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How to Draw Sketchbook: Athletic Shoes


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Great for anyone interested in learning to draw comics, Render Demo gives you How to Draw Sketchbook: Athletic Shoes. Unlike other How-To books out there, you can actually sketch inside it, directly over-top of the unique phase-out guideline system. It begins with lots of guidelines that you draw on top of. As you progress through the sketchbook, the guidelines are slowly taken away, reducing your dependency on them. The goal is that as you progress through the sketchbook, you will begin to visualize the shapes and ultimately be able to draw without the need for any guidelines. This hardcover sketchbook uses high-quality 100g paper so it can take on pencils, graphite, ink pens, and most markers.

About the Artist

Mark Kokavec graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 1997 and has been working in the athletic footwear industry ever since. He’s worked for top major brands like New Balance, Converse/Nike and Under Armour. He founded Render Demo in 2008 so that all designers could benefit from video demo by industry leaders. His tutorials have been used by designers around the globe including footwear design teams at New Balance, Adidas, and Nike.

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