How to Register a NameCheap Domain Name on Internet

Today I will guide you step by step how you have to register your domain name NameCheap website.

Have you decided to start your online business?

Then there is no other, you have to start by buying a domain to start operating on the Internet.

In this tutorial I will accompany you step by step so that you can register your namecheap domain name on the Internet without any problems, even if you do not know English.

name cheap domain name

What is an Internet domain name?

Let us begin by explaining that in this guide we refer to internet domains. A domain name is the identification of your business, for example, https://workfromhomelegitjob.com/, is the domain name of this website.

In reality a domain name is the” translation ” for the public of an IP address. An IP address is a number that logically and hierarchically identifies a network interface (communication/connection element) of a device, whether it is a computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone.

So instead of writing a long and confusing number to visit a website or blog, you have an address that is easily understandable and memorable for a person.

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How to Select the Domain Name

The domain name is going to be your personal brand Online, so think carefully.

If you already have an ongoing activity and a brand, the choice is easier, because the domain name will necessarily have to be related to the brand already known.

If the exact name of your company is no longer available, then you will have to use your creativity to find a name that you can easily link.

For example, suppose that your company is called” Jimmy Fresh “and is already busy, then you can choose to use a .net instead of the famous .com, or .org, etc. but perhaps a better option would be “Jimmyfresh Business Co” (I highlight capital letters so you can read better), so it would remain www.jimmyfresh02.com much better.

On the other hand, if your business is local and the nature of your business means it will remain local, then using country identification can help Google identify and position you.

So if you operate on:

  • Argentina, you can use a”. com.ar”;
  • in Spain you have the”. es”;
  • in Chile “.com.cl”;
  • in Mexico on. ” com.mx”;
  • in Colombia “.com.co”,
  • etc, etc…

Then before you enter the web of a registrer (whatever it is) you have to have a list of options already written down. It is not convenient that if you find your domain available leave your registration for another day, the searches are saved and it is not uncommon that the next day they have disappeared or increased in price (because they know you are looking for that).

Then prepare a list of options first and then proceed to log in.

Why do you have to buy the domain name personally?

Well, a lot of people delegate this procedure to their designer, to someone else who knows how to do it, or doesn’t want to do it because they don’t feel comfortable with English, which is the language in which this area is mostly moved.

It is a MISTAKE!!!

You are the owner of your business, and it is not appropriate for you to delegate the registration of it. I tell you this from experience, in the past, when I was designing web pages, 100% of customers didn’t want to register the domain themselves and I ended up putting my credit card in order to register it. I’ve even registered the domain to people who didn’t hire their website with me, all for doing a favor to an acquaintance.

People who derive something as important as the registration of their domain end up dissociating themselves from it and believe that the responsibility for its renewal is not theirs. So when you lose a domain by not renewing it before its expiration, you go crazy.

On the other hand, on a number of occasions I saw how they lost the domain because the person who registered them did it in their name, or on other occasions they lose contact and even if it is in their name they have no idea of the passwords to enter.

It happened to me with an English client who was desperate because his domain was expired and I could not locate the boy (who turned out to be Polish) who had registered him because he had moved from country and of course he had no idea of the password or username!!!

In short: not only do you have to register the domain to your name, but it is convenient that you do it yourself, so you will have full control over it.

Then pay attention that is not difficult.

What is the best page to register a web domain?

I’m going to show you how to register a domain name in NameCheap, which I consider very good. You also have Godaddy, DirecNic, etc

In some companies the process is easier than others (that’s why I chose NameCheap), Godaddy for example kills you by putting in intermediate offers when all you want is to register that domain already, pay and leave.

Attention, in some countries the domain registration is handled by an official entity, for example in Argentina to register a domain. “com.ar” (only the. ar) you have to do it through NicArgentina.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

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In general registering a domain is about 10 euros / year, about 8 dollars. you know that domains can have different extensions”. com”;”. org“;”. edu“;”. gov“;”. info“;”. net“;”. tv“;”.online.“ ;”xyz”; “.club”; etc

And the price of the domain is based on its extension. While a. com is at $ 10 (if available), the same domain with an extension. “xyz ” it can cost you $ 0.88 / year, extension.”today “you will get $ 16.88 / year and, to put it one last example, for the extension”.movie ” you’ll have to pay US $ 288 / year!

These numbers I got from a search I did in NameCheap for the domain “the best order” whose .com is not available but suggested those other extensions among many other varieties, accompanied by the annual cost of each alternative.

You should also know that there are also auctions where you can pay more than $ 500 for a domain that is old (another desirable parameter for Google) and good positioning.

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How to register a domain name on the Internet

Verify domain name availability

First write your list of possible domains to a word processor and order them by preference. Check the spelling, you don’t know how easy it is to register a misspelled domain name. And it’s always easier and safer to copy and paste than to write it every time.

If you already have your list with the chosen domain name and some alternatives, Let’s enter NameCheap now and see if we’re lucky.

Type or better copy and paste your domain in the check your new domain),
Press the “search” button.

NameCheap performs a search and then shows you if your chosen domain is available or not.

Look at the image below, the search for the domain mujeresdeempresa, I get that .com obviously is Not available, because it is that which we use here. And then he shows me some alternatives and their price. In addition to inviting me to make an offer for the.com in case my offer tempts the current owner (in this case I).

With regard to the image below, one detail that I don’t like about NameCheap is that the design is too “washed”, and that makes reading difficult for a novice person on these issues.

But we don’t have to worry, we have to look at the results well to be sure that we understand what we are doing.

You can always take confidence by looking for a domain that you know is not available (for example from a journal) and observing the results you get.

workfromhomelegitjob.com domain

A clarification if your domain is not available, that does not mean that testing in another company will be, there is a central registry and a domain name cannot be repeated. Follow.

Even if the domain is available it will show you below a list of possibilities with other extensions (.org; .NET, etc.) for which that domain is available.

And if you want to, you can check all the boxes that you want to buy, although it is not necessary, some people take advantage to buy some variations of the chosen domain, for example. com, el. es, el .com.mx because they plan to operate in these countries shortly and it is always good to make sure that they will be available.

If the domain name you chose is not Available then it will also show you alternatives with different extensions or other alternatives by adding a word before or after the domain.

Buy the domain name

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If we were lucky and our domain is available, we press the button to add it to the shopping cart (Add to cart button). Now we have to select the number of years we want to buy the domain for.

The minimum option is for one year and before its expiration you will receive an email reminding you to renew it. You can also indicate that you will automatically renew what will be done whenever your credit card is in effect at the time of renewal.

Tip: If you’re sure you’re going to stay on the Internet or already have a business running, my advice is to register your domain for 3, 5 or 10 years.

I’m telling you why, you know how important it is for Google to have you well positioned, if you don’t know it consult here, among the more than 200 factors that Google currently uses to position you, the duration of registration time is one of those factors, that tells Google that you haven’t registered this domain to waste time or to do something questionable.

You will also see that, in addition to the domain registration, Namecheap includes the WhoisGuard service free of charge for one year, which will prevent your personal data from being visible, so that when someone on the internet searches for information about the domain owner (WHOIS command), they do not get any data.

Is it worth it? Well, on the one hand, privacy will free you from spam mails, as well as protecting your privacy. But on the other hand, Google does not like the domain owner to remain incognito, because that is what those who are going to use the domains do to try to trick him by forcing the positioning of another domain.

It’s your choice.

If you wish, you can at the same time hire a web hosting plan (the famous hosting) in the same company, adding to the order (click the Add link) to the right of the text Add Full-Featured Web Hosting for $47.99/yr.

I do not recommend it, you see that in MdE we recommend 2 companies hosting DreamHost and web Empresa which is where this blog is located and which is in Spain.

When finished with the selection of items, check the Summary box of your order and press the button, EXPRESS CHECKOUT, to start with the registry and the purchase.

Open an Account at NameCheap

In order to complete the operation and then manage the domain you have to have a user account in the registering entity, in this case NameCheap.

If you have already operated with this company you have to log in to continue and if you are not registered, now is the time to do so.

After you click EXPRESS CHECKOUT , if you are not registered, a form will open for you to register.

There you will have to choose a username and password that will be linked to your email. That’s why at the time I recommended using software to manage the numerous passwords we use. You can read it here.

After this is completed, press Create Account (Create Account) will pass to the form for entering your contact information (address, company, country, etc). When completing the fields in this form and confirming your email, press the Save and Continue button at the bottom right to go to the Payment Options page.

How to pay for your domain Name

Payment options are basically two:

  • Credit card or
  • Paypal
  • Top Up

If you are already doing some online transactions and have balance in your paypal account, it is an opportunity to use it. Choose how you want to pay and hit the “pay by Credit Card” button or the “pay with paypal”button.

Once the payment is confirmed, the domain name registration will start and, therefore, you will see for a few seconds a table that informs you about the status of the domain name registration. Then you will be sent an email with the payment receipt.

Are we done? Yes and no. The web domain registration is complete but for it to work you have to tell him where you will have hosted your domain.

If you haven’t hired a hosting service yet, you’re done for now. But if they already hired you have to point the DNS. Don’t get mad that it’s too easy.

The DNS (Domain Name Server) or the Domain Name System associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participants. Its most important function is to” translate ” names that are easy to understand people into binary identifiers associated with the equipment connected to the network, in order to be able to locate and address these equipment worldwide.

The DNS indicate where your domain is physically located, so it is necessary to point your domain to a particular hosting and, if for any reason you change accommodation, you will have to log into your account and change the DNS to sign up for the new hosting.

That makes it possible that no matter where in the world your website is located, for the public it is as if it is in a fixed place.

It’s like your office is always on the same street and number, even if it changes town, kind of crazy, isn’t it?.

Configures the DNS

After so much explanation, writing down DNS is super easy. In order to write them down first you have to hire an accommodation (also called hosting) for your website, each provider will immediately give you the name of their DNS that are usually 2.

With that information, you log in to namecheap (you need the username and password that you used when you created the account) and shows you in your admin panel the list of your domains, select the one that you’re going to modify (in case you have more than one), and then press the option Transfer DNS to Webhost.

There you have the possibility to add up to 5 DNS, in general web hosting companies give you two, then you replace those who are with those who gave you, it will be something like that (these DNS are an example, they are not real):

  • 1: ns1.jimmyfresh02.com
  • 2: ns2.jimmyfresh02.com

Now press the Save Changes button to save these changes and that’s it.

These changes do not apply at the moment, they can take up to 48 hours to spread to the entire Internet, although I never had to wait more than a couple of hours.

That’s why if you’re moving from accommodation to a website that already has traffic choose the day well so that the inconveniences are minimal. The DNS change also affects the emails you use with that domain.

I assure you, it’s more cumbersome and difficult to explain than it is to do so.

In short, registering a domain on the Internet involves 5 steps:

  • Check that your domain is available
  • Adding it to the shopping cart
  • Login or create a user account
  • Pay via paypal or credit card
  • The pointing of the DNS. ORDER.
  • What’s next? Well, I’ll shortly publish a guide on how to hire web hosting and then how to build a blog in wordpress.

Do you feel like? If any point in this guide is unclear to you, please leave a few lines below and I’ll see what I can do to rewrite them more clearly.

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