La Blue Best German Free Online Dating Test & Experience

The first impression is lablue.de offers a partner search, including the chat function. Both services are offered permanently free of charge. The site advertises that there are no hidden costs to fear. If necessary, members can join the la blue Club, which however comes with a fee. The la blue Community now has more than 500,000 members

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What is www.lablue.de

Even if la blue is not one of the big singles exchanges, the Portal has at least once made it into the Stiftung Warentest. There was talk of great level and this coincides with our lablue experience in the partner search.

La Blue Best German Free Online Dating Test & Experience

A single exchange that is mostly suitable for searching for something solid, with a small but fine user base awaits you when you try the site. The search for erotic meetings is rather unproductive, as especially the women are more interested in a relationship.

Visually, la blue is not an eye-catcher, here is rather set on simple and timeless, than on modern. But if you can overlook optical blunders and are looking for a solid site, you can confidently try lablue. The focus is on communication with other members.

Advantages of lablue.de

  • Cmpletely free use possible
  • Suitable for the search for something solid
  • Great Support with Quick Help

Disadvantages of lablue.de

  • Very simple, almost boring side construction
  • The search for an adventure is hardly possible

The target group of lablue

La blue is suitable for Singles who want to feel comfortable in a solid, uncrowded Community. There is no classic matchmaking, you have to show some initiative if you want to keep your chances high.

La blue has around half a Million members in Germany and thus cannot keep up with the large flagships in terms of numbers. However, users of Lablue.de do not rely on the highest possible number of members, but on the neat and polite interaction with each other.

How to get started – La blue login

The proportion of male users is quite high at 64 percent, the women’s world is still holding back at 36 percent. Nevertheless, there are always nice interlocutors on the female side.

La Blue Best German Free Online Dating Test & Experience

Since La blue does not participate in the generally prevailing competition under the Motto: “more colorful, louder, hipper”, the audience is correspondingly older. You can hardly find Younsters between 18 and 25 at Lablue, but the number of members increases steadily from 30.

Registration with La blue is done quickly and easily within five minutes. If you hurry, you can be a member of the Community in less than a Minute. It is important to have a valid email address, because you must confirm a Link before you can access your profile.

You can change the information you provide when registering later in your profile. The only exception: the username you have selected remains fixed, so think carefully about the identity under which you would like to use the Website.

When creating a profile, you have many good opportunities to create a really likeable, first impression of yourself. The first glance falls on the profile, which you should absolutely fill out. Here you will be asked the following Details:

  • Age, Place Of Residence, Country
  • Body size
  • Weight and figure type
  • Hair color
  • your zodiac sign
  • Do you smoke?
  • Marital
  • Training
  • Profession

You can skip individual points, such as the question about your profession, if you don’t want to give an answer. Basically, however, the more you reveal of yourself, the more trustful you seem.

You can secure a big confidence bonus with the free authenticity Check from Lablue. The “tested” seal is displayed at the top of your profile and can be seen immediately by a profile visitor. For the authentication check, it is a prerequisite that you have already uploaded your profile photo and it has been unlocked.

During the authentication check, you write your username on a large sheet of paper and take pictures together with it. Now upload this image and the image will be checked by the support team. Once it has been accepted, the seal appears in your profile: “checked” and you have significantly better contact chances.

Both the profile photo and the free text are manually checked by Lablue employees. This should reduce the chances of fakes and works quite well in practice. For regular, free memberships, it can take between one and five days for your photo and Text to be unlocked. If you are a Premium Member, the so-called express processing is carried out, which should not take longer than 12 hours.

You can create a photo album with up to five pictures of you next to your profile picture. However, this is only possible if your profile picture and your profile text have been accepted by Lablue.

Tips for a successful profile at la blue

Tip 1: your photo album gives you the opportunity to reveal more of yourself. Photos from everyday situations, sympathetic snapshots or a few well-groomed Portraits increase your chances with others significantly.

Tip 2: the profile text gives you the opportunity to describe yourself in your own words. Don’t miss it, because here you can earn points with the opposite sex. Tip: it doesn’t have to be a novel, rather three or four well-formulated sentences, than a huge block text that rather deters your counterpart.

Tip 3: your profile photo is something like the first impression on a real Date, so you should choose here especially carefully. Taboo are: photos that show you with other people, obscene shots or the party photo from the last full-on intoxication.

Tip 4: The more information, the better. At la blue you can tell a little bit about yourself before you start writing free texts. Filled points are likeable, so use all the answers lablue.de offers you.

Tip 5: your search on the home page is an important point when using la blue, because you want to succeed. Tip: Don’t stick the criteria too tight, especially with age. It would be a pity if you only show people up to 40 and thereby missed your 42-year-old dream partner!

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