How to use your computer to get money and skills

Useful tips for self-development, use your computer to get money and skills, activities in your free time. What to do and spend free time to good use?

Remember! Thoughts are your enemy, we spend 70% of our whole life on them, we live in an unreal fantasy world – thinking, evaluating and analyzing. Forget the mind, just act! does not work? yes you are sick, but it is fixable. I say this not from a feeling of indifference to you, but because it is so.

You , really , think , you do not know , what to do? You have no interests and you decided to look for clues on the Internet, reading this nonsense text? it’s at least funny ūüôā

How to use your computer to get money and skills

Learn a new skill Read like crazy.

Write prose, paint a picture, shoot a documentary, record a melody, dance to music, memorize moments, improve speech, engage in design, in short, create art! Before this sweet smile disappears from your lips, and this beautiful flicker in your eyes disappears, go and occupy yourself without thinking about what to do with yourself.

By creating art you indulge in the greatest love for all, love for your own existence. You create magic, copy the universe. Go create art. The fact that you have a working Internet connection allows you to learn a wide range of things. The Internet is a huge knowledge base, and your mind is no less a repository. Imagine how much you can learn? Become an expert in absolutely any field!

Online Courses

  • edX – Take online courses from the best universities in the world.
  • Coursera – the best courses in the world, online, free.
  • Coursmos is a micro-course at any time convenient for you on any device.
  • Highbrow – daily bite-sized courses in your inbox.
  • Curious – Develop your skills with online video tutorials.
  • – Learn technology, creativity and business skills.
  • CreativeLive – Take free creative classes from the best world experts.
  • Udemy – Learn real world skills online.

Learn programming and code

  • Codecademy – Learn how to enter code interactively, for free. – Learn how to code from scratch.
  • Udacity – Earn with Nanodegree, a recognized industry leader.
  • Platzi – master classes in design, marketing and code. Learnable is the best way to learn web development.
  • BaseRails – Master Ruby on Rails and other web technologies.
  • Treehouse – Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone, and more. OneMonth. Learn how to code and create web applications in one month.
  • Dash – Learn how to create awesome websites.

Learn to work with data.

  • DataCamp – online training in computer science.
  • DataQuest – Learn the science of data in your browser.
  • DataMonkey – Develop your analytic skills in a simple but interesting way.

Learn new languages

  • Duolingo – Learn the language for free. Busuu is a free language learning community.
  • Memrise – Use flashcards to learn vocabulary. Expand your knowledge.
  • TED-Ed – Find carefully prepared educational videos Khan
  • Academy – Get access to an extensive library of interactive content. The best guide is to search the largest collection of online guides.
  • Squareknot – Browse beautiful, walkthroughs. Teacher. Learn from an experienced website, print and video content.
  • Prismatic – Learn interesting things based on social recommendation.

Develop Hobbies

  • Chesscademy – Learn how to play chess for free.
  • Pianu is a new way to learn how to play the piano online, interactively.
  • Yousice – Your Personal Digital Tutoring Guitar

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