How to start a spocket dropshipping online store

Today i will introduce you to the best way to start a spocket dropshipping online store with US/EU suppliers with fast delivery shipping 1-3-days shipping and free shipping on most of the products.


If you don’t have a physical store already open, starting selling online isn’t as simple as they paint it.

Even if you sell online you need a minimum of things:

A store where you can store your products, and even if you no longer need it in Sierpes street or in the main street of your city, it has its cost.

You will also have to invest money in having enough stock of each product you want to sell in the store.


Negotiate with transport companies to get an advantageous price for you and your customers. Although at first you have few orders, you will not get the best deals until you reach a certain volume.

Your website where to sell your products. You can create it for example with WordPress and Woocommerce, Joomla and Virtuemart or something more specific like prestashop or magento. It is already a matter of choosing which CMS to use. Create a New WordPress woocommerce store or Website from Scratch in 10 Minutes.

And the means to Bill, control orders, and all administration.
As you can see, it’s not easy, and even to sell online you need to start investing, and it’s likely to take longer to make your first sale than if you opened your store to the public on a good site.

Until the Dropshipping was invented.

Which is actually a pretty old invention and has been in use for years.


If I told you that dropshipping solves the first three points at no cost, I’m sure you’ve already sighed for relief.

It already seems easier to start selling online.

But I won’t fool you. Using Dropshipping, starting to sell online has less cost, but it’s not easy at all.

Read on that I want to tell you the truths and lies I know about this system from my own experience.

So we ask again: what is Dropshipping?

The Drop-Ship, or Dropshipping is the method by which, when you make a sale, it is your wholesaler or dropshipper who is responsible for the storage and stock of the goods, and the shipment of this on your behalf, without including his own information.

And even some Dropshipper when you reach a certain volume of shipments, send the products with your brand.

As you can see, you took off the first three points at once.

You just have to have your online store available, and manage your business.

When an order arrives at your store this is what happens:

  • The Customer places the order of the product you want and makes the payment of the product plus shipping costs if not included.
  • You receive a notification of a new order, or you see it in your dashboard.
  • You place the order to the wholesaler, indicating as the shipping address of the customer.
  • The wholesaler sends the product to the customer.
  • The product comes to the customer’s House.

Five very simplified steps you have only participated in two. Simple work. I skipped two things that depend on the wholesaler you work with:

Payment: some dropshippers ask you to pay them at the moment, so you will need some “cash”, because even if the customer has paid you, this money takes to get to you. And others you can pay at the end of the month, 30 days, etc … including shipping costs.

Shipping: some wholesalers who only work as Dropshippers always send the product without advertising, delivery notes, etc… but to others you have to indicate it in each order you do, if they will not include your advertising or maybe even a delivery note with the price you paid….

As you can see, we’ve already begun to have some drawbacks.


As we have already seen some of its drawbacks, we will elaborate better to compare the advantages and disadvantages.


You can start selling online with a really low investment.

You don’t care about the whole logistics part, focusing on the commercial.

Comprehensive and always updated product list. I’d better give you some advice later.

The investment you save in Stock can be invested in advertising to get your first sales faster.

Returns and support in many cases is given by dropshipper itself.


Smaller margins in some cases.

No control over stock. You will never know if an order they have made you will be able to deliver insurance or not.

Problems with customs if the dropshipper is not in the same country you ship to.

More shipping times, when you put more items in the order chain, which are increased if the dropshipper is in another country.

You are ultimately responsible, even if you have not packaged and shipped the product.

Basically the advantages are based on the low initial cost to start our business venture, and the disadvantages in transferring part of our business processes to a third party.


I’d better give you some advice from my own experience.


It must be responsible, comply with shipping times, and provide you with a wide enough margin.

I’ve had providers who offered me a margin of 10%, which may sound good thinking that you don’t invest in anda and it’s a 10% you earn.

But if you subtract the percentage that you get paid by Paypal (almost 4%), plus the taxes that you pay after… you have sold a tablet of 200€ to earn 2 or 3 euros.

The ideal margin in Dropshipping would be 30%. More is a bargain and will allow you to have great prices, and less will give you little profit and little room for contingencies.

Also make yourself a shipment, or someone close, pretending to be a customer, to see how they do it, it takes, if they include any reference, etc…


But have several on the reservation. I tell you better. If you put items that belong to two different suppliers in your online store, you may be asked to place an order with products from both.

Logically the customer will only pay a few shipping costs, although two packages will arrive at home. But you’ll pay the shipping costs twice.

But if you can have a reservation in case they ask you for something that does not have Provider “A”, you can ask provider”B”.


Even if the Dropshipper provides you with an automated tool to feed your product database, don’t go through the entire catalog from the start.

I advise you to start with a few products that you know are sold well, for example by the searches they have on Google. And expand after customizing each product you goals, description, images, price….

The main reason is for SEO. Think that all who work with that Dropshipper manage the same database, the same recommended prices, the same description and images…. then, how it differentiates a person and client from each other. And how does Google make you different?.

For the same images, change the name of the image and the ALT attribute to help you SEO.

Yeah, it’s more work, but it benefits you.


If the worm bites you, I will tell you how to find a supplier or wholesaler for dropshipping.

The first step can be to Google search ” wholesale dropshipping of …. in …” and as I found personally talk to them to ensure that it is not a scam, and the quality of their service.

Many wholesalers and suppliers have added dropshipping to their services. Let’s say they’re not dropshippers in the strict sense, but they don’t care about sending the product to you or your customer. Talk to them and run tests to find out how they work.

There are also directories where you can find Dropshippers wholesalers. Although you have to pay to use them and get all the data and ratings of dropshippers is a sure way to find them.

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