Low Cost Water Treatment for Third World

The Americans are consuming millions of liters of bottled water everyday. This is because the U.S. is noted to have a poor quality of water. With the use of modern technologies in making the water safe for drinking, Americans can now enjoy drinking water anytime.

While the Americans are so blessed to have the best technologies in keeping safe water, the people from the third world countries are sufferings from the lack of supply of drinking water and the absence of state-of-the-art facilities in making sure that the water is safe.

Low Cost Water Treatment for Third World

Third countries have to make do with what is available. The inability of the government to provide safe drinking water has resulted to millions of deaths cased by waterborne diseases. Diseases like typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera and dysentery are among those life threatening.

Low cost water treatment fro third world is necessary to alleviate the health conditions of the people and to protect from the ill effects acquired from the consumption of unsafe water and contaminated water.

According to the research of Brent Haddad that some 1.3 million children aged below six died annually due to drinking contaminated water, while over two million people are suffering from diseases caused by water-borne parasites like schistosomes. The need for a low cost water treatment for third world countries becomes of paramount importance.

Simple filtration method may yet the best and still a low cost water treatment for third world since method does not need sophisticated technology. Both the developing and less developed countries spread throughout the world that source their water supply from rivers, brooks, and lakes can use this simple method, unless of course the private sector and the international humanitarian organization will intervene and help to provide low cost water treatment for third world.

The World Bank and other international agencies have step up in helping third world countries avail safe water through loans, however there will come appoint that these countries will still need yet another help from these organizations when low cost water treatment for third world is needed. There is a need to sustain not only the availability of water supply but also the technology by which these countries can do on their own in providing their people safe drinking water.

With the aim of reaching the Millennium Development Goals it is necessary to make the countries from the South (developing and less developed) to have a stake in reaching a viable solution in addressing safe water to the people. Low cost water treatment for third world that is proven effective will surely make a big difference bringing about change to the people in these countries.

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