Instapage – The Most Powerful Landing Page Platform for Websites

Instapage is one of the tools that I have been using for the longest time and the one that I have obtained the best performance.

While there are companies waiting days for their agency to prepare a landing page, with this little wonder you will do it alone, in 5 minutes, and with a professional result. And all this without knowing anything about programming.

Your ally to get subscribers

A landing page or landing page is a page optimized to get leads or subscribers. Everything in it is designed for the user to leave us their contact information, either to send our weekly newsletter, offer a course or to notify them of offers and promotions from our online store.

Instapage offers you several dozen templates, already tested and oriented to a specific purpose:

  • Lead Acquisition
  • Webinar Promotion
  • Promotion of a mobile APP
  • Thank you page

Create your landing page in 5 minutes

Once the template is selected, you could publish your landing, fully functional by following the steps below and without needing to hire a hosting:

  1. Modify or add the texts of the primary and secondary message
  2. Modify the button text
  3. Link the landing form with Mailchimp  or another e-mail tool
  4. Publish the page in an subdomain of Instapage


Test A / B, the Instapage sauce

With much more work you could have worked a landing page with WordPress or some similar CMS, but what you will not be able to do so effectively are A / B tests.

What is an A / B test?

It is a way to scientifically check which version of your website converts visits into leads better. For example, comparing two equal pages but with different backgrounds, or whose main message varies.

This technique is used by the best startups in the world to achieve the best high conversion rates.

Prepare an A / B test with Instapage

On Instapage, doing an A / B test is as easy as hitting a button that will duplicate the page. In 2 minutes you will be able to make the changes you want in version B. Once the page is published, it will be the tool that will take care of displaying one or another version to the users in an alternative way.

Instapage is not limited to showing each version 50% of the time, but it identifies which version works best and takes more visits to that page so that the landing page performance is maximum.

Warning for the crazy people of the A / B tests

Beware of going crazy doing an A / B or multivariable test with 3 or 4 versions. To be able to compare several versions of the same landing, you need a minimum number of visits, with this calculator you can see how many.

Application Features

  • Editor drag and drop
  • More than 70 templates
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Mailchimp, AWeber, WordPress, etc.
  • Test A/B y multivariable
  • Sub-domain publication of Instapage (you don’t need hosting)

What can you use Instapage for?

  • Create a landing page before launching your project so that those interested leave their e-mail and can inform them of the launch
  • Offer a free eBook to your visitors in exchange for subscribing to your blog
  • Offer a promotion or discount to visitors who leave their e-mail
  • If you sell services, get the phone number of potential customers and in return offer them something of value such as a report or a white paper on the sector
  • Create a sales page where there are no distractions to sell a course or book. Yes, you can also seamlessly integrate a Paypal button to Instapage

The best of Instapage

It is very easy to use, the templates give you everything done, and a simple drag and drop system makes it easy for you to add new elements to the page. The result you can get with the tool is very professional, and the price, very tight. It integrates with the main e-mail marketing programs.

The worst of Instapage

No doubt the worst is that there are no more people who know her and take advantage of her. The great masters of marketing such as Neil Patel or Noah Kagan know that the use of landing pages is one of the secrets of their success because while others let their visits be lost, they channel them to landing pages and keep their emails to be able to Establish a lasting relationship.

The trick

There is an Instapage plugin for WordPress that will make it much easier for you to publish your landing pages on your website, don’t waste a minute and install it for free.

The price

You can register and create a completely free landing page . If you want to create more pages and access other features such as mobile-adapted pages, a greater number of monthly visits, etc. You have a plan from $ 29 / month (€ 25 / month). Given that I get 50 subscribers daily thanks to Instapage, I think it’s a good deal 

Where to find it

Enter your website and register for free.


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