LifePoints review and presentation of the survey site

Before offering a product or service to consumers, companies use survey platforms. This will make it easier to know how users feel about their new offerings. This is a real opportunity for individuals, as they will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to generate additional income. In the market, you will be confronted with several polling platforms. Even if it’s a real bargain, you’ll have to carefully choose the polling site you’re going to sign up for. What about LifePoints?

The essentials on LifePoints

· What do you need to know about this platform?

LifePoints seems to be a new platform for some people. However, that is not the case at all. This site has been active on the market for several years. It is owned by Kandar, one of the largest research companies on the market. In its early days,LifePoints was available as an app. It was no longer on the market as soon as the launch of its website.

In France, LifePoints is the result of the merger of paid polling platforms, My Survey and Globaltestmarket. Having succeeded in establishing itself in the paid survey community, this platform will then replace these two giants in some forty countries. This site has more than 5 million users worldwide. Thanks to its many years of experience, LifePoints is ranked among the most reliable sites.

Having taken the place of large polling companies, this platform has also inherited their reputation. Each year, its turnover is more than 4 billion. Internet users do not have to worry, this site has the necessary funds to pay during surveys. To take advantage of the prerogatives granted by this site, it will be necessary to start with the registration phase.

LifePoints review and presentation of the survey site

·     LifePoints: a platform that can be accessed on mobile devices

Of course, LifePoints’ mobile app is no longer relevant, however, the home page of this panel is still accessible through a mobile phone. This option is available for all multi-gain sites. With your mobile device, you can answer surveys from anywhere. This is because the platform is optimized for smartphones.

You don’t have to be permanently connected to the site. All you have to do is check your emails regularly. The designers of this platform have given their best to meet the expectations and needs of their users.

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·      Sign up for LifePoints: how to do it?

Before accessing all the surveys of this site, the registration phase is essential. This step is not at all complicated. It will take only a few minutes of your time. This procedure is completely free. Visit the LifePoints platform. Once this is done, you are required to fill out a form. Consider introducing real information about yourself. You’ll need to find out:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Your gender and age;
  • Your email address and postcode.

To confirm your registration, it will be necessary to validate it through the link sent to you by email. When this step is fully completed, you’ll be entitled to 10 LifePoints.

New questions will need to be answered. These questions will be mainly directed at you and your home. You will need to provide information about:

  • To your marital status;
  • The number of dependent children;
  • To your profession.

When this step is complete, you’ll still be entitled to 10 more LifePoints. The registration phase will earn you 20 LifePoints in total. You will now have access to your LifePoints account,the user area and your dashboard. Don’t worry if you don’t go directly to surveys. You’ll have to be patient. You will not receive an invitation to participate in your first survey until one day from your first connection.

It should be noted that former users of “My Survey” and “Global Test” no longer need to renew their registration. The email address and password used on the old panels will be sufficient to access the surveys. Points already earned on the other panels will be retained.

·      Who can have the privilege of registering on this platform?

In principle, this site is open to all people aged 14 and over. This is because this platform only offers surveys for teenagers very rarely. But there are still surveys that are age-appropriate. When considering their young age, adolescents must obtain explicit permission from their parents.

Due to their professional activities, people working in certain branches are not admitted to the site. These include:

  • Media professionals;
  • Market analysts;
  • Advertisers.

They might be tempted toinfluence the survey results through their survey responses. They may also feel a lack of objectivity. Indeed, a person may not send objective answers about his or her company.

· How is LifePoints customer service?

This is a reliable and serious site. On the other hand, its customer service does not really live up to the expectations of users. It is quite difficult to get specific support. In case of problems,it is necessary to go to the FAQ. If you are looking for the support of a representative, you will need to leave a note. Customer service uses a ticketing system. Each user will have to wait his turn to be received.

How does LifePoints work?

When the registration process is complete, you will be entitled to the various surveys available. You are not obliged to respond to any survey invitations that come to you when you log in to the site. Before participating in each survey, take a look at the number of points in each survey. This information can be seen from your email inbox. To achieve satisfactory gains, it is advisable to participate in a large number of surveys.

