How to advertise the awin affiliate network and make money

Many of you wonder how to advertise the most important companies and make money. Is it possible that the English cut will be announced on my blog? To give an example. You know there are many ways to make money online. One of them is advertising. This can be approached in two ways. Let’s go for it.

Ways to make money with your blog from the awin global affiliate network

I’ve told you about them several times. The first is to place banners better or worse, more or less and expect to see it fall. The other is to promote products services or companies through affiliate marketing. In any case, we need advertisers.

As I have already told you on other occasions the best way is to sign up for an affiliate platform. They will offer you a thousand advertisers that you can place on your blog, either in banners or promoting them. Affiliate platforms there are many as you can see here. A few days ago I told you about ShareaSale and today we will see one in Spanish that I have already told you about other times. Awin (the merger of Awin and Zanox).

How to advertise the awin affiliate network and make money

Awin and Affilinet affiliate network just merge to create an affiliate marketing giant

The German-based companies Awin and Affilinet affiliate network, which together are present in more than 100 countries, will merge into a single global affiliation network, once the move is approved by the European antitrust authorities.

Awin and Affilinet network form a single awin global affiliate marketing network

Axel Springer, owner of Awin, will have to acquire the shares of Awin AG, which are currently held by Swisscom at 47.5% under an option contract.
Through the operation, Axel Springer will get 80% of the company, while United Internet, owner of Affilinet will get 20%. The new entity will have its headquarters in Berlin and will be led by Mark Walters, CEO of Awin.

Affilinet was launched in Germany in 1997, and today the company operates in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Its headquarters is located in Munich and has more than 200 employees in eight locations.

In addition, Affilinet has been recognized for her work on the performance Channel winning several awards, including “Publishers Choice of network Germany”and “Best Managed Affiliate Network”.

For its part, Awin is a global affiliate network with 100,000 active affiliates and 6,000 advertisers and whose function is to unite consumers with brands in the 180 countries in which it has a presence, working in the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance sectors.

With the merger both companies will seek leadership in affiliate marketing

I’ve already told you that Awin is a company with which you can make money through advertising. This type of advertising is the one that once placed on different banners. This is not contextual advertising like that provided by other companies such as Google AdSense. In this case, you will directly choose which company, product or service you want to promote. And you can choose from thousands of advertisers.

Awin will further strengthen its position as a European market leader, and will be able to add additional resources and investment to achieve its international ambitions. In fact this is not the only change of the company, since in January this year acquired ShareASale, which will achieve faster growth in the US market, in addition to its current partnership with Commission Factory, which will get Awin expand its business to territories such as Australia and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

This Is How Awin can expand the attractiveness and reach of marketing through its new platform that is developing internationally, offering innovative solutions and strategic orientation to both its affiliate network and its advertisers. With this, Awin will be able to promote the conditions for its initial public offering (IPO).

Mark Walters, CEO of Awin commented on the merger of Awin and Affilinet that “this is an exciting time for both companies and the industry. Affiliate marketing is attracting a new wave of social and traditional media affiliates, which is producing channel growth. By joining forces with Affilinet we will be able to shape the industry of the future for all our employees.”

For his part, Andreas Number, President Marketing and Classified Ad Models, Axel Springer and Ralph Dommermuth, CEO of United Internet, commented on this union that “With the merger of Affilinet and Awin build a network of affiliate leaders around the world and, at the same time, we lay the foundations for the planned stock market listing.”

my awin affiliate network earnings dashboard and payment proof

How does Awin work?

To get started you dont need any awin invitation code or any invitation code awin you just need the link of the referer patnership program, here is it just click the button below and you will be able to create your account in Awin. You can do it by clicking here ? Join Awin Affiliate Network. Once registered you have to insert the websites or blogs on which you want to put your advertising. It doesn’t require you to be activated. Once this is done, you will be able to request advertisers on Awin.

To make it easier for you, the New Awin and Zanox marketplace have a search engine. In it, in addition to seeing the full list, you will be able to choose many filters. You can choose the country in which you are going to advertise (where the campaign is valid), there may be several. You will be able to choose the language in which the ads will be displayed and a number of other things. One of the most important is the type of campaign:

  • PPC or pay per click
  • PPS or payment by sale
  • PPI or payment per print
  • PPL or payment by registration

When you check all the options you want you will search and you will see a list of advertising companies that meet the requirements you have chosen. In it you will be able to see what type of payment of those mentioned above offer, how long it will take for each modality, the countries in which their campaigns are directed, etc.

More about awin global affiliate network sl

You can choose advertisers by the type of ads they have, by the type of payment they offer, because you like them more, and so on. What if I recommend you is that the ads are related to the theme of your website. Obviously it doesn’t have to be all, but some. This will increase your conversions. I mean your sales. With which you will earn more money.

Each time you choose a company or advertiser, it will be confirmed. The company will review your website or blog and evaluate if it accepts you to promote their products. Maybe not all of them will accept you, but most of them will.

Once they have accepted you will have the codes of each of the ads to place the one you want on your website or blog. You can sign up for as many companies or advertisers as you want. And obviously, you can place as many ads as you want, once they’ve approved.

Ads, as I told you above, can be Banner format or text link. There are many sizes and formats. In addition, each advertiser or company has plenty of different banners and text links to choose from. So you can place the ones you are most interested in or think they will work better.

How much can you earn and when you get paid?

Well, this isn’t exactly like math. I can’t tell you exactly how much you’re gonna charge. That will depend on many factors: the quality of your blog, the visits you have, the advertisers you choose, and so on.

Obviously the most interesting amounts are when selling. It doesn’t matter if you sell from a banner or through a recommendation post. That will only influence the sales you make.

The minimum charge is 25€ or $25. You will be charged by bank transfer on the ninth of the following month. That is, if in February you reach 25€ or $25, you would collect them on March 9. Obviously Awin works well and for sample I leave you the second proof of payment.

You can also promote Awin to bring other publishers, for each referral you earn $30 dollars you can imagine with 5 referrals daily you earn $150 dollars a day is what you can offer adesense or any other advertising platform in my opinion Awin Affiliate Network is one of the best opportunities to earn thousands of dollars monthly with your blog or your website.

If you want to register with Awin, and try this system of doing things you can do it by clicking below.

Awin is another great one and as you can see I use. And you already use Awin? Have you ever collected from them? Tell me below your experiences of the comments.

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