How to get a work as a courier delivering packages

Responsibilities : transport parcels or envelopes with documents to a specific address.

Payment : from 5000 thousand / month (depending on the type of work and the employer)

Required : punctuality, responsibility, endurance, mobility, courtesy, neat appearance and good orientation in the city. Sometimes you need a car or a moped, but there are also “foot” vacancies.

How to work as a courier

The courier delivers flowers, gifts, goods and other things that cannot be sent by e-mail. Courier delivery guarantees that the customer will receive the package at the right time, and the transfer will be certified by the signature, date and time of receipt.

All that is required of the courier is to quickly move around the city, navigate the terrain well and deliver the packages on time. Almost anyone can work as a courier. Many students work as couriers in their free time. You can find vacancies where delivery is carried out in the evening, so that it is convenient to combine it with other activities.

Is it worth it to work as a courier

It is a difficult question and it is not so easy to answer it. Like any other job, there are pros and cons.

Advantages of working as a courier:

  • no special education required
  • active work helps to keep fit
  • work without bosses behind
  • on the road you can listen to audio books, music or sit on social networks (in public transport)
  • outdoor work

Cons of the courier:

  • have to work in bad weather
  • with a large number of orders, there may not be enough time even for lunch
  • some companies have relatively low pay
  • need physical stamina

Where is it better to work as a courier

To begin with, let’s decide what types of courier services are:

The most convenient, in my opinion, is to work with documents – they are not heavy, do not take up much space and can fit in a handbag or a small package. Walking couriers are not suitable for food products, because customers want to receive hot products (for example, pizza). And without a car or motorcycle, this is difficult.

What types of couriers are

Hiking couriers work without a car or moped. For transportation, you can use public transport, minibuses or the metro. Many companies reimburse travel expenses to their couriers, but it is advisable to provide checks and tickets.

Who worked as a foot courier knows how difficult it is sometimes to do the work: bad weather, force majeure, a long wait for transport, etc. Usually you have to work with documentation and in a short time – it needs to be delivered up to a certain hour. For success, you need to know the city and the transport routes to quickly navigate the terrain.

Sometimes it is dangerous to work as a courier , especially for young and beautiful girls. Be sure to carry protective equipment (for example, pepper spray). Do not go into the apartment to the customer, and inform someone about your location as often as possible.

With a car or a moped – such a courier can work with heavy and bulky packages. But physical strength is required to deliver a heavy package to an office or apartment.

A moped is perfect for delivering small parcels, because it has the speed of a car, and besides, you can shorten the path through yards and do not have to stand in traffic jams.

Many companies pay compensation for gasoline. Payment is calculated either on the provided checks, or on the number of completed orders, or hourly.

How much does the courier receive

This question worries everyone who thinks about such work, but it is difficult to name a specific amount. One company pays up $15-25 per Hour, the second adheres to an hourly rate, and the third with a fixed monthly fee.

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