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Instagram Master Class | Skillwise

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Instagram presents a wealth of commercial opportunities and this course is the most comprehensive you’ll find to get you up to date on how to build a huge Instagram following and profit. You’ll cover everything you need to know to start from scratch and grow an account to 20k, 40k, and even 100k followers. Regardless of your experience, you’ll learn everything there is to know about one of today’s most important social media platforms.

  • Access 150 lectures & 22 hours of content 24/7
  • Develop a content strategy & create your first batch of content
  • Learn how to optimize hashtags
  • Explore intermediate growth strategies like shoutouts, automated systems, & top post targeted hashtags
  • Hire low-cost content producers & design a production system
  • Introduce automation into content production, posting & outreach
  • Use stories to increase engagement through your feed & expand your reach
  • Create zombie accounts that help drive traffic to your main account


Evan Kimbrell is the founder and director of Sprintkick, a referral based full service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years, he has overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man startups bootstrapping their idea, to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, & GNC. Before founding Sprintkick, Evan worked as a VC for the LA-based Juvo Capital firm.

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