How do I make money in 2021? Here are the top 99 ideas

This page is probably the most useful of your BenefsNet guide. This is a summary of all the ideas to earn money that we have already selected: more than 60 real and no scam methods made possible by the internet.

make money in 2021

Below, we offer:

  • 38 diverse and varied lucrative ideas
  • 24 ways to work from home
  • 37 reliable websites in 12 categories
  • Good tips for saving money

Take the time to check out this long list from top to bottom so you don’t miss anything. We give you many tips so that you can, in turn, manage to earn money in 2021 (easily or by making some effort). We will never promise to make you rich, even if we indicate 15 credible ways to become rich from scratch. The goal of BenefsNet is to help you improve your daily life as much as possible, while remaining reasonable and lucid.

With this page, orient yourself on the site and quickly find one or more solutions that suit you. Because the purpose of our guide is to provide you with relevant information, updatestake place all year round: feel free to put this page in your favorites (or bookmarks) to come back regularly.

99 way to to make money in 2021

First, here are 38 different and varied ideas:

We present an impressive number of rewarding tips. Like you, we love them serious and really interesting. All you have to do is make your choice!

  1. Making money PayPal: Get money in your PayPal account with 5 different methods and proven websites.
  2. Putting advertising on your car: a salary of up to 500 euros per month?
  3. Selling documents: Your courses, old homework and other documents can have some value if they are of good quality. This article describes how the sale of documents on the web works.
  4. Selling photos and videos: If you like taking photos or videos, an opportunity on the web is to sell them on specialized sites. We explain how you can get a nice commission on each sales.
  5. Becoming a free product tester: anyone can become a tester and get free products.
  6. Becoming a mystery customer: earn money by donil wearing the mystery client cap.
  7. Selling used books: this is an opportunity to store your home and, most importantly, it will allow you to get money easily.
  8. Figuration: Discover an easy, fun and fulfilling way to earn money as an extra.
  9. Sell your clothes: you probably have clothes in your dressing room that you no longer wear (or have never worn). By selling them, you can recover beautiful sums of money. How do you go? Check out our tips and best practices.
  10. Selling ink cartridges: Throwing away your empty ink cartridges or storing them indefinitely in the back of a closet are not good solutions. Online, there are now tips for generating revenue with your empty ink cartridges.
  11. Rent your car, your garden, etc. : the internet allows you to round off your end of the month by renting a whole lot of things. And since it’s particularly simple to do, it would be a shame not to do it.
  12. Creative Leisure (DIY): Seize this opportunity to earn additional money with your passion for creative leisure. For example, people are willing to pay dearly for a unique handmade decorative item.
  13. Recycling your mobile phone: here’s how to use your old mobile phone. Depending on the model, you may be able to draw an amazing amount from it.
  14. Thanks to jobbing websites: our best ideas for making money quickly with jobbing. On the same subject, here are also 5 techniques to make your work profitable.
  15. Make money with your car: good ideas to make your vehicle profitable through the web.
  16. Sell your gifts online: to get some money and buy you something else.
  17. Private car park rentals: a clever alternative to public car parks.
  18. Costocking: Make your free spaces grow (cave or garage).
  19. Promoting Amazon products: Amazon can help you make money with affiliate.
  20. Producing films: anyone can become a film producer through the net. Here are the steps to follow.
  21. Selling cooking recipes: the methods to be paid by offering cooking recipes.
  22. Helping friends (with the Aklamio site): Aklamio is a site that saves money on purchases and pays you if you recommend products and signs.
  23. Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.): Read this page if you are interested in finance and want to understand the currency better.
  24. Sell advice: If you have knowledge or skills that may be useful to other internet users, find out how to sell your expert advice.
  25. The parcel-car: With your car, you can deliver parcels from one point to another to make money easily.
  26. Rent your tools: put your tools up for rent and they will bring you significant sums.
  27. Selling your hair: this is an unusual idea to make money. If you have long, beautiful hair, and you’re ready to cut it, this iniative can make a lot of money.
  28. Becoming a pet sitter: you can build up a source of additional income. If you like animals, you won’t feel like you’re working.
  29. Moving between people: here are some tips to find moving missions and win sums that will increase your purchasing power.
  30. Becoming a paid drug tester: how much can you gain by doing guinea pig for pharmaceutical groups? Is it risky? Find out what you need to know before you get started.
  31. Posing nude: Become a living model for art schools. There is no need to be a model, as this idea can be suitable for any type of physique.
  32. Selling metal: which metals are the most valuable? Where to find them? Here are our tips and tricks.
  33. Walking: Here are a few initiatives that will help you, in exchange for a little time and a few steps, to round off your end of the month.
  34. Participating in televised games: some regulars of the television games managed to win the jackpot. Here are some tips to help you take the plunge on your first TV set.
  35. Investing in rental real estate: discover the steps to succeed in your rental investment. Anyone can become a homeowner, in order to rent their home.
  36. Testing websites: how to become a web tester for a fee? What skills are required? How much does it make? This article answers all of these questions.
  37. Becoming a photo model: this kind of activity allows those who devote themselves to it to succeed in valuing their eyes, their silhouette and their physique in general. Not to mention that the remuneration can be very good depending on the contract.
  38. Buying and reselling more items: for your purchases to earn you money on resale (on the internet, in a flea market, etc.), you must not choose any object, and you must have a clearly developed strategy in advance.

