Child Adoption – Orphan & foster kids are ready

Child adoption is basically the process by which a child becomes a member of a new family. In this process the adoptive parents are entitled to handle the rights and responsibilities of biological parents. This means that as they take custody of the child, they are also taking parental responsibilities for the child, be it social, emotional or legal.

Child adoption is known and legally considered throughout the world. Many countries are considering it today with the intention of providing abandoned children with permanent and security.

Child Adoption - Orphan & foster kids are ready

With this aim being widely recognized, the face of child adoption has changed significantly over the years. In the past, only babies were considered for adoption, but today, the concept of child adoption has expanded to include children of all ages.

There are certain reasons that children of all ages are considered for child adoption. Perhaps one of the most obvious is that children, as human beings, have the right to know and trace their roots. They, of course, need to feel that there is a family waiting for them to be part of the family and be cared for.

Well, this feeling of belonging is what really affects the children’s sense of self worth. Without this, children would not know how to determine themselves in relation to others. They would not even know how to deal with their communities. This lack of attention and appreciation would even drive children to suffer some kind of behavioral problems.

Another reason that child adoption was considered legal in almost every country is that many couples, especially those who have failed to conceive, are looking for children to complete their family. Many of these couples believe that children will enrich their lives and that as couples hoping to be parents, even not to their own children, they have a lot to offer a child in need.

So it’s no wonder that many of those who have considered child adoption have no biological children, but this doesn’t mean that parents who have biological children do not consider child adoption. The truth of the matter is, 30% of those who consider child adoption are parents who already have children but want to enlarge their family through adopting.

Now who really are these children being considered for adoption?

As far as I know, the children being adopted are those whose parents realized that they were not in the right position to raise their children. Irresponsible as they may appear, these parents have their own reasons for considering their children for child adoption. Many of them are simply unable to cope with their being parents.

Also, most of the children available for child adoption came from single parents. These parents usually find themselves unable to support and mold their children to become responsible in their own fields. Usually, the main reason for them considering child adoption is financial difficulties.

Most single parents believe that there is no hope for them to support their child’s education, or they have realized that they are not ready to be parents. But, this is not always the case. There are also some single parents out there who do keep their babies, despite the difficulties they encounter.

Child adoption today is soaring up high. Statistics have shown that adoption cases have grown to reach almost a million. This is now deemed legal and can be found across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America.

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