicked will be redirected to your product’s sales page. In this way, they will be able to make the purchase.

It is easy to activate the product pin. You will need to start by checking your website. Then activate the “Enriched Pins.” It’s a little different with product pins. These offer pinners the opportunity to make purchases directly on Pinterest.

·      Take advantage of pins redirecting to blog posts or a sales tunnel

Pinterest is a great alternative for people who want to get traffic on their blogs or website. Once they get enough traffic, they will be able to monetize their blog through advertisements or through a sales tunnel.

In this case, the blogger can join advertising display programs like Adsense. It will be able to generate revenue through advertisers. If a blog has good traffic, it will easily encourage a large number of visitors to click on the ads that appear. Adsense or other advertising companies will pay the owner based on the percentage of visitors interested in the offer. The more visitors click on the ads you run, the more your revenue will grow.

It will be more complex for bloggers who redirect Internet users to a sales tunnel. The first way to choose a product or service to promote. For example, it could be training. Once the offer is defined, a form will have to be made available to visitors. Internet users will have to fill it out if they want to get a gift.

When you have the email of your visitors,you can send them the promotion of your products or services. You will be able to keep your audience informed about your offers. This will allow you to turn leads into customers.

However, avoid overwhelm your audience’s email inbox with promotions. Your emails may land directly to spam. Alternate the contents of your emails. They must be able to engage the recipient and encourage them to take specific action.

·     Use an affiliate program for your own products

Do you have a high engagement rate in your niche on Pinterest? You can use it to create and sell your product. Ask your audience to join your affiliate program.

When this is done, pinners will promote your products in their blog posts. They will then promote affiliate links. They will allow you to increase your sales. In this case, you will be responsible for managing the affiliate program. However, this system will allow you to make additional sales.

·    Generating revenue through affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is especially interesting for people who do:

  • Nor blog;
  • Nor e-commerce site;
  • No product for sale.

On Pinterest, affiliate marketing will allow you to collect money through commissions. It is quite easy to take advantage of affiliate links. It will be necessary to:

  • Get the link to the affiliate program;
  • Use the link for your pin.

The link in your possession will be very decisive. With all the necessary information, it will help you follow the sales you have made live. A sale is concluded once the prospect makes a purchase. You will then receive the commission from this sale.

At one point, Pinterest had removed some privileges such as the ability to share affiliate links. However, this platform changed its mind at the right time. It has even chosen to look into spam and improve the system for detecting these unwanted emails.

Of course, affiliate links are a great way to build up a source of income,but don’t overdoit. Avoid pinning too many affiliate links to your content. This process will discourage your audience from following you. It will always be necessary to maintain the aesthetics of the brand. The items you pin must have a fairly identical style, appearance and color.

·      What can I do to find affiliated products to promote on Pinterest?

Many Internet users use Amazon. This platform has its own affiliate program. Before you embark on this path, it will be necessary to carefully read the conditions of Pinterest. When this is done, you will also need to carefully read the clauses and affiliate program in which you will participate.

It should be noted that affiliate content redirects directly to the seller’s site. These are not related to your blog or your comment. It is therefore necessary to be careful to give a description and a title-raising. This way, prospects will know directly what they are dealing with.

· Use a landing page

If you are considering sharing affiliate links, it is advisable to direct the user:

  • To a landing page;
  • To a blog post;
  • To a page on your own website with relevant affiliate links.

This will be a way to make a flawless promotion of your affiliate links. This will protect you in the event that Pinterest changes its affiliate policy again. This process will also allow you to develop brand awareness and increase the number of your subscribers.

· How can we increase sales?

The audience takes into account the image and quality of a product. This is why it is necessary to offer a good quality product. In order to improve the image of your platform, you will need to get used to publishing images of known pins. This will allow you to generate even more clicks. On Pinterest, the image takes a very important place. This factor should be taken into consideration when choosing the image attached to what you are selling.

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