To complete this nice list: if you are a student and broke, we have selected ways to get money that will necessarily be welcome to improve your living conditions during your schooling.

You are retired and your pension deserves to be assisted? Look no further, here are interesting opportunities suitable for seniors.

Then, 24 ideas to earn money by working (mainly at home and via the web):

There is nothing better than a job to earn a living. Have you ever thought about working from home for comfort? Believe it, there are really simple ways to make money at home. These effective solutions are to be put into practice at home to improve your lifestyle in just a few steps.

  1. Becoming a home foreclosure operator: why not become a foreclosure operator? You will find some tips to follow to practice this profession on the internet.
  2. Putting in folds at home: zoom in on an interesting practice, because without constraints of time or place.
  3. Create your ebook and sell it online: Start making money on the internet by writing ebooks.
  4. Becoming a web editor: have you thought about becoming a web editor to get extra pay?
  5. Becoming a discussion forum moderator: why not become a moderator on discussion forums?
  6. The eBay auction: a profitable idea for everyone.
  7. Make money with Twitter: Learn how to supplement your income with Twitter.
  8. Become an independent translator on the web: earn a living by becoming a translator on the web. It’s a growing business.
  9. Monetize your website or blog: the tricks to make a success of the profitability and monetization of its website or blog.
  10. Publishing books on Amazon: if you have the soul of a literary, this is an interesting idea to make money thanks to the e-commerce giant.
  11. Giving computer science courses to seniors: are you computer savvy and patient? This is an activity for you.
  12. Making money with YouTube: discover the techniques to win a maximum of euros with your own little movies.
  13. On Instagram: Making your business grow on Instagram is a possibility. Start by increasing the number of your subscribers to get better pay. With this article, find out how to do it.
  14. Dropshipping: a stockless sales method that is ideal for relieving logistical constraints.
  15. Online self-publishing: can you really break through by self-publishing and what are the best tips to follow to achieve this?
  16. Becoming a babysitter: this is how to grow as a babysitter, easily find assignments and increase your salary.
  17. Home teleprospecting: get an income supplement or become self-employed.
  18. The Bug Bounty: what is it? Get paid to identify computer vulnerabilities.
  19. Becoming an influencer: these are tips for becoming a successful influencer. The competition will be particularly tough, but nothing is really impossible on the internet.
  20. Becoming a repairman for phones, smartphones and tablets: you won’t need to invest a lot of time to train and then start repairing. Your small business may well make you a lot of money.
  21. Becoming VDI (independent home seller): In 2021, all products can be sold as VDI. This practice employs more and more people in France. So why not you?
  22. With Facebook: the social network Facebook is the perfect platform to round off its end of the month: sales of products or services, sharing links, etc.
  23. Create and sell your T-shirts online: embark on the adventure of a custom T-shirt. This opportunity can really pay off.
  24. With TikTok: we tell you the concrete steps and methods to know if you want to get started on the TikTok app to make money.

We establish a Top Of Trades to Practice at Home that offers additional suggestions. Think you’re not up to the task for this type of activity? See what you need to know to get there. Efforts are needed, but nothing is impossible. A little seriousness is required (but it is quite achievable with some common sense rules).