There is a set time to respond to each investigation. In order to collect enough points, it will be necessary to respond within the fixed duration by the platform. It will be a way to seize all the opportunities that come your way. When receiving each questionnaire, answer as quickly as possible.

You should know that surveys are sent according to the profile of each user. Before answering each questionnaire, you will be required to complete a qualifying questionnaire. It’s a way to define whether your profile is eligible or not. If you manage to rank among the targeted profiles, you will be qualified to complete the survey and earn points. If you do not match the target person, you will not be able to participate in the surveys. Don’t be disappointed, you’ll still get 2 points.

How does this platform’s compensation system work?

After participating in a survey, you will be paid through points. Once they have met certain conditions, they may be exchanged with gift certificates or money. Like other polling platforms, compensation will be determined by the length and duration of each survey. A “Urgent” categorized survey will also be more lucrative.

A non-urgent survey, lasting about 10 minutes, can yield between 60 and 70 points. That’s the equivalent of 0.55 euro. This may seem small, but this is in line with the average wage on the market. LifePoints can be stored for three years. You’ll have enough time to amass a large amount of LifePoints. You are free to redeem your points for gift certificates or money.

Stay active on this platform. If you do not participate in any survey over a one-year period, you will lose the winnings you have raised. It would be a shame for the efforts you have made to collect points.

How do I collect the winnings?

Since you participate in paid surveys, it is legitimate for you to claim your winnings. Once you have enough points in your prize pool, all you have to do is exchange them with money or vouchers.

·   A payment with money

You are entitled to a payment PayPal. This method of payment is one of the safest waysto receive earnings from paid surveys. When choosing this option, you will have to wait between 5 and 10 days after your application to get a payment. It should be noted that 600 points equals 5 euros. If you answer each survey frequently, you can get between 15 and 20 euros per month.

·    A payment with gifts

With this alternative, you can make purchases from sites like FNAC, Amazon, Decathlon, iTunes, Zalando, etc. This alternative is more advantageous. Here’s how the conversion works on this platform:

  • For the conversion to money:0.83 euro cents equivalent to 1 point;
  • For the conversion to a gift voucher:0.93 euro cents is equal to 1 point.

What about the security of personal information in the possession of the site?

As soon as you register on this site, you provide a large part of your personal data. This information remains confidential. They are not shared by customers or other members. Your personal data will only be jeopardized during a computer hack. It’s a risk you’ll have to be willing to take.

It should be noted that all information granted during a survey is only sent to the customer who requests it. This information is not shared with other customers or LifePoints members.

This platform is in full compliance with standards and requirements:

  • From the European Society for Opinion and Market Studies (ESOMAR);
  • From the European Association for Pharmaceutical Market Research (EphMRA);
  • Market Research Society (UK) and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

What are the main pros and cons of LifePoints?

· The main strengths

By opting for this platform, you get many advantages:

  • Access to different surveys:You will be able to answer many surveys to maximize your earnings.
  • The response time to a survey takes only 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The survey participant can choose between monetary compensation or gift certificates.
  • Surveys are available in several countries around the world,reducing the risk of geographical limitations.

· What needs to be improved

This platform exposes users to different constraints. Indeed

  • Its customer service is limited:it is difficult to access real human service.
  • Some users claim that their accounts have been cancelled for no good reason.
  • Points obtained are subject to an expiration period.

LifePoints reviews: summary of customer reviews

This is a reliable, fast and honestplatform. The polls she proposes are quite simple. This site offers a good remuneration. It allows users to claim and access their winnings as soon as they reach the threshold required for payment. If there are transaction issues, LifePoints automatically returns your points. Some users don’t have to wait long to get their Amazon gift vouchers.

Some users encountered technical problems when printing some goodDecathlon and Sporeka. The links provided are subject to a few bugs. Customer service tends to provide unsatisfactory responses. It turns out that some gift vouchers like those from Fnac are not valid. Users also encountered some technical problems when they wanted to participate in a survey.

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