How to make money by testing products?

Becoming a product tester offers many advantages. This is a way to access free products or vouchers. In order to get a better overview of consumer reviews, some brands offer product testing. This is not a complicated mission. The tester receives a product at home and tests it for a specified period of time. What to do to become a product tester. How do I get a fee?

Testing products: what does it consist of?

It’s a very simple mission. You will be required to test different kinds of products such as medicines, cosmetics, food products, etc. Once the package is delivered to you, you will be required to test the product. When the test is completed, you will then need to share your Review and impression of the product in question. For this you will need to fill out a questionnaire.

make money by testing products

You are free to choose the product to test. In return for the test, you will be able to receive a retribution.

In some cases, you will be able to keep the testing product. You have the option to resell it if you do not find it useful. Not everyone can become a product tester. To be able to exercise this activity, it will be necessary:

* Have time for paperwork (filling out forms, giving your impression of the product, etc.)

* Have time to test the product

* Be prepared to disclose certain aspects of your privacy

* What platforms offer product testing?

On the market you will find several platforms offering this type of services. Be sure to go to a safe site. Here are some examples of reliable sites.

* Moolineo

This platform does not offer compensation in exchange for product testing. On the other hand, the tested products will remain your property. If you have to test an Ipod or a Nitendo 3DS, you can resell them at a good price. Put them on sale on sites that will allow you to get a good price.

On Moolineo, you will need to earn a certain number of points to unlock product tests. Regardless of which product testing site you are going to register for, you will need to enter information about yourself. You will need to provide:

  • * Your age
  • * Your gender
  • * Your profession
  • * Your family situation

When sending product tests, the relevant platform will have to take your profile into consideration.

* Swagbucks

It is one of the reliable sites on the market. In exchange for your contribution, this platform offers free vouchers

* Toluna

This platform offers you compensation in return for your participation in the tests. When you register, you will be able to share your impressions with the companies creating the products you use.

* What are the benefits of becoming a tester?

By completing this mission, you will not necessarily receive financial compensation. However, this is a great way:

  • * To obtain vouchers
  • * Access free products or samples
  • * Test new products first
  • * What to do to get free samples?

Instead of directly providing compensation, some brands choose to give free samples. To take advantage of it, you will first need to register on platforms offering product testing. People who quickly access the tests are

  • * The first people registered
  • * Those that match the profiles sought for the tests
  • * Those who were lucky in the draw
  • * Those who managed to unlock the required points.

Which sites should be preferred to participate in product testing?

To become a food tester

Through the website, Carrefour has introduced a rather original system. Once registered on this platform, the user benefits from 450 points. He will then have access to a list of products that he can test. He will have to respect the points limit imposed.

After registering, you will be required to choose a Carrefour store that suits you. You will then have access to a coupon to print. This tool can be accessed either on your smartphone or on a mobile application. It is worth noting that the coupon is only valid in the previously selected store.

Each time you complete a test, you will always have to give your opinion about the product being tested. When this is done, you will be able to recover more points. These can be converted into another product. The coupon works only if its user spends at least 30 euros in the store he has chosen. Thus, the tested product will remain free.

* Participate in Tests offered by Amazon

This e-commerce giant offers consumers the opportunity to participate in product testing. To increase its chances of participating in Amazon product testing, certain conditions must be met. It is necessary.

  • * To be a loyal customer of Amazon
  • * To have given his opinion on different products
  • * Not having had conflicts with merchants
  • If you match the desired profile, Amazon will select you and offer you products to test.
  • * Take part in sporting goods

Among the platforms offering product testing, Decathlon offers innovative testing. Before releasing new products, Decathlon organizes product testing. To take part, you will need to register, fill out the profile and apply for the proposed tests. If you manage to be chosen, you can start testing the product in question. The test can be done:

  • * At home
  • * In the premises of Decathlon
  • * Test cosmetics from leading brands

Several cosmetic brands are asking consumers to test products with putting them on the market. Thus, they are sure to offer products that will appeal to a large number of users. In terms of testing, the procedure to be followed is the same. Products are entrusted to people with the target profile. Once selected, you will receive the items to test at home. You can keep the products. However, you will need to provide the answers to the questionnaires. Brands offering product testing include:

* Nivea: this brand shares many product tests with consumers. It imposes several selection criteria.

* L’oréal: this brand frequently offers product testing for men and women. This will be an opportunity to make some savings on cosmetics. To participate in the tests, it is imperative to go to the site of this brand. It has a VIP club that brings together privileged consumers.

* Garnier: this brand applies many selection criteria. It takes into consideration age, hair color, etc. once shortlisted, the draw will distinguish the lucky chosen ones. The tester has 15 days after receipt of the product to give his testimony. Some testimonials may even appear on the brand’s official website.

Testing websites

Testers may also be required to test websites. The test takes place at their home. Some brands hire individuals in order to test the performance of their site. This will be a way to:

  • * See the ergonomics of the site
  • * Analyze competing sites
  • * Optimize the shopping journey, etc

Testers will need to provide their full printout. With this type of testing, they will enjoy financial compensation. It’s a great way to round up your end of months.

* Testing drugs

Before being placed on the market, a drug is tested and approved by the relevant authorities. It should be noted that it takes several years before a drug is offered to consumers. It may take 10 years between Discovery, testing and the sale of a cure. Clinical trials of drugs are subject to prejudice. It is worth noting that the testers are much framed. This type of test is time-consuming and carries certain risks.

The remuneration received is determined according to the test. Earnings can reach up to thousands of euros. In order to ensure the health of testers, the state sets the gains obtained at 4,500 euros / year, non-taxable gains. A tester may not participate in more than 3 studies each year. If you want to participate in this kind of test, you can go to:

  • * Clinical Test
  • * Test for us

Make money by testing products on Testapic

Testapic is one of the recognized sites for product testing. To participate in the tests of this site, it will be necessary:

  • * Go to his site and register > Click Here
  • * Answer a list of questions to better detect the tester profile

When the registration step is completed, you will only have to wait for emails to land in your inbox. You only have one hour to proceed with the test. When the test is validated, the user will earn 7 euros per website test. Your winnings will be transferred to your account through a bank transfer. On average, tests on this platform can last between 15 and 20 minutes.

What can be done to maximize product testing gains?

Are you planning to round up your end of months with product testing? Here are some tips that may be useful:

  • * Register on several product testing sites: you will have a greater chance of being selected.
  • * Register only on sites offering financial compensation. You will also be able to participate in tests on platforms offering products with real market value.
  • * Register on several product testing sites: you will have a greater chance of being selected.
  • * Register only on sites offering financial compensation. You will also be able to participate in tests on platforms offering products with real market value.

Testing products does not generate large revenues. This is only a way to put butter in spinach. It will also be a way to save money on certain products.

It should be noted that food or hygiene testers do not receive remuneration. They only benefit from a voucher. On the other hand, the cosmetic product test can make you enjoy an interesting remuneration. The amount of salary is determined depending on the type of product and the duration of its trial.

For some advanced analyzes, it will be necessary for the tester to move several times. In this case, he can collect from 700 to 1,000 euros. Simple tests cost between 50 to 150 euros.

Is it risky to participate in product testing?

This question may cause some apprehensions among some testers. This fear is especially present when the product is not marketed. In fact, the risk is quite minimal. Indeed, it is only a final test that will provide a glimpse of the verdict of a panel of consumers. Before the final test, the product underwent a battery of laboratory tests to determine its effects. The law perfectly frames this area. You shall not be exposed to any danger.

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