Do not forfet those 12 categories of the 37 selected websites:

Our explanations of each concept and our selection of reliable sites give you the opportunity to round up your end of the month (and sometimes much more).

  1. Paid surveys: find out how to make your opinion profitable. Your opinion is important on the internet (as a bonus: here are 5 tips to make more money with paid polling sites).
  2. Paid emails: Complete your salary by receiving promotional emails in your inbox.
  3. Free games: Have fun playing for free and get gifts or money easily, it’s possible.
  4. Scratch games: scratch online to win euros or prizes (are some scratch games more generous than others? Are there times when they are more favourable to play? We tell you everything in this article).
  5. Lotteries: Try your luck at the lottery to hope to win the jackpot (we also tell you the tips to increase your chances of winning the Lotto or Euromillions – My Million).
  6. Cashback: With cashback, get paid for each of your online purchases.
  7. Crowdfunding: Support a project and get rewards.
  8. Sports betting: serious offers of online sports betting (moreover, learn how to choose the best bookmaker and what you need to know to bet on the internet).
  9. Trading: reliable sites to become a trader on the internet (as a bonus: our tips for starting and trading online).
  10. Horse betting: Bet on the right horse to win big.
  11. Online poker: Poker is gaining more and more followers on the web.
  12. Contest Games: Win various and varied gifts by trying your luck on the web (and in this article,we bring together for you the 5 best tips to become an effective player on online advertising contests).

Also check out our Top 10 websites to win money and 10 reliable ideas to make money easily and quickly.

And finally, great savings of money:

Saving smartly also makes you richer. So keep your money to make yourself happy and really enjoy life.

  1. Tips for saving money on a daily basis: a few ways to save easily, day after day.
  2. Cheap shopping: pay less in hypermarkets with 5 concrete and accessible techniques.
  3. Saving money through the internet: there is no shortage of alternatives to spend less on the Internet.
  4. Take advantage of private sales sites: aim for useful purchases and think before you click.
  5. Make your own cosmetics: with homemade cosmetics, you’re going to save a lot of money.
  6. Carpooling: Carpooling services are on the increasing ery. Find out the benefits for your finances.
  7. Online bartering: bartering on the internet has many interests. Make good deals without spending your money.
  8. Self-cleaning products: Here are some explanations that will allow you to spend less with cleaning products to make at home.
  9. Shopping with or for others: Older people are increasingly in demand for these kinds of services that make their lives easier.
  10. The exchange of houses for cheap travel: a great concept to spend less during your vacation.
  11. Going out without spending money: 6 ideas to occupy weekends and holidays without breaking the bank.
  12. Changing subscriptions: 4 tips to save money by changing your subscriptions.
  13. Loyalty cards: are we really winners? When should you be wary of it?
  14. Making furniture: you don’t have to be a professional handyman, a few basics are enough to get started.
  15. Stop food waste: 6 simple anti-waste tips to implement.
  16. Gift ideas to make yourself: please your loved ones without breaking the bank by making your own original gifts for the next holidays.
  17. Use sodium/soda bicarbonate in the home: 6 surprising uses of this inexpensive product to purchase, which will save you on different living expenses.
  18. Refund offers: are they always interesting? These are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself to make sure.
  19. 7 easy, fast and cheap recipe ideas: it’s always financially attractive to save without depriving yourself of a healthy diet.
  20. Minimalism: between true lifestyle and saving money, discover the benefits of this art of living promoting simplicity and the quest for happiness.
  21. Online banking: should you go to online banking to save money? Is this solution reliable for consumers? Here’s our opinion on these issues, as well as the key information to know before you start.
  22. Disneyland Paris cheaper: here are 6 tips for spending less money during your stay at the Disneyland Paris theme park (not to mention having fun).

Good to know:

We only select honest, proven offers. Rounding off the end of the month legally with the internet, without being scammed, is indeed possible in 2021. You too can understand how to make money on a daily basis. To do this, check out our opinions on many winning solutions for free.

Our tests ensure that the offers presented are not scams. Because unfortunately, there are a lot of scams on the web (these for example). We want you to avoid them by choosing only websites that really pay. As for those who promise free gifts, there must be real winners… it goes without saying.

We are aware that your time is precious, so we have worked for you. All you have to do is decide what tricks you prefer to start making easy money or winning gifts. To learn more, let yourself be guided using the list above, there is no difficulty.

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