How to find Content Writing Service for your website?

Today Content Writing Service is essential for your followers, users or potential customers to reach you via online. Yes, content remains king, not only because it is important to Google, but also because you will add value to your target.

In Article-Writing we are specialists in writing of optimized content for Google, we’re passionate about writing. We investigated previously the industry, the competition and keywords or keywords that will help you position yourself on Google.

You will also give that added value to your target, taking advantage of the potential of Content Marketing both on your website, blog, social networks and email marketing campaigns. If you don’t have time to write and publish quality periodicals, choose the plan that best suits your needs.

How to find Content Writing Service for your website?

Achieve your online marketing objectives with high quality content writing, we will advise you at all times so that you make the most of your content on the Internet. Also if you want we can take care of uploading the content on your blog or website, move it on your social networks or spread it through email marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget that your current and potential customers are looking for more than just buying products or services, with the content you will reach much more to their hidden insights, generating a better brand reputation and making a hole in their hearts.

Do you need articles of interest for your clients?

Writing articles to measure

Makes you visible on Google and improves your web positioning

Writing quality articles working on the keywords of your business is essential to appear in Google for user searches related to your sector.

Increase the qualified traffic of your website

You will improve the traffic that reaches your website by receiving more quality visits. Users will come to your website for the interest generated by your content positioned to appear in their searches.

Boost your reach, brand, visibility and reputation

You will appear in more searches related to your brand and sector, reaching more and better your potential customers. It is a perfect strategy to increase and improve your online reputation.

It makes you a benchmark in your target market

With the right content you will be an opinion leader , becoming the benchmark for the sector you want to be. Tell your current and potential customers everything you know!

Feed your social profiles and newsletters

Thanks to the quality content you can generate interest and conversation on your social networks, email marketing campaigns and newsletters . It is the perfect content to spread through your online channels.

Connect and retain your readers and gain new followers

You will offer relevant content related to your brand to your users. It is the best way to build loyalty and connect with your target audience, avoiding generating only commercial messages.

Development of SEO and quality content

Previous research of the sector

We investigate what are the contents in relation to your activity that have the most searches on Google, that is, the contents that your potential clients or followers are looking for. We also investigate the competition of the sector and the topics that best suit your activity.

Defining your keywords

We analyze and define those keywords or keywords of your activity to work through quality articles. Also working the longtail to have more possibilities to reach your potential prospects. Each article will be thought to position for what is of interest to your target.

Editorial content calendar

If you choose a monthly periodic plan, month by month we will work together on an editorial calendar of contents designed for your activity. We like order and consistency, so working with a calendar will make it easier for both of us to better reach your potential customers with items for every need.

Writing and optimizing articles

Focus on your work, your clients and your business and leave content writing and optimization in our hands. For Google, both the quality and the frequency of publication are important and we know that you cannot always get there, with us you will be calm, better loyalty to your customers.

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