International Adoption: Children Waiting For You

lso known as intercountry adoption, the international adoption is deemed more predictable and structured than the domestic adoption. Perhaps this is due to the fact that unlike the domestic one, the international adoption poses a low rate of contesting custody between birth parents. This is also due to the fact that a number of children today are available legally for adoption overseas.

Speaking of children’s availability from which the concept of international adoption originates, numerous reports have noted that at present, thousands of children are available for international adoption from more than fifty countries in the world, including countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. It is somehow important to note that as recorded, there are no children from Australia, Canada or Western Europe who are qualified to be adopted by the Americans.

International Adoption: Children Waiting For You

The Procedures and Requirements Involved

The procedures involved in international adoption differ to some extent from those of the domestic side. In this process of bestowing parental rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents, the couples who are planning to adopt a child are required to present detailed information about their lives. Note that almost every aspect of the adoptive parents’ lives is needed. So that means that information about the family, financial, health, and other aspects are included.

Aside from that major requirement, the couples thinking of international adoption need to comply with the established adoption laws, including the US law and the laws of the country from which the adoptive parents wish to adopt. There are also some instances that the parents are required to travel. Some countries require two trips, while others necessitate extended stays for the parents to create a bond with the child. The bonding, however, is oversaw and evaluated.

Pros and Cons of International Adoption

A lot of advantages and disadvantages are offered by international adoption. So while you are thinking about it, trying to figure out whether international adoption is right for you or not, it is best that you know first the advantages and disadvantages of this legal process. Let’s start with the pros:

* A lot of children, of all ages and genders are now available for international adoption.
* The ones who do the matching are the adoption agency or the country’s adoption committee and not the court. So once you have an approved homestudy, chances are a child for adoption is guaranteed to you.
* The children available for international adoptions are orphans.
* The overheads and the time for taking custody are predictable.
* You can travel to another country and learn new things there, which is good.

Now, let’s end with the cons:

* Getting a newborn infant is impossible with international adoption. The infants available are usually under a year old, but this still depends on the country you choose.
* There is a great impossibility for you to learn the family medical history or the background of the child.
* A lot of paper work is required for the adoptive parents to meet.

So that and that’s all about international adoption.